How to Tie Walking Boot Laces

How to Tie Walking Boot Laces

hi I'm Shawn from simply hyped-up code at UK in our shop we get a lot of customers coming in Linda buying new boots a very unsure of how to lace up their new boot so with what hey I want to make a quick video and a demonstrating the two most popular lace-up techniques let's take a look shall we alright so the first lace up is the most traditional it's just purely eyelet by eyelets so as long as the lace is tucked in nicely you shouldn't have any issues so something as simple as that now when you buy your first pair of boots nine times out of ten that's the standard lace-up that you're going to use is absolutely nothing wrong with it but depending on what the boots made out of and you know obviously how high the ankle support is it can be quite painful especially at the top because you've got a lot of pressure on the top part of the boot because it's new as well as pressure of the knot as well so let's take a look at the next lace and that will just ease that up a lot right so let's take a look at the second one shall we very similar let's obviously the first lace up so you start from obviously the bottom and you work your way up to the top but rather than you go into the second eyelet I'm going to cross over go straight to the top of the beat cross over again and then hook it rounds now what this is doing is taking the pressure of the knots of the top part of the boot which gives the boot flexibility so for when it comes to breaking in the boot it's going to be a lot quicker and it's going to be a lot more comfortable for you and that's a really nice feature it's a really key thing to do it's a really nice not to do when it comes to your new pair of boots I hope that helped you guys out watch out for more micro videos from simply heiko UK

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  1. i dont even go hiking or own hiking boots … why is this my third video in a row i watched on how to tie them

  2. Like the second style, just what I was looking for.  Just one comment:   When you tie your bows they seem to want to twist to the vertical.  To stop this and make them lie flat and horizontal, just, either do the first knot right over left instead of left over right.  Or when tying the bow, just go the other way around your finger and thumb.  Easy.

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