Ice Fishing – Horseshoe Pond 1/26/2018

Ice Fishing – Horseshoe Pond 1/26/2018

Classic. Dare you to drink the rest of this. Alright. It’s all or nothing. See, look. It was the lure. Alright, little crappie. Little one. Pickerel. Huge carp. (Is it?) Nope. Feels pretty nice though. Huge pickerel. Woah. That came really close to smacking you in the face. (Me in the face or you?) You… and me. It like swung up and back. Yup. This is a monster. Ya. This is a better one. Oh man. That’s a largemouth. Ya, that’s a nice looking largemouth.

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  1. What horseshoe concord one or Merrimack one? Because concord like sucks the one in Merrimack is very good and good job tight lines

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