How to Walk in Heels – 10 Tips

How to Walk in Heels - 10 Tips

okay guys let's go ahead and get this out of the way one foot is bigger than the other yes I injured my foot in high school and because it did not heal properly it swells more often than it doesn't God never judges me on it so I'd appreciate it if you guys don't as well so let's go ahead and get right into this video honey well hello there darling welcome to my channel if this is your first time here go ahead and subscribe why because I know you'll love me anyways I think we should go ahead and get into the top ten tips that I have for how to walk in heels let's get started I made this number one for a reason shoe inserts will help save you from a night of pain and anguish in the bottom of your feet when you're out and about just trying to have a good time and your heels are killing you but I usually get the the ball of the foot inserts instead of the entire foot insert because after a while it gets kind of irritating with a big lump of something sitting under my foot but yeah I got these from Walmart they're less than ten dollars they are so comfortable and they helped me last pretty much way longer than I would if I did not have them inside my shoe so I definitely recommend some inserts basically if you're used to wearing slacks you're going to have to kind of get your feet and your muscles trained to working and heels and walking properly so what just can kind of help you even for that they usually have a platform that can allow your arch not to do as steep as it's in any other kind of wheel and they're more stable for you to learn how to walk in before you get into another type of field now I don't know if I've heard anyone else talk about this but this is an easy for me when I first started trying to learn how to walk in heels I started with a strappy sandals high heel versus like a pump because they're easier to learn to walk in for me because it adds like that support at your ankle so that whenever you lift and bend your foot like you would naturally do your shoe follows instead of with a pump it's kind of freelance you got to learn how to stay in the shoe so it's easy to me so we know walking in heels is all about the balance so if you're not very comfortable in heels yet you should definitely start in a wide heel versus a skinny heel because wide heels offers so much more support if you can just look and see how the skinny heel jiggles easier then the wide heel does because it provides so much so much more support it's wider in the back and so it's more stable it has bent block heel and it's just it's just so much easier to walk in and balance in just way easier ok so let's talk about this Lane this Lane is not appropriate don't let anyone tell you anything different it is not okay okay let's just shot a practice not leanin okay if you feel the methylene try to rest your ankles by stretching them like so bending them back and forth and contracting them in you are a beautiful woman in these nice heels and you should not be leaning unless you're leaning on the Lord try to keep it straight so I try to make it a habit of doing this I try not to lotion the bottom of my feet whenever I'm wearing any type of heel it prevents muscle from sliding forward and if I'm wearing open-toed shoes my toes gripping at the floor like so I know it's very uncomfortable but if you ever run into a situation where you're sliding try going to a bathroom and taking your feet out of your shoe wiping the bottom of your foot with a napkin and the inside of your shoe and allow it to air dry a little bit so that the friction can get back in have a couple of stands on deck whenever your feet start to hurt I know I lean on one leg and I start to bend back and forth one other foot to relieve the pressure on that foot and then I'm you know just shift my weight and kind of get my ankles back together and so I could get to a seat basically this kind of help you get through today so practice on those so that you can know how to relieve the pressure in your muscles whenever you are spending about maybe at a party or so I would not wait until my feet hurt before I pop a squat and give Muffy to break this can also prevent the lean that tends to happen if you have been standing for too long and then just never gave your feet a break but yeah take a seat it's okay take a seat even if your feet don't hurt just give yourself a little break and then you can come back spending longer and stronger there's nothing wrong with having the feet for a little bit I'd rather have a seat with my feet don't hurt then have to hurry up and find a seat when my feet are just killing me so go ahead and pop a squat hunting is fun so I'm the one that doesn't want to look ratchet walking around whatever party barefoot I will suffer through the hell and high water until I get to the car and when I get to the car I will retrieve the flash that I have in my back seat most likely they are these Nikes they are so perfect for it especially you have to get out go around or do something whatever after you've worn your heels and you're just not you're not going to make it you can just keep using flats in the car and you know it's okay do not rush yourself if you try these things and you just still don't feel so comfortable going out in the bottom heels take your time and practice just practice practice practice walk around in the house with your heels on just cook in your heels cleaning your heels just do whatever you can in your heels so that you can get used to it and I promise you will definitely have a Down pact in no time we all didn't start out perfect it takes a little time and you will definitely get it so I hope you guys love this video if you liked it please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I post a video every Monday so you can see me next Monday also definitely share this so we can spread the knowledge and let these ladies know that we can all walk in these beautiful heels follow me on my social media accounts right here and you guys have a blessed day

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  1. Girl, I’m twelve and my mom finally let me get heels and the first pair I got was a 3 1/2 inch chunky heel, and woooo that was a wild ride

  2. New subbie, where have you been all my life? Same body type, same issues. I really wanted someone who looks more like me. Thank you!

  3. I find strappy heels alre the worst 4 me because I find I don't get as much ankle support I can only kinda walk in boots as my foot is fully in and cannot go anywhere… any advice on how to strengthen your ankles please?

  4. Big girls should just wear wedges or thick heeled shoes with the ankle straps.anything else like those long skinny heeled shoes…is torture!

  5. First time wearing heels ever. At age 49. Unfortunately, I'm staring out with stiletto heels because that was the only kind I liked AND the only kind they had in my size. Thanks for the tips and the laugh. Learning on the Lord…HA!

  6. So are heels just supposed to be painful, even if you walk in them correctly and are wearing the right size?

  7. Going to a wedding in a few days and haven’t worn heels in about 5 years! Thanks for the tips!

  8. For some reason I strapped on some skinny heels and walked just fine I guess I'm a natural.

  9. Unless you're leaning on the Lord haha. You've got a new subbie. I love a christian youtuber and i love your body positive notes in your videos

  10. Great video, but consider i guess going straight to point i.e. structure, stride and other posture recommendations, and maybe do a beginners vid for virgin heel wearers, it sooooo long for you to get into the meat of the subject

  11. Thank you for posting this video i subscribed to watch more. I am a plus size woman and I wear heels every so often for modeling and when I started, I went straight for the tall, skinny heels. My posture was terrible and i was shakin' like a leaf in them. My muscles weren't trained properly for walking in heels (not to mention being bow legged and pigeon toed). I gravitate more towards wedges now but i'm starting to feel a whole lot more comfortable in skinny heels than i did. I'm walking with more confidence and can truly feel the difference. THANK YOU!!!

  12. Everyone has 1 foot a little bigger than the other. My right foot is a 10, my left is a tiny bit bigger than a 9.5.

  13. I have the same issue with one foot swelling, which has kept me from wearing heels. Think I might give it another go 😆😆

  14. I've got a gorgeous pair of red wedges, I am of to Cook and clean in them until I can wear then without feeling like Bambi x great video

  15. She forgot one very important thing – Buy good shoes – It is better to have one pair of $200 shoes than 10 pairs of cheap shoes – Expensive shoes are made better with more support – The are engineered differently are they are leather so they adjust to your foot – Plastic man-made material shoes have no give and make your feet sweat -You don't have to spend $200, but get the best shoes you can afford – Shop sales at high-end stores and you will be shocked at the deals you can get – Von Maur has amazing sales – You get what you pay for

  16. Oh, Honey … if you'll put those pretty pink modified D'Orsay heels on I'll come take you to dinner and you can keep the car when we're home! What a girl … and one with a well tuned eye for Shoooooooooooooooooooze !!!!! My kinda girl … !!! ❤

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