How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 – using usb

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 – using usb

Welcome back with another video of ubuntu 16.
and in this video I’m gonna show you how to duel boot in windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 What means I’m gonna show you how to install ubuntu alongside windows.
If you are in older version of windows such as windows 8 or 8.1 and also If you are trying to install older version of ubuntu
such as ubuntu 15.10 or ubuntu 14.04
don’t wary! go ahed. the processudure is just same for older version of ubuntu or windows So Lets start…………..
Firstly i’m going to download the ubuntu ISO So open your browser search for ubuntu Hit it go to download>desktop there will be Link in yoytube video describtion
This is ubunntu 16.04lts Till now this is the latest version of ubuntu If you are thinking to download the older version of ubuntu
just hit alternative downloads and torrents let’s see what’s here so you can find here download the
network install for ubuntu 14.04 lts 12.04 lts and ubuntu 15 lets go back i’m going to download
into 16.4 for LT so hit download if you are not wanna pay just click not now
take me to the download then you download will be we start. so that’s it… so
after downloading open folder connecting folder so what we get here – 16 points o 4
amd 64 what means it is 64 bit ubuntu. you should
download what operating system you have lets see what I have just right click
then properties ubuntu .. windows 64-bit operating
system 64 ….. processor so if you get any option for choose bit just choose as as operating
system that you have so the next thing we need to do is
download power ISO .. so open your browser search for power iso download power ISO as i’m using 64bit I’m gonna download
64 bit downloads after downloading show in
folder and install it yes agree then next install and clothes and the next thing we’re going to do is
insert our usb flash drive or pen drive what ever you say. i’ll recommend you to
have a flash drive at least 4GB or higher so let’s insert it then
format the pendrive select FAT32 and ok after that open your downloads then
when it with power ISO then select tools and to create bootable
USB drive then hit ok then start hit ok so let it work we gonna do another thing select your computer then right click .. click right button
then manage we’re going to create a partition for ubuntu
where we’re going to install it now select disk management then select
your c drive and click right button and shrink volume I’ll recommen you to make 25 please 25gb
unallcated space although i’m going to make 20 GB so I’m going to shrink 20240 that means 20 GB then click shrink so after making unallocated space
for a ubuntu – and after usb boot is done click OK and then closed and
click restart. now what you need to do is boot ubuntu from the pen drive that we prepared and install it Now you need to find out the way for get into the BIOS It can be different for you to get into bios and for me it is f2 button this is my bios for your bios it might be looks defferent. now I have to change the boot priority or boot order.
make usb hdd as first priority. if you got a CD or dvd make CD as first
priority and when you make these save it for my case it
is F10 to save it it can be different for you you should
know that if you’ve done this before for instance the operating system from
us you don’t have to do this again so here we have to option try ubuntu and install ubuntu. as i’m going to install ubuntu. i’m going to
select Install but if you want to try you can do that they don’t do any kind
of changes in your computer then then select install ubuntu. I’ll recommend to select
both of these as I don’t have any internet connection so i can’t select it but if you also can’t don’t worry just
go ahead now if you want to select along with
windows I’ll say to not do this do some
advanced way and select something else then continue now the thing we have to do is make two
GB swap area click the free space and click the + icon if you’ve got an SSD do not make
swap area if you got hard drive then make two GB swap area. now set
size equal 2 0 4 8 mb and what means 2gb use as swap area then click OK then select free space again and plus
icon then select file system then mount option / then ok after that … device for boot
loader installation select your full hard drive location click install now then select
you area then and continue then select your keyword .. language then select continue and type your name your computer and pick a
password choose a password confirm password then select continue after t shat eat and
wait for continue after installing click restert button … after
that you’ll see something like that and select ubuntu and enter your password this is ubuntu 16 LTS thank you for watching
if you get any kind of problem or question you can comment here i’ll try
my best to answer you!!

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  1. while installing linux should i select logical partition or primary partition? because the default position is in primary partition

  2. Without selecting the locaton for installing bootloader i simply leave it in dev/sda/ and select install now. But after installing it asks for restart but instead of showing grub manager it boots directly into windows

  3. Does it necessary to create swap partition?
    Does 50 gb of space enough for long use of ubuntu and for software installations?

  4. hey man, you didn't show the system asking after restart–which Operating system do you want to load in …
    That's what is dual boot right ?

  5. after I reboot it is again loading into windows 10,its not showing an option for installing ubuntu. what should I do???

  6. if we follow as above steps do we acessible windows files such as (music,videos)on ubuntu? and what if we choose ubuntu alonside with windows 10 ?

  7. nice explaination .
    but i have one problem that i dont recognize the partition of windows 10 while dual booting with linux. please tell me what i have to do.

  8. i got question i dont remember if i did put ( / when they ask about mount point)or (NOT) but ubunto work perfectly,
    and how did i see a mount point and the size of the swap area after booting ubunto

  9. Man i literally spent all day trying to make a dual boot! I watched like 7 other videos and they all give the wrong instructions causing me to wipe out my OS like twice with no success, just when i gave up i accidentally watched this video and within 5 min successfully have made a dual boot mode! Thanks for the correct instructions and for this informative video its helped me out alot.

  10. Hie i did exactly as you instructed in ur VIDEO …bt after doing evrthng..evn my ubuntu fully installed completely ….bt the prbl is not showing any option 4 selecting "Ubuntu"" when i restart or POWER ON my lapy.. it's directly open window10..without asking any thing as it happens before booting…why this is happening ..??????

  11. hi, i have got a dynamic HD. so, as mentioned above, i have created a partition seperately for ubuntu but apparently ubuntu doesnt show the partition specified. so, Plz help ASAP. Thank you!

  12. after I'm done the Ubuntu installation should I take out my USB stick when I restart my computer or leave it in?

  13. what if I choose for " install Ubuntu along side of windows" instead of "something else" ? what will be the difference ? will there be a problem if I do that?

  14. Hi! when i start my pc, it asks for the OS i want to use, but i want to my pc start windows automatically cause my mom and dad (theyre bad in pcs), and i want something like a keybinding when i start my pc to let me select OS. Are there any way for that?

  15. you've created an awesome video, but i'm confused weather to use my current USB of 16 GB fearing that partitioning it as a bootable drive will make it useless in the future .i don't want to destroy all the 14 GB remaining in it

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