How To Match Shoes With A Suit In 2 Minutes | Visual Guide To Matching Suits & Dress Shoe

How To Match Shoes With A Suit In 2 Minutes | Visual Guide To Matching Suits & Dress Shoe

In today’s video, we’re going to be talking
about how to match a suit with dress shoes. Let’s start this off with a navy blue suit. A great match for the navy blue suit and its
formal nature are darker shoes; black, dark brown, oxblood. These are all great colors to match with your
navy blue suit. An okay match with the navy blue suit is going
to be lighter brown or tan. Because of the formal nature of the navy blue
suit, this isn’t always recommended although for those of you that are a little bit fashion
forward, you can pull this off. Next stop is the charcoal gray suit. The charcoal gray suit is one of the most
formal suit colors out there, therefore I’m going to recommend that you go with your darker
shoes that have a black tone to them. So, black shoes along with oxblood, those
are going to be the best matches. A poor match for the charcoal gray suit is
going to be dark brown and lighter brown or tan. You can pull this off in a pinch, but I would
recommend that you look at the other colors. Next stop we have the medium and light gray
suit. Shoes that look great with a light gray or
medium gray suit are going to be black, dark brown, and oxblood. My favorite is oxblood or black, however you
can wear dark brown with this suit. An okay match is going to be a lighter tan. Now, this is something that I like to have
a bit of contrast between the suit and the shoes, however don�t feel bad if you like
this combination; wear it, own it, feel confident, and know that it still works. Next stop we have the brown suit. Great matches for the brown suit are going
to be oxblood, dark brown, and light brown. Anytime you have a brown suit, you want to
wear a pair of shoes that reflects the tone in it. A poor match for a brown suit is going to
be a pair of black shoes. Black and brown, you just don’t want to mix
them. Finally, we have the black suit. The perfect match for a black suit is going
to be a black pair of shoes. It just works with the formality of the suit
and is the only shoe color that you should wear with the suit. Trying to wear a black suit with dark brown,
oxblood, or lighter tan is something that’s some fashion forward men try to pull off. Me, personally I don’t feel it’s classic style
and I would avoid it. For more information about men’s style, go
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  2. i really like those quick but informative videos, it could be great if you would have something that actually teaches us how to match colors not only with suits but with button shirts, jeans and more …

  3. Hey Antonio, while it is true that a lighter shade of brown is not very formal, I think it is still a great stylish choice for less formal events and for times we wanna just dress to look good. I think a lighter shade of brown (not necessarily tan) deserves a lot more acknowledgement than it currently does. Just sharing my opinion.
    Keep making great videos!

  4. I'm confused… is it so damning to wear black shoes w/ brown suits? Even if, for example, paired with a black shirt? Or lets say, a brown jacket with whatever other color pants AND black shoes… Your thoughts. 🙂

  5. Love the quick reference format of this video! I've always loved your channel and articles for in-depth dives, but this new format is a huge win for such topics. Keep them coming!

  6. Hi Antonio, I really appreciate your precious advice, you helped me a lot in upgrading my style and made me look better. so Thank you so much !
    Can you please make a video talking about your "everyday-cleaning-routine", recommending some products and some tips about this topic.
    Thanks again !

  7. it is funny to hear that a charcoal suit does not pair well or is it wise not to wear with a dark brown shoe, additionally, the navy with the tan or walnut is not advisable. I have been advised that brown and gray/ charcoal is not only a great choice but works due to the common color you see them in nature.

    For the most part Antonio has been on point with his videos however, I hope he will give another look at the Navy and Walnut and the charcoal and dark brown or even cognac color.

  8. I am a victim of buying black shoes. Reason being is I rarely find a belt that matches!! Ive given away shoes once the belt wears off because I dont want to cross color it.

  9. am 20 years old and i can say that i liked my fashion timeless
    just as you do
    some people call me grandpa for that can you believe it

  10. Hi Antonio,
    I really like all your videos especially related to suits and shoes. I watch is regularly whenever I'm planning to buy something, just to educate myself.
    I need your advice in selecting a suit brand. I live in Chicago and my budget is $ 500 to $700. Actually, I'm looking a suit for my graduation which is an indoor event.
    Just to talk about myself, I have a wheatish complexion, with 6'2" height. If you convey me any modern fit, then I'd like to consider. Normally, I wear 44R jacket and 38 pants.

    I do check Hart Schaffner and Marks and like there Navy Blue and Canali's Navy Blue. But Canali is out of my budget (as per my observation). So, I'm really confused in terms of brands. If you can suggest any equal in quality brands but cheaper in price, I will be very much thankful.

    I hope for your reply.

  11. I never thought of wearing oxblood with charcoal gray suit. I need to try that out sometime to see how it works. Oxblood shoes are probably my favourite color. I am a little concerned about the belt match, but it just means I can dress up and experiment.

  12. Great information and perfect timing because my son is graduating from high school this year and we just invested in a chocolate suite and a dark blue suite and shoes are next.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Hey Antonio, I've been wondering how to wear cowboy boots. They are my favorite footwear, but I've been having trouble knowing when to/not to wear them. Thanks.

  14. Do these shoe guides apply to casual outfits like jeans? And also, can you suggest an Ox blood dress shoe?

  15. I have a dark pair of grey pants and I wore it with a dark grey/blue shirt. I wore my only pair of nice shoes which are dark brown and I really didn't think it looked bad.

  16. What would go with a white suit, what would go with olive, what would go with, khaki and other odd colors?

  17. Hello, can you help me out a bit? I'm going to have my end of university ball and I'm going to go in a navy suit. I do have a dark brown leather belt that matches perfectly some dark brown leather shoes, but I have had some foot injury recently and the formal shoes just kill me. These are some of my more formal sneakers, is it acceptable to roll with them at a ball? / ( also have a charcoal leather belt if it makes anything better and any shirt/tie color) Thanks!

  18. i am building up my muscle so that dress shirt would be more in fit so … i want to know that can i wear a vest on a shirt ? with casual pants or a dress pants and let me tell you that i am 5'9-5'10 and i am a college student so please tell me

  19. great man thumps up subscribe  share and comment to watch get more videos about marching a shoe with any Suit color…..(::)

  20. How would grey (long) shoes go with a black (subtle herringbone) suit? Just new to this and your advice is awesome. Thanks

  21. I have to wear black suits every day for my job, however, it is often the case I can take the coat off, Could the oxblood color be used with just black pants and the shirt? Black shoes only gets very boring.

  22. my question is I have a custom made 3 piece 3 button Italian black pinstripe suit. What shoes do I wear to pull it off I have a pair of black square toe dress shoes no gloss and round toe high gloss dress shoes? Please help if possible!

  23. Hey Antonio. I was wondering if I can try a suede medium brown loafer with a navy suit. It is for a semi casual/semi formal party.

  24. I wear black shoes & shirt with brown suit; disagree here it's poor match.  I think they dramatize power, like between a military uniform & a gangster accessorizing with a black violin case.

  25. I agree with what you are saying here except for the light brown with a blue suit. To me it looks awful unless you are a very large man. The lighter colored footwear on an average or slight build with a dark suit makes the feet stick out like a traffic light! Light brown with no more than a medium grey (neutral color) and gravitate toward a tweed or a rougher texture if they exist. The best place, in my opinion, for light colored / brown shoes is if you are wearing only dress pants and a light colored shirt, or a mismatched blazer (light pants, dark jacket).
    Also, the kitten death thing, please no more. It's just joking around I know but… nno.

  26. Watched three of your videos saying brown & black a no-no, but they're my favorite combo & my wife's three kittens survived. Still, the only videos of this type I watch.

  27. Hi Antonio I'm a big fan of you, You helped me a lot to improve my style and I'm thankful to you for your videos, I have a question please and need your help, I have 3 oxford shoes ( Tan, Black, and Oxblood) I also have black slim fit pants, with gray sports jacket and white formal shirt, What color of my oxford shoes would fit my outlook ?

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