I Spent $1000 On The SNEAKER KEYMASTER.. This Is What Happened..

I Spent $1000 On The SNEAKER KEYMASTER.. This Is What Happened..

yes so hard yo what is good everybody and welcome back to the channel to date we are spending $1,000 in the keymaster machine if you don't know if the keymaster is basically it's an arcade game where there's different shoes throughout a machine and you try to insert a key into a hole and if it pulls it out and you get to shoot you can want to shoot like an easy 500 at Air Jordan one off white something like that for only 5 dollars now if you didn't see I did do a video where I spent $500 and I won nothing so we're trying this at a different store now the reason I was able to do that is because of a sponsored video sponsors on this channel make videos like this happen so thank you so much to all the sponsors on this channel I'm still super nervous about this because it's still money out the way like I can't leave with nothing again I'm actually linking up my homie Tony D to while he's gonna be helping me film this he's gonna be out throughout the day let's go ahead and head to meet Tony and then head over to this spot it's called hype and it's in North Dakota in Atlanta thanks for them so letting us come out and film they're not paying me to do this video or anything like that and there's no control of the machine we're gonna explain how these machines work at the end of the video probably a little bit of a giveaway in here if I do win anything in the machine so let's go meet Tony we're back and we're doing it the keymaster yet again like you guys know I did $500 and won nothing so we're trying again at a different store absolutely nothing towards the last shop that I did it at it's just that was my look but I want to try somewhere else to see if I have any better law place we're going to today is hype and we're spending $1,000 and if we lose if we don't win anything I don't know what I'm gonna do luckily we have sponsors on this channel and makes these videos possible so $1,000 you know I'm definitely nervous again because that is $1,000 I'll be in my pocket but I'm hopeful because I know how this system works not rigged but it's a system so like if there's $10,000 worth of clothes in there $10,000 with the shoes in there it gets easier to play after that limit is reached and the arm moves a little bit easier so we'll see I looked up videos I'm gonna look up videos again on how to you know go about the system but the main thing is you'll know when you start playing if it's like if it's not moving as much then it you have better odds of it being like ready for you to win so we'll see I'm doing all 20s this time because last time $5 bills was ridiculous I don't know if the machine takes 50s or hundreds that's the problem hey I wanted to do a withdrawal for $1,000 you got my note I think nope this isn't as intense as the last video but uh it'll do we pulled up and we're at Toni's house of war you leaving out so Toni wanna say what's up hey what's up yo what is good everybody and welcome it back to the channel vid day I didn't even I can't believe I'm doing this this is absolutely nuts we were spending $1,000 in the keymaster I'm afraid I don't like carrying around this much money but today we're going ahead and we're seeing we can get here at hype in North Dakota shout out high playing has come in films you could see was this massive setup Tony had this great idea oh yeah with my homie Tony D too wild you'll see him throughout the video we got some supreme stuff over here some accessories we got all kind of shoes over here we're gonna see what we can get and hopefully we do better than last time if you didn't see last time I spent $500 the keymaster and won nothing so today let's change that up let's get a W Tony we're gonna hit that W yes sir I'm gonna leave myself hanging like this could be all bad alright let's do this alrighty so we got the two machines I might split this up now Tony was saying I should do 50/50 500 here 500 there but I think I might want to I might I feel like I should put more to this one because there's more worth of things in there well my goal is gonna be is I'm gonna people one thing to go for and hopefully we'll get it so there's a few things they got some Yeezys in here we got two different colors we got i like the mob Easy's actually I haven't gotten those yet they're values around what like 350 I think I don't know what they were online sponsored surprise right there yeah they've been there are online for two days like on adidas so we've got a few things got the game Royal Michigan 12 michigan 12 shadows and then just some more Yeezys and a few things so we're gonna say we can get into what should I go for this I wish I could put a little pole actually just show me other machine work dude this is the other machine right here you know you got some accessories supreme accessories mainly some hats who gets beanies or some bait slides there I got there's a mystery box actually so there's a lot of stuff for us to go forward much been a little bit of time over here a bit time over there and I think we gotta start over at the shoes because that's that's what the key masters are mainly known for so let's hope we get oh please are we gonna I we got it this w let's do it I don't know what I should go for initially I'm thinking maybe go bigger going home is a question I want I kind of want the easy but I never bought them come off the moth but these are hard I mean these are classic but these are hard I mean they're but we have to begin some Jordan ones later today you want to go big my back that's big or go home like do you want that's a pretty big opening it's a pretty smaller one you know I'm saying I think overall they're the same price wise they're not that far apart wait oh the size cars a smaller size oh they're all the same size right is harder right okay okay not on the bottom so we got the first 20 budget I want the moms but that's the harder one so I don't know all right this one need to do I need to go for a W first cuz I haven't taken these work our way up yeah so we're first we're gonna clean Mario you know the Mario game where he got the gave up the ladders and get the Donkey Kong at the top so we're gonna go for the shadows I think that's the the one that I think we need to start with something because I've got no nothing so far it's the first 20 right here right here alright let's see put it up this machine feels alright I think we need get you in here a chair here soup how long you gonna be sitting all right let's do a 30 second to the clock problem whoa we started with the W – yeah they would set his rig though yeah exactly guys if you want to see that these things are rigged go watch my last video five hundred bucks you're doing twenty so you got four tries right I'm guessing yeah oh hi again I can kind of tell I kind of can get a feel of where it's gonna land once I let it go I can kind of see where it's gonna go low high low I I know this is a this is a patience game I'm gonna get you a supreme gun brother Ellie's twenties you double up you should have bought another person here to hold the money in clothes skin clothes you might need to have him come give me some tips if I'm doing it wrong yeah calm I need your help for some tips man I think I got it down I'm pretty good arcade games but yeah going to highs so that it's the minute I try to go low yeah go low because you've been hitting the top of it every single time so that's Paul's too many pogs whoa still high what the heck yeah so you know you're going high so you got to go low again we are now adding an auto pause for everyone Satori bucks yeah I didn't know if this took hundreds and last time they did five it took so long you got to just keep going lower and we need to we need to see the key hit the bottom of it yeah I want to see it go lunch at least I know if it was hitting top every time I see how I was working you gotta finesse it give you some power yeah it's a good luck that shadow was being disrespectful no that's how I was saying you let go soup yes key yeah I noticed that you want to say yeah let go so keep going exposed watch his hand let go and then watch it keep going up Packers now we got the bottom here now it's done – listen – yeah oh oh I thought he made I'm trippin I'm looking but yeah I saw that was clear many do slow motion on that one here's head zoom in and like slow-mo that for the people yeah I'm gonna say you need you need a chair yeah let me know you're working I don't wanna you would've hit it right then I'd have been get a chair for this man where we at right now by the way that's 60 or 80 just we're tacking away at this oh it's game this guy's rising up just on the list learn more pinpoint yeah pinpoint it goes e we haven't seen the bottoms are delicious time to listen you know I never hears his letting go of it it's going basically at first it's gonna keep going or you want yeah oh I feel that not feel hearts be now I accept you I feel the opportunity now feel it coming use can use Falls yeah that is the closest that God so far so those automated think the top is anything missing they realizing what's going finally that was like 120 I think you almost paid retail but you didn't number one yeah I mean we'll just put a pile right here for going for use now go all the way go hard first come first she needs that all right that's being nice to you yeah I think you need to leave it up like up here like for good luck or something like I don't know I was rocking I don't know if I press the button yeah what the shoe this kids right here I'll give Tony and the rest of the cash oh yeah let's go what did you say that Voodoo's coming boom well I'm happy so far we have it where's no more credits left first wek master that I knew I felt it's all good machine start listening to me and even my size that's 43 so we went through seven that was a 140 but it was two less than that so it was $130 – it came up on that but it's got more than one that doesn't mean more stop it yeah no we keep it going so we're going for we're not we're not hitting middle we're just gonna stay for two it's gonna be harder I know the Machine doesn't want that the machine doesn't want us to go for the time machine wants you to go home now busy life son go home I had enough for you but you keep put into words do we just go go baby go home like I think they want to see the go bigger go home honestly these are probably going about three right at least to really reach a three so three three three twenty probably orcas take 321 often say these do that oh yeah we're does that just slide over slide over I just in the chair i push you normal all right now this side of the title I can't help you I don't know anything supreme North Face that's gonna be a good one yeah cost is a good one neither supreme bags are pretty good there's about 500 the supreme snake skin looks pretty though that turns into a bat make many that's the one in the middle is going for 193 it's pretty good this is going for 109 so that's a pretty North Bay it's a little bit more it's in the middle play smarter now hardly we're gonna have to go for that place tomorrow as many as possible because I think that's second well then we go has to I think we go for that first yeah we're gonna count it this time so we gotta hunter we're gonna go 400 or quick and go for that bag and hmm hey I'm saying effectively it is one strong I'm covering it up oh yeah this one's ready for you Godley well we can't play this huh oh no I did it nope okay so this is being too loud you can hear it's like we music playing you set on a tripod and then had a little time lapse run we're probably do about turbo all right 20 bucks just see Tony's got $20 what do you want me to go for that's why I guess go for a hand okay imagine imagine loading it and it's like you've been claimed hippie master corporation whoa that one shot all right Tony back in the day there's all the controversy around the keymaster but there's a way to win but you might have to put in more money than what you're getting sometimes you may get the short end of the stick something sometimes you get lucky you got the look in you spent 120 and got the shadow but we're still going that's the problem yes personally if I was a sane person out of taking my W then I'd have been done but you got I guess today you actually showing people how it works because you just spend 120 on there right so now we're gonna see how much more you put in to get yeah for the next one so should we stop here because I was a hundred I think we've done 11 which is 220 yeah 142 more yeah two more and then and then what you could figure out where you want to do this listening to you play off like you're a little kid playing games at home like it's a little kid or something I think you paid your licensing fee for this music on your channel if I was Khan I would honestly just go in there and just stab for speaker this last 20 right on this one there's 36 left now that means 720 which 36 times 4 is 140 for me please left I was trying to tell you earlier that's my cell phone before yeah you figure out your death like half an hour already there's still 30 gives me hope yeah but then if I must sit and I just confronted I feel like weird like at the casino right now I feel you've messed with that middle one you're gonna hit though that's the problem so I don't know if you want to hit at this point I want I what you might want to start thinking about hitting that's one thing I always swap back and forth baby that duel right now oh they figured out how to turn the sound ball right here this is it you got it wrong there you're hitting the bottom on kind of poking out a little bit farther at me whoa Oh hold on that seven you got seven percent two men got cut but we go grab at O six way to change by five four three Oh too fast is hitting those about to hit here we go we know you feel it yeah how much we put it like 120 on the side yeah it's the one we've got the user's office on some of them are nicer I believe there's some forward come on a billy goat yes to fruit it over we got two so far wait edema drop whoa we're not hitting on that one anytime soon oh damn he w thank you so much sir number two we got these shadows and we got the supreme TNF ain't good thing is nice actually like check this you guys seen this with number two so we got over here let's count how much we got left so we have 300 left 300 that is the demon key master right there to him how many more so oh I got another 20 you got 320 left and we're gonna see we can get so so far the value we got like 220 on the other one I think in that machine we probably spent like whoo 40 he's not a few credits left after that but we gotta go after this demon the demon mark go for the mob we got 320 even though we could buy them all for that price that's not the principle of this video this is the principle is to win and hopefully do it under three whatever I think do we keep going even if we win it like to keep your mood you got to spend the rest of your money alright come on man huh my energy is back up now that I got yes but you need this energy he's over there choose insert time-line smoke honestly you get it number three I don't even know what these are called we can't get off the tripod how much do we got left we still got 25 credits in there what do we do now like do we clear out the bottom row or do we go for the mall I think you I think that one's sitting well you leave it alone somebody's gonna come and get that one I think what I'm gonna do is there's 24 credit I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna buy something in a store and give it away to you guys I think that's why'd you give it to me for the whole new camera I need any book today we need to create a vote and then good luck buddy we're playing with the game royal come on let's sign these new offices don't even want anything they're just like Kanye's like nod your pants you can get them lucky I'm getting it right now that's it nope that's it nope I can feel it when he did I don't want last one we're gonna give it up give it up one time I'm ready cry I saw I did it I saw how it did it I heard the sound and I saw it stop it didn't stop at the same time all right so we are right now we have our $900 in we have 100 left I've won the shadows won the game Royal and then the supreme tnf right here the tours we're looking at around I think like 480 or something so you know still in a negative but we still won three items there's a hundred left that I could just go ahead and keep going we know what I'd rather do I'd rather get an item to get back to you guys so I'm gonna find something in here for a hundred bucks and then I'm gonna you know give this specific item away in this video so this is we gotta go find something real quick I'm gonna cut back this video is probably an hour long so I don't wanna spend too much time but we're gonna try to find something in here that's something sweet for a hundred bucks maybe like a premature something maybe baby I would do a pair of shoes but I feel like it's to be hard because of size by 700 ah it's not something you really probably resale on stock eggs so I feel like maybe like a shirt even might be a little bit easier maybe like a vape shirt size large yeah I saw I saw some some dope stuff no how would you begin this mess didn't one of those your subscribers row I mean get in the pan 350 help help them out like this I like this I like the liquid metal tea on a buck size large like what middle tea is pretty sweet got the winners right here so we got the shadow size 11 game royal I had a hundred left and we're gonna buy this as a giveaway item so I'm gonna buy this with the hundred that's right so I'm also buying these right here and wanting some ESPYs lately these are 80 bucks size 10 and I'm just gonna buy these for a personal while we're here you've know I just spent a lot I wish these were in there but I couldn't pass these up could I just I like them to clean their white I'm gonna grab these as well so we're leaving with a lot of stuff today okay so we got the two shoes here size 11 size 12 and we got the supreme tnf now I really like this and I think I'm gonna go ahead and just keep this right here this is going for about 200 these two I don't think I'll personally keep and they said that they would do store credit here so I can put these in for store credit so we're gonna see how much we can get store credit and it gets something else for that so if you want to price those out and then check back in and see kind of where we're at and then we can get something else because I probably wouldn't wear both of these I'd rather get something you know I'm gonna wear of course so we got these two here they said 450 and store credit for these two so now I'm gonna go ahead and search I do think since I wanted to get these anyway that's $80 we can put in there and I'm gonna try to find another shoe which I think I have one in mine and see if we can work out holidays I already kind of know what I want and if they have my side this right here this shoe right here was the one that I was going for the entire time in there 400 so let's see if we can kind of work and maybe get these in the dunks for the price 450 okay so we're gonna come over here this is B's and these right here exchange for these I'm buying this cash for you guys with the last hundred is a giveaway is this something we can work out right here get 450 this is eighty four eighty you told us 450 basis ain't gonna get you know yeah I'll do even trade first you already put it in the machine and I think that's a solid day for me I got a pair of shoes I really want got the malls to the ones that were haunting me over there not too bad you know we didn't turn out too bad and we get something to get back to you guys so it's a pretty successful day for me I think guys so we're heading out access we got two bags three items I think it was pretty stuff we have four items in a thousand but I mean that's the thing we came out decent like money or not and all honesty you're not supposed to spin it doesn't the keymaster and wind over to that like yeah it's not gonna happen like that that's nobody's gonna spin that much either you're gonna find 200 like if you would have stopped at a shadow she would have came out on top yeah and that's what people usually do they usually stop don't shit only thing going and going but still at that point like you're spending a hundred thirty in there you're you're not too far from buying the shoes that's what I tried to tell him last time buy it like if you really want to save up and get the shoe don't if you're gonna risk it on that I saved you five bucks yeah and you can tell if the machine is about to win out so we'll talk about that when we get home but that machine is it's not rigged it's a probability thing that ez7 is coming for somebody very somebody if you go to hide no okay so we made it back and I just want to quickly run down what we got and then tell you guys kind of how the machine works we talked to the owner of the shop there's like a threshold on each different you know key master slot so the person who runs the machine puts that threshold on there and then once it gets that's what it gets easier to you so the person who's working actually is one of two of the people that own this door or work at the store and he doesn't even have control over that he didn't even know how much the threshold was on any of them he was really surprised that we didn't get the easy mob because of how many times we actually but it is just probability if you go and you put five dollars and is doing that thing where it goes up and goes you're not winning anytime soon but if you go and it's pretty accurate and pretty close you'll probably have a good chance of winning now as far as what we got we got the supreme TNF sling right here you guys have already seen this very nice leather we got the Yeezy 700 a half-size down because I thought I can make it fit and they end up not fitting cuz this is a size 10 that's the biggest size ended up having so I think I might do a raffle on these which I'll link down below I wish they're my size but I'll probably go ahead and just do the raffle so I can make some my money back because I did end up still losing around five to six hundred dollars we also got a pair of the Nike SB dunks some of you guys make me like why did you get these they're like $80 they're old nobody wears dunks anymore I can understand that I just like the way that they look very classic and simple there's a pair of Tiffany dunks coming out this week that looked literally the same as this but everlue bowls which I was like why not grab these if I don't get a chance to get those they're like almost the exact same and then we got the t-shirt to give away and all you have to do to win this t-shirt right here if the number one subscribe to the channel number two to follow me on instagram north we have to comment down below your instagram and supreme shirt and that is it that's the wrap it up for video I hope you guys did enjoy if you did leave a like down below I'll see you guys next time listen up

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  1. If u spend 1000$ in a key master he is defenetly gonna give u something cause 1000$ is the price of a sneaker

  2. Bro I live in Atlanta and I have been to that store!!!!! This video was so weird to watch because I have used that Machine!!! 🥶

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