How To Trailrun [S3 – EP5] – Don’t Drink Too Much | Salomon

How To Trailrun [S3 – EP5] – Don’t Drink Too Much | Salomon

– Today I’m going to talk
about hydration. The main message is that you have to listen to your body,
to your sensations. Between different distances,
things are quite different. – Let’s say
we’re 1 week before the race. What should we drink
during that last week? – One week is a bit far from the race,
but 3 days before, it’s good to be really hydrated. We say
you have to drink at least 1 liter and a half to 2 liters per day
the 3 days before. During the race, drink first when you feel thirsty. It’s important to listen to your body
to know when you are thirsty. All ever heard about dehydration, but if you drink too much,
particularly clear water, you can also have over-hydration. That can cause confusion, stomach pain.
It’s important to not drink too much. Don’t drink automatically.
Drink when you feel thirsty. – So, usually,
the first hour, you don’t really drink?
– You don’t really drink, but if the race has started for over 1 hour and you still didn’t
have a sip, maybe you should drink. – So, we’re not supposed to drink every 15 minutes?
– No, we don’t recommend that nowadays. Personally, I use 2 flasks, One flask with clear water
and one flask with a sport drink. Over 40 kilometers or 50 kilometers, maybe it’s good to use
isotonic drinks. With this bag,
you can see you have flasks at the front
and it’s really easy to use. To drink, you don’t have to take
the flask out of the bag. You just press gently, lightly on the flask and drink. It’s easy to check
your water level. At the aid station,
it’s easy to fill it. With this bag, you have the weight of the necessary equipment placed in your back, so to have the weight
of the water at the front. This bag is built to stabilize load. – If I compare these 2 bags,
they have the same system. – Exactly. You see
that the bag is bigger, but hydration is really important
and you have exactly the same system with a flask at the front. – As I’m gonna run
for probably like 10 hours or so, how should I alternate between sweet and salty? Is there any recommendation there? – I think it’s good to alternate, especially in long distances.
It’s not very nice to drink salty drinks. The best way is not to take it in a flask
but at the aid station. You can have soup, crackers
and I think it’s a better way to give you salt. – Because salt is quite important
on the long run, right? – Yes, on the long run you lose salt through sweat and you have to take some. If it’s not good in the flask,
take it at the aid station. – And if you start, let’s say feeling in bad shape, does it make sense
to take painkillers? – It can be really dangerous.
Don’t use self-medication during your race.
– OK. – So, rely on your legs.
– That’s it. I think, I’m really fast. Really try to find your own pace
and what’s feeling good.

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  1. What does he say between 3:42 – 3:44?? Fill in the blanks please: "Dont use _________________ during your race."

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