I Went To A Show… Did I Fall Off? {} Horseshoe 16

I Went To A Show… Did I Fall Off? {} Horseshoe 16

Hello members of the Horseshoe 16 team and welcome back to the channel. I tried my best. Did’t really work, making Christmas themed stuff but that’s okay. I tried, the tinsel, the bauble. Oh yeah, what’s that? A fourth rosette. As you can tell by today’s title, on Sunay I went to my first show in a while I have shown once before it was I’m not gonna talk about it basically. I did it on Cinnamon and it was at my stables It wasn’t like away. So this is my first away show This is my first show on a pony called Carrie. It went pretty well. I must admit I rode a lot better in the 70cm than I did in the 60. You will get to see later on in the video if I fell off or not. No skipping. I really wasn’t riding my best on That. Particular. Day. It was my first time wearing the white jodhpurs that I’d got after my previous show and they were very slippy. We haven’t washed them enough, the same of my boots. If you follow my TikTok, then you may have realised that I’ve been riding in my yard boots for goodness knows how long. That is because we ordered boots about I think it’s four weeks ago now they literally just discontinued the company just after we ordered them so we couldn’t get them. Which was really annoying, but now I’ve actually got riding boots. They are brand new, so they were really slippy as well and it was really hard to keep my position. Overall with the day I was so happy with Carrie. She really tried her best We would have come third in the 70, we didn’t place in the 60 because that’s how bad I was. But there was just this one little pony at the end which caught us by few seconds and I was getting my hopes up too high too come in third place. But out of 12, fourth is really good and there were only four clear rounds so I was really happy with Carrie. We came above our trainer. Carrie was really trying her best as well. She’s a little riding school pony, she’s only really used to jumping like 30cm if that. I haven’t ridden her in ages. At the show, was the first time I’ve ridden her in months maybe let alone jumped her. So I was really happy with her. She really gave it her all. With this all in mind, I hope you all enjoy the video. It was really one of the best days I’ve had in my life because I was just so happy that I was there and so happy that we place I really wasn’t expecting to be placed because Carrie is again a riding school pony. She was getting really tired towards the end. But like I say she really went for it, and I was really happy. I hope you’ll enjoy the video and let’s get on with it. Coming up to jump five, it was here when my riding slipped because my lower legs decided to go back and then for the rest of the course that literally happened all way through, and then this happens basically. This is where it all fell apart because Carrie thought she was jumping that jump, so and then I decided to do this This was completely my fault by the way.

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