How to Knit YOGA SOCKS: Easy for Beginning Knitters

How to Knit YOGA SOCKS: Easy for Beginning Knitters

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  1. Thank you Kirsten for such helpful videos. I was wondering about that beautiful blanket behind you. By chance, is pattern available? Thanks, Sage

  2. I've made 3 pairs of these all with pretty much ease (cable cast on was a bit rough at first) but now I have 3 projects sitting unfinished because the sewing part at the end I have no idea how to do. I had a friend help me figure it out but we had to redo it because the part along the heel hole was confusing to figure out and we did it wrong. For a newbie at knitting, a more detailed video would have helped someone like me who loves to knit but isn't that great at it. Love the pattern and hope one day to be able to wear the ones I made for myself.

  3. I've made three pairs of yoga socks using your knitting pattern and am almost done with my 4th pair!! I am now officially in love with making socks. I plan to make more socks. I've even bought a sock knit loom online and look forward to making more socks!! Do you have a sock loom video??

  4. I can't wait to try these my niece teaches yoga and always looks for yoga socks, can't wait to surprise her. Thanks Kristen for this video I am going to try it with a yarn called mixed berry.

  5. Wow! How do you make everything look so easy. I'm fairly new at knitting, but i actually think that I can do this! CHEERS!

  6. I like your video very much (after viewing about a dozen or so others). I will be making these in the round to avoid the seam and thought I would like to try the "one-row buttonhole" model for the heel opening. Do you think that will work?

  7. hottest thing ever. girls in yoga socks and leg warmers. throw on some flip flops with those and you have the best thing ever.

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