Jimmy Helps Jon Glaser Unpack Some of His Intense Running Gear

Jimmy Helps Jon Glaser Unpack Some of His Intense Running Gear

-Oh, my gosh. Jon. Jon Glaser.
Welcome back to the show. [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Yeah.
-How’s it going? -Good. I didn’t know —
Did you run here? What’s going on, buddy?
-Yeah, I have — I’m training for a trail,
a half-marathon in May and, you know,
I’m trying to work everything into my running schedule,
and I had to do a big run today, so I just thought I would run
from Brooklyn to the studio. I would have tried to get the
run out in the morning, but — We had parent/teacher
conferences for my daughter. She’s doing great in school. They broke up
the clique that she had, so things are going good
with that. But, yeah, I just —
You know, I’m like, “Let me get my run in.” We mic’d me up at home,
and I just got here. And it was a good run.
It’s good weather. I love this weather. The 30’s.
-Oh, yeah. -Yeah, it felt good. Felt good.
-Welcome to the show. We do want to —
You have a lot of gear on. -Yeah.
-I know Jon Glaser loves gear. -It’s true.
-Could you maybe walk me through some of the gear that you
actually have on you there? -Yeah, I mean, I got a lot
of my trail stuff. You know, I got my trail shoes
on, which have a little more cushion than I like
for the trails. I like a flatter shoe
for the road. Everything else pretty standard. I got, you know, compression
sleeves for my calves, compression shorts
over my running shorts. Tank. Wool base layer. Arm warmers —
they’re actually for biking, but they work great for running. -Wow. -Nice Polar Tech hat and shades. I’m sorry I said “shades,”
but, uh — And then I got my trail vest,
which is great. It’s got, you know —
You got a water bottle. Sometimes I’ll do one of
the bladders with the tube, and I like to be hands-free
with my water. You got to hydrate.
-Yeah. Oh, wow. Is that how you do it there?
You squeeze it from the bottom. -You can take it —
You can take it out.
You can also leave it in. I’m just being quick
’cause I’m tired. The nice thing about this pack
is that it’s got — You can load up a lot
in the back. You can put a lot
of your supplies — Actually, if you unzip, I got
a couple things I can show you. -Oh, sure. Of course.
-You know, I got my windbreaker, you know, in case it got cold.
-Oh, yeah. -And then, also,
for after my run, I got my foot-long sub,
but you can put that back. I’ll eat it later. I’m not
gonna have my meal on the desk. It’ll be messy. I have too much
respect for the talk-show genre. -Oh. Absolutely. Jon, thank you
so much. I appreciate it. -Yeah, but you know —
-I mean, that’s amazing. [ Cheers and applause ] Welcome and thank you so much. We — I love the show
“Jon Glaser Loves Gear.” -Thank you. -How would you describe the show
to anyone watching? -It’s basically, at its core —
There’s a lot of truth there. It’s a fake reality show about the fact that
I genuinely do love gear. But it is a mostly scripted
thing with reality elements. And — But it’s true.
I do love gear. And we do a lot
of stupid topics. Like, we do — Well, they’re
not stupid. They’re all real. But we’ll do, like,
a tennis episode that morphs into baby gear. We did an episode about football where my son is going to play
football, but then I find out
he’s not playing football. He’s been lying to me
and taking magic lessons. [ Laughter ] -Every theme
doesn’t quite get to the — what the theme of the episode
really is. -Correct. We did
a basketball episode that turned into
wheelchair basketball because I got a vasectomy and
I’m in too much pain to play. And so — And I’m playing — I’m basically playing kind of
an ass [bleep] version of myself in the show. Who would have the nerve to join
a wheelchair basketball league because he got a vasectomy? -Yeah, exactly.
-It’s really dumb. It’s a dumb show.
-Oh, it’s very, very funny. -Man, I’m so tired ’cause
I actually really ran here. -Oh, my God. That’s not true.
Do people believe that it is real, though,
when they do view it? Have you seen commenters
where people go like, “I can’t believe
you just said that.” -I think there’s a good element of confusion,
which I actually like. You know, one of the jokes
we have in the show is that I have my real family
and a fake family. And the idea there is that
my real wife doesn’t want to be on camera, so we blur her face
to protect her identity. And I won’t put my children
on camera, so we blur my kids’ faces. But the network wants —
because it’s a reality show — They want to see me
and my family, so I hire actors
to play my family. -Yeah. Here’s a picture
of what it looks like. There’s kind of both families
in the same shot. That’s you’re —
[ Laughter ] And this is your fake daughter
and son and your fake wife. -Yes.
-And that is your real family — -Yes, and then, of course,
ass [bleep] me in the show hired, like, a young, hot
Icelandic model to play my wife. [ Laughter ] But even that, like, it’s not — People say,
“That’s your real wife, right?” And it’s, no, it’s an actress
who’s playing my real wife. There’s all these weird lines
that are blurry and confusing, but I love that about the show. -Both of these families
are fake. But in this episode, though,
you go skydiving. And my question to Jon Glaser — I think I’m speaking
to the person, not the actor. But did you really go
skydiving? -Well, that is
the finale episode, and it just aired last night. So now if you want to see
the show, you can go On Demand and watch all the episodes
from this and the first season. So I don’t want
to give that away. You know, it’s a pretty big,
like, “Will he or won’t he?” So I don’t want to say
whether I did. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.
[ Audience oohs ] -Yeah, but —
Yeah, but I saw you do it. [ Laughter ] -That was the lamest, “Ooh!” -Yeah, they were like,
“We kind of really —
Yeah, it would be fine if…” -“Yeah, whatever. You did
or you didn’t. So what?” -But why wouldn’t you say — If you did skydive, say you did, I mean, was that
a great experience? -Well, if I did, I’m sure
it would have been incredible, and if I didn’t, then I didn’t. But you got to watch
and find out. -I know, but say
you didn’t do it, yeah? Why wouldn’t you do it?
-Because it’s terrifying. It sounds awful. It sounds — I mean, it was a gen–
It was, for sure — I think we talked about it
as the season finale, and I just didn’t know
if I could really do it. But maybe I did. -This is an amazing cliffhanger
right here. ‘Cause I don’t really —
I don’t know what to believe. ‘Cause I think
the real Jon Glaser would have maybe come up with
the idea to TruTV and said, “What if at the finale
I skydive?” hoping that they would say,
“That’s insane.” -Well, that’s in
the actual episode, where I’m asking
the network like, “I shouldn’t do it, right?” They’re like, “No, do it.” And then I’m very, very
terrified that I have to do it. But, again, I don’t want to say
whether I did or not. -All right. You guys
got to check it out. On Demand or TruTV.com.

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  1. TBH: Jon Glaser was a Writer for Conan O’Brien’s Late Night from 1998-2008 but on IMBD it says that he was a writer from 1998-2003 but regardless he wrote a total of 448 episodes of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien “

  2. This audience reminds me of The Monty Python's audience that didn't get the absurd comedy of their first season(In the 2nd season people who liked their stuff came to the studio)so they always added little clips of grandmas clapping after jokes like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abdSeqMmXNQ
    Making fun of the audience

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