How To Make Artificial Grass for Models (home made)

How To Make  Artificial Grass for Models (home made)

Kako napraviti veštačku travu za makete (kućna izrada) Za početak biće vam potrebna dva sita… Sito sa gušćom mrežicom… …i drugo sa retkom mrežicom. Piljevina koju ja koristim je od lipovog drveta, ali bilo koja svetlija se može koristiti… …i malo piljevine crnog hrasta recimo… Pomešajte piljevinu u razmeri 9 delova svetle i 1 deo tamne i prosejte ih kroz gušće sito… …da uklonite prašinu… …zatim premestite ostatak piljevine iz sita u ređe sito… …i ponovo prosejte da uklonite krupnije delove… …prosejanu piljevinu sipajte u plastičnu kesu… …i poprskajte zelenim sprejem u nijansi koja vam odgovara… …bojenje traje malo duže dok piljevina upija potrebno je tresti kesu da se boja rasporedi… …to je to… …hvala na gledanju…

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  1. thank you so much man:) its very expensıve to buy which s ready. ı made with your video it lokks amazing.
    maybe helps others; if you cant find oak or something, u can use black tea 😉

  2. Nice movie I think. However you should take instructions from woodprix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  3. there is easier way; buy dried mint or thyme from the market and put them on your diorama :)) with nice smell and realistic look

  4. Oak sawdust,okay
    What? I mean just get a hamster bedding and spray it with green color it's the same fcking thing,perfect example of YT recommending stupid things

  5. thanks✌✌✌🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋💕💕💕💕💕💕💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚

  6. Egad! Get some cat litter made from wood, normally pine. Put it in a container and wet it with enough water just to cover it. Let it sit until the wood dissolves and stir it up, let it dry. I do it in the evening, spread it out so it can dry overnight. Next morning it's ready to color it. Works great.

  7. Im amazed at some of the comments. Have people become so small-minded that they need EXACTLY EVERYTHING spelled out, how much of this and that precisely!! This kind person takes sawdust and sifts/grinds it down to their manageable size, and spray paints it. People are bugging out over the Oak sawdust, cant find it, don't use it, or think and try something similar, say coffee grounds, but either way its all getting colored. One assumes your being creative by watching this great video, but yet you don't have enough creativity to find it or make it or come up with an alternative, or don't use it. Again, people want precise details, so they don't have to think, im ranting, but it bothers me, cause they have the biggest attitude when it doesn't happen how they want it.
    O.k. enough of that,
    @art & craft studio IHTS, I thought it was great!!

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