HUGE CRATE ! What’s inside ? $1500 GAMBLE I bought an abandoned storage unit and found crate

HUGE CRATE ! What’s inside ? $1500 GAMBLE I bought an abandoned storage unit and found crate

please ladies and gentlemen of those
rear rear Cobra Jet LT 1 never let never issued limited-edition transmissions in
that crate I have no idea what I just said welcome ladies and gentlemen to the
greatest show on earth I am your captain speaking and this is my co-captain story
not a dog do you see this we peel back a layer of what a lot of people would feel
in the business garbage and then when you see layers like this yes I see
intent look you see a boxer look at this so you got one that has a walk on it and
the movements all been waiting for I am the muffler man the muffler man the
muffler it is not cold ladies and gentlemen boys
and girls people complain about how cold it is of all ages it’s us we’re here
what are we gonna do today use our tissues Oh freeze our tushies we got
rain coming units to move today we have two pods I’m gonna predict right now and
your unit is a dining table will you open them up this one – right here
yours little sided one way you’re excited about the furniture so sure look
at that maybe Mary deals it’s Christmas so Alex
and I bought this we have a little $1 bet he but your rules your road I like
that what is it won’t open up Alex believes
there’s a safe in his one unit I believe there’s a safe in my one unit it’s the
same owner let’s see right off the bat what we got you’re supposed to be
filming your ball ooh I like that better than a Harley Davidson poster you know
why it’s Asian it’s signed it’s stamped could be 20 it could be 200 it’s made of
silk the UH surrounding a silk paper and you know what that means when you see
something like this dining table this modern Danish looking table and it’s old
stuff money honey with that being said what do I buy this unit for I liked it
because the person was in my eyes older an older person you see the car
engine hoist you see this old seat which I have no clue what it goes to if
somebody out there can tell me if this is a Volkswagen or a diesel truck I
don’t know what I belongs to you see metal road signs right off the bat I
think this person collected car stuff because you know road signs are uh
something there in dignity I think that’s the word in dignity to people who
like Karsa anyway let’s get going we’ve made a dent in the vault that’s Alex is
filming on his channel and now we’re gonna start going through mine do a
little click on boxing right off the bat we have a wagon we have some patio
chairs we have about a 75 to $100 lawn mower
we got a cheap wood shelf we got a step stool a little miscellaneous stuff car
seat and yeah alright that’s a wrap guys thanks for watching this video just
kidding we’re gonna move some stuff out of the way and get to some to actually
unbox and he’s on important business text
yeah never never that safecracker that’s the safecracker a little bit I’ll
go there signs right there oh yeah sure you shouldn’t really need the rope yield sign no we need that for uncle
Michaels he doesn’t stop moving stop in the name of love these are newer science
but they’re still oh nice could we add like a thieving sign on that and put
that on the booth detour the disclosed that you know what that’s kind of dope
that’s the Golden Gate yeah look at that I wish they will put an end to all road
work a mirror that’s going yours it is looks like a cheap bag of $20 and
schools that we’re gonna take 16 for maybe 15 I’ll go 1,400 I just
and nothing all right all right dear Paul the fireman if you
watched my videos you bet me that that was a trunk that goes in the back of
your tools or whatever it is and I told you the folding table with the black
case I don’t eat this I just want you to know you were wrong and there’s a blue
suitcase what did you just tell me about that
that blue suitcase a subscriber told Michael while back you guys are gonna
find some good money in one of them we’re gonna find like retirement type
piece in something come on million dollars entire mansion piece yeah it’s all right though and it’s not
in this one yeah I just want a box until I fill my trailer
I’ll tell you this oh my knife all these stuff 2010 that’s not oh this is like
the back of a big bike hauling the white guy they calm or something no no not
just harley-davidson or what else then imitated how do a double-take I’ll put
that look for that in my trailer ladies and gentleman we found a crane
says so right here folding engine crane so never seen
anybody pimp their animal box out like this well what is they gotta get him in
line anything exciting in this box um done on
no absolutely not this looks kind of cool it looks like a
give a sunflower think you’ll ever be too much no is this a glass jar letters and no looks like tools not exciting tools I love my beetle I didn’t seem appealing
to me jump I don’t even know what to say about this lady and Jimmy he basically
pimped his speaker box oh yeah he put a house their house stereo he built the
box around it actually and hang it up I smell meth I’m just this is what that’s
kind of cool little horseshoes please ladies and gentlemen of those rare rare
Cobra Jet lt1 never let never issued limited-edition transmissions in that
crate I have no idea what I just said mmm-hmm welcome ladies and gentlemen to
the greatest show on earth I am your captain speaking and this is my
co-captain story not a dog I have one for each of the kids that’s their
bedroom to the new house that is a Harley exhaust Reinhart ‘sounds come now everything’s
at them now this is a gun safe please before Smith & Wesson Tiffany garden
supply that’s so cute I see about 80 I don’t see eight though I see four dollar
tools no but I do see 40 in the plastic container hey now I see intrigue do you
see this we peel back a layer of what a lot of people would feel in the business
garbage you know when you see layers like this yes I see intent look you see
a boxer look at this so you got one that has a walk on it yes you see that one
right here the one is full of gold points yeah I’m digging it no literally
I want to dig in that one do you have your pry bar part of the Harley we’re
building everything but the taillights in the little back strip that goes on
the back of the Harley this is limited right here there’s no wrong way to open something
you could break it you could pry bar it it’s the old ones it’s not right then
stop them these are headers there I don’t know
those are exhaust pipes the busted headers well right maybe that’s why they
call him on a Harley I know nothing about Harley’s if you guys want to
correct me go ahead please in the comments I’ll accept without the
straitjacket you know what that is accent dress
do you remember Willy Wonka when they went into TV size remember that when the
little boy got lost in the TV the little Mikey yeah that’s the suit they wore ooh we got more arrows want this when
you go to brush your teeth at home Jack if you need to let us know Jack check
don’t watch my videos Jack if you watch this video put a comma in a section
thank you Alex no silca Mike wearing that I don’t think
he would get a mess up his hair pedestal a rock and mortar pedestal and mortar
for corn tortillas 30 bucks no like 30 bucks Italy market all sorts
of man guy stuff and this commercial break is brought to you by the storage
doctor we will continually be back to our program in just a moment after we
have one nice word from this man right here me where’s the commercial break
brought to you by you all right here’s a commercial
shakin sounds sounds look at that the knife collection
that’s a rose gold right there come on gold coins go there first
let’s just go we’re not gonna save us to the end this is where it’s it some
watches S&M time acts 20 minutes American world’s smallest knife I’m
parked around probably only get that when you buy a Dodge Ram Swiss that’s a
good one and nothing in comics alright couple
watches in a few nights but the thing is wasn’t I wasn’t a bad little box it
looks like at one point somebody need to get in there you know picture takers is that gold okay boy I’m gonna tell you
feels good there’s 14 karat gold to pieces of things and that good you bet
you that’s gold too rare rare opportunity to find one of these in gold
it does say it doesn’t it just 585 – what is 585 mean means 14 karat gold
they don’t say that is not gold let’s not put mix that with did you leave that
we have another clip don’t say nothing I’m impressed
yeah do we have any Randle’s in there kay Bar K bar that’s okay this is a
no-name these will have names on them I’ve read what are these enables an opening please
being 14 13 grams that’s kind of heavy maybe – the jewels but we’re gonna sell
them as pieces they have Jade and then we’ll have to call it Benjy and see if
he can afford to buy anything else after yesterday’s big purchase so far I think
my dollar bet I’m winning cuz that was technically a safe now it’s gonna come
down to who finds the most safes that’s the case I found – theoretically and my
world anything that’s locked is it safe because we’re trying to keep that safe
so right now it’s 2 to 1 and now it’s time to get some wings
technically somebody took the lock off or forgot to put it on we’re gonna call
this another safe and the movements all been waiting for that’s a good sign another there’s all
garbage in there these are pretty nice sadly they are water soiled it’s some
type of watercolor and it’s got a tiger on it and it’s marked I don’t know how
to read that in 1964 that’s Shere Khan these are nice 1954 64
tar to tell yong-joon say I like those what they have Benjy look this up for us
I literally just sold my entire AIDS pin collection to Steve for like 80 bucks
the other day and he did something like that with it to sell them more Harley
parts we’re completing our Harley sides know now that this Porter
yeah slide it out don’t you do that obviously not you got four kids so he replaced stock with with
aftermarket I mean we got guys for that my harmony muffler guy I’m gonna call my
Harley muffler guy yes I am the muffler man the muffler man the muffler does it that’s what daddy wants to see Milwaukee
the boss needs one of these pots of these a battery so I gotta check those
out but she needs one we cantle quick right see we got charger which we always
need we have a nice one the more the good batteries to that make the cheap
ones I know but like I said the boss needs one yeah $70 bag no you think so wait wait what is your number you’re
gonna get minimum you’re gonna get minimum 200 that all right I’m saying 70
or 75 don’t get your mind in a little duffle bag boys zip it up all right that’s shocking
they named it after you it’s all right I got you boo sucker sit that says on the
thing snap-on oh it’s heavy in its fool
should I lift it and put it on the table and can you lift it angler just right
will be good with that you know some good things that’s Porsche snap-on Canon
bail that’s like all good names United States elf Jaguar Cherokee I would share
would outlaw nama Pittsburgh Indian outlaw Cherokee and top top there’s
always trying to stink sorry you got to leave that open to pull the drawers out
now no Rockwell Rockwell is good that’s good Mac Mac Maroney
I just just wolf two bucks I’m bored of that box
yeah man this guy was spending hours roping
some weeks weeks months maybe even years he spent all year tied everything up he
use the type as women how would I use the time lying up no cheap sockets it wasn’t a bad box wasn’t a great ball for
you what’s that for that’s what you use in place of that
crowbar you used to hold your trailer from rolling away is Mr cool to have for
what different levels and your hitch like this right here especially if you got people that
overload your trailer it’s axial I like this yeah uncle Michael with the B plus
level hair today ladies and gentlemen know what for what
really yeah see all right I’m gay with you Josh what’d you do to her and we
won’t roll with that ladies and gentlemen what are you doing with that
being said we are done with this unboxing there’ll be plenty more to come
don’t forget to go to storage doctor channel like it share and subscribe
lots more coming love y’all blessings future Super Bowl champions don’t forget
we still have $100 bet for us going to the Super Bowl that’s how you do it two
trailers back-to-back simultaneous

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  1. Those carbide cutters and end mills in that black bag sell for about 30 – 50 each or higher depending on the brand and size

  2. I love it when you both are ina great mood, and working together. Y'all r sooo funny. Makes people want to stay tuned. 🥰🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁

  3. “Headers” on a motorcycle are indeed exhaust pipes however their the 1st part of the exhaust pipes that attach to the motor. BTW those looked Titanium due to their blueing color change which makes them more expensive & desirable than common Stainless Steel.

  4. Breakfast with The Pirate and co-captain Alex blackbeard. Love the new dog. Dog name Billy Bones, if girl, Betty Bones.

  5. hey storage Piratei looked up Rinehart muffler for Harley prices range from$649.95 to $729.99 dollars. love pods you and storage stalkers bought together epic

  6. Keep looking I said it was the smaller suitcase to the set. The little one not the train case not the medium one 🙂 Yes Im still here!

  7. Lol- The “ crane “. Is an ‘engine lift’ my son had a 3300 sq ft auto shop before his accident – brilliant mechanic. Good value in mechanic tools etc —- bless you

  8. pirate is always a pleasure watching your videos I get so much enjoyment you guys are amazing you and Alex y'all just have a lot of fun I envy you guys because I pick up horseshit all day here in Spain God bless you and your whole family can't wait to see you on the next video peace out🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄❤❤❤❤❤❤✌👊😁

  9. “I got you boo”. 😂😂😂😂 I think Alex will get at least $175 for the bag of Milwaukee tools. If sold separately then over $200. Great video pirate 💕

  10. Great stuff guys those water paintings can be restored if you find the right person of course based on their value

  11. That's a 2014 to present day Harley parts the tail lights are taken off and put a new LED one on . The rhynharts are worth a money the other parts are not worth much .

  12. Your commentary is hilarious Mr. Pirate and I just wanted to say that you guys look marvelous today. Southern Indiana is watching….

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