How to Follow a Runner’s Diet

How to Follow a Runner’s Diet

How to Follow a Runner’s Diet. Runners have special nutritional needs; fulfill
them for maximum performance. You will need A balanced diet Complex carbs
Lean protein Good fats High-fiber, water-rich foods and sports drinks. Step 1. Get 50 to 60 percent of your calories from
carbohydrates, 20 to 25 percent from fat, and 15 to 25 percent from protein. If you eat 1,800 calories a day, 900 to 1,000
would come from carbs, which include fruits, vegetables, and grains; about 400 would come
from fat, preferably good fats like nuts and olive oil; and another 400 or so would come
from protein, such as beef, chicken, or fish. Going below 25 percent fat may increase your
risk of injury. Step 2. Eat mainly complex carbohydrates, which means
vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Stick with lean protein, like chicken and
fish, and unsaturated fats, like those in nuts and olive oil. Step 3. Eat most of your daily carbohydrate calories
an hour or two before running, to provide fuel for your run, and within two hours of
finishing, to replenish your energy stores. Pick ones that are rich in fiber and have
high water content, like spinach and grapefruit. Step 4. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t eat
more calories than you are burning, or you’ll gain weight no matter how much you’re running. Multiply your weight by 13 for the calories
you need to maintain your current weight. You burn about 100 calories for every mile
you run. Step 5. Drink water an hour or two before you run. If you’re planning to run for more than an
hour, have a sports drink instead of water. It will help replace the electrolytes your
body loses during a long run and the sodium will help you retain water. To determine how much water you need to drink
before a run, weigh yourself naked, get dressed and go for a hard run, and reweigh yourself
in the buff. For every pound of weight you dropped in sweat,
you need to take in 16 ounces of liquid. Step 6. Forget the old advice about severely limiting
your carbs several days before a long-distance race and then gorging on them right before
it. Recent research advises eating normally until
three days before the big race, then increasing to a 70-percent carb diet up to and including
the morning of a long run. Did you know Contrary to popular belief, runners
have fewer knee problems and musculoskeletal pain in their later years than nonrunners,
according to a study.

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  1. Ugh, with the exception of fruits, why do all the healthiest foods have to be the worst tasting foods? =/

    Couldn't God/evolution have made it such that the best-tasting foods are also the healthiest?

  2. From an evolutionary point of view, calorically dense foods are the best kind of food because they store fat. This is ideal in an environment where there is a food shortage. Since we live in a place where there's food everywhere, this is not a problem for us, and calorically dense foods are detrimental.

  3. I need 2015 calories to mantain weight? I eat less than that for sure… or the sop i'm eating is a big mac in disguise!

  4. Oh hey! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cooworker lost lots of weight with it.

  5. Telling yourself something doesn't make it true.

    There's a reason why the general population opts for sugar- and sodium-dense foods instead of sugar- and sodium-poor foods. In the long arc of human evolution, the typicality of starvation had rewarded the human tongue for seeking energy-dense sugar and hard-to-come-by sodium.

  6. Yes, many who are used to eating natural whole foods find junk food disgusting, but you can't simply ignore the fact that many who are used to eating sugary and salty processed foods likewise find most non-fruit healthy foods to be bland and unpalatable.

    There's nothing wrong with simply acknowledging that healthy food is healthier. We don't have to push some moralistic myth that it also inherently tastes better.

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  10. If you THE BEST results go for 90 5 5 (or 80 10 10) raw fruits and vegetables !!! Look up Mike Arnstein and Tim Van Orden.

  11. Exactly like my diet!! I am a moderate runner and also a pescaterian. Therefore, my only intake of protein is coming from nuts such as almonds and seeds. I do eat Pasta, spaghetti, and sometimes bread BUT they are all Gluten free.
    I disagree with energy drinks, its only because they are loaded with sugary stuff which I instantly react to !

  12. Eat one hour before you run? Have fun with a cramp! I thought the minimum time was to wait at least 3 hours for the best digestion lol

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  15. i never run outside my house…i have an elliptical @ home …..i mostly used about 30 mins tops..drink something 10 mins later..

  16. >And sports drinks
    Dropped, also if you're a serious runner you need way more than 1800 calories. Running 60 minutes is going to soak up calories like a spoonge, even throughout the rest of the day.

  17. Well I guess Iโ€™m gonna gain a lot of weight because according to the math I need to eat 1500 calories a day to keep my current weight and if I do that than I wonโ€™t even have enough energy to run๐Ÿ˜‚ honestly though, I eat 2000 calories a day and Iโ€™ve already lost 6 pounds this season so…

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