How To WASH Your Sneakers – Washing machine VS By Hand?

How To WASH Your Sneakers – Washing machine VS By Hand?

yoyoyo youtube this video goes out to
everyone who wants to clean their shoes without too much hassle. Here i have two
equally dirty shoes as you can see I will wash one of them by hand and
throw the other one in the washing machine Which method will give us the
best result? To find the answer to this million-dollar question, like, subscribe
and let me know in the comments below how you take care of your favourite
shoes, now let’s get into it! Here we go guys. The next step is just to take the shoe you want to wash, take a pillow case. Any pillowcase will do, and just throw it in the washing machine. Just throw it….. I don’t really know, just take a little…. everywhere. Ok Turn on the machine! And then on this machine I’m supposed to choose this one, and choose the lowest possible spin that is 400 on this
one and the temperature is set to the lowest. And you can choose cold wash as
well if you have that option on your machine. And then, Ba BAAAM!!!
And i will meet you in a second! Okay guys here we are with the final result! This is the shoe we washed by hand and this is the one we threw in the washing machine earlier To be honest i don’t really any big difference between
them. Do comment below if you think otherwise. in my opinion, both look fine Do whatever suits you And have a wonderful day! See you soon! Like, comment and subscribe!!!

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