How to get rid of crack heels

How to get rid of crack heels

Hello viewers welcome to my channel. Today we will talk about how to get rid of cracked heels. It is very important to keep our feet clean. People who have cracked heel they can make ointment at home. Just rub at night you will see lot of changes in your feet. Smooth and cracked heel will be healed. Some people have much problem even
bleeding. For them first process take mustard oil and take one candle and in double boiler add mustard oil 4tablespoon and 1small candle. It will melt switch off gas and add 2 capsules of vitamin E and one tablespoon petroleum jelly and
keep this in box and use at every night. Second process for simple cracks do same process mustard oil and only candle only two things and ointment ready to apply. I hope you try this , you will surely get good results if followed carefully. If you like my videos please
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