Join me for a free Wellness Boot Camp! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

Join me for a free Wellness Boot Camp! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

– Hey guys, happy Wellness
Wednesday, welcome back. I was on hiatus for three weeks and I have to say that
I missed you so much. Here we are, it’s Fall, it is busy. It’s on, so many of us have
a lot going on right now. And I was just so happy to be able to take a little bit of time
at the end of the summer. Even though it’s kind of
sad because I love summer, it’s my favorite season. And I’m born on I think what
is the last day of the summer. I got to celebrate my 48th birthday with my parents and my husband. We went to Newport and
it was really really fun, really great time. So anyway, that’s one of the reasons why I missed you guys. I want to tell you about a lot of things that are coming up. In fact, in a moment I’m gonna talk about my free five day wellness boot camp that I created for you guys. It’s an incredible experience. And I hope that you will join us. But I wanted to share that
one of my intentions was to create a 48 lessons learned post that I just didn’t get around to writing because like i said, it’s
a busy season right now. And I decided I’m gonna wait until I’m 50 which is like only in two years from now. What, what’s going on? I’m looking pretty good. Anyway, I was thinking about this post and I thought one of the lessons
I would definitely share. And I know many of you will
totally understand this one. It’s gonna seem silly and yet
I think you’re gonna get it. You’re totally gonna get this one and here we go, are you ready? This is from the post that I didn’t create but you can expect in two
years from now when I’m 50. Pee when you need to pee,
mm-hmm, it’s that simple. I don’t know why it took
me 48 years to learn it. But pee when you need to
pee is my Wellness Wednesday tip for you guys today. And though it’s kinda
funny and it seems simple, give me a thumbs up if you can relate. And you’re like actually
that’s really good advice because I hold it. Because what I’ve realized
and why this actually is such a profound tip is
often throughout the course of the day, I, you, we, we get
these messages from our body. We get little warning signs
or we get little whispers, little taps on the shoulder. Or sometimes we get these urgent cries. And instead of acting on them, our habit is to override them. And you know the more we do something, the more ingrained it becomes, the more it literally creates a groove, a wiring system in our brain. And so if we are always
reinforcing the decision to override what our body is telling us. Override the wisdom and
the messages and the clues that we receive, that
right there is what’s in the way of our wellness. Because that has a ripple
effect across everything right. So the simple lesson that comes from the pee when you need to pee is listen to your body more often. We don’t need to do massive
things and do whole full scale self care renovation. It could be as simple
as well you know what, my body keeps telling me I
need to go to bed at 8:30 and I’m just gonna listen. Or I need to pee because
I’m so uncomfortable and that’s not good for my body. Or you know what, I gotta drink more water or whatever it is. Or I need to make sure
I schedule a play date because I’ve been working so hard recently and I could really use a
date with my best friend. Just you two going out to lunch. Because when you give
yourself those breaks right, you reset your body,
you reset your cortisol. And I think you reset your creativity. And all of a sudden the
things that have been holding you back, the
problems or the concerns, your intuition gives
you the answers right. But it can’t give you the
answers if there’s no space. And it also can’t give you
answers if you don’t listen. If you’re in a constant habit
of overriding the system. I see some hearts and I’m so grateful that I’m not the only one who understands that and experiences this. Okay so this is one of
the reasons why we created the five day back to
basic wellness boot camp which is basically wellness camp. And it’s this opportunity
that we created for you because we love you and we care about you and we think about you all the time to just gently reset. So here’s what’s gonna happen. I would adore it if you would join us. So each day for five
days, I’m gonna go live in this little popup Facebook
group that we created. Now it starts tomorrow but you can join at anytime during the five days. I’d love you to get in there sooner. Let me give you the URL so I don’t forget. I was forgetting on Instagram Live, everyone’s like where do I go? So anyway, krisscarr/wellnessbootcamp. Again it starts tomorrow
and it goes through Monday. We’re gonna close the
group I think on Tuesday. And each day we’re gonna go through one of my five pillars of wellness. And many of you know what they are but for some of you who don’t, it’s what you’re eating,
drinking, thinking and how you’re resting and renewing. I’m gonna go live, my wellness
team is gonna be there answering your questions
and coaching you through. And what I’m gonna do is
give you like these little tiny micro challenges. Like easy things that
you can do throughout the course of the day to
help you feel better right. Because I want you to experience wins. I’m not gonna give you
this massive program. I do that other times right. I’m gonna give you little tiny habits, little tiny activities, little
tiny self care practices that are doable and that
you can go oh wow I did it, I feel so good about that and guess what? I feel a little better. Because when you string together the days and you practice simple self care and you string those days together, it’s amazing how far you go. We want to simplify, to amplify as my best friend Marie says. It’s in that simplicity that we create massive change and momentum. So I hope you’ll join us. You wanna go to I’m gonna give you a
guidebook to help guide you. And you’ll experience
a lot of the benefits just reading that guidebook alone. A lot of this stuff you know but sometimes knowledge and action are two very different things. Many of you probably took
our health and wellness archetype quiz and you learned a little bit more about yourself. If you haven’t taken it, that’ll
be apart of the group too. And what I’ve done is
I’ve customized those tips and given you a lot of guidance
based on your archetype. So the goal here is to
help you not trip up right. We do everything in our
power to support you so you don’t trip up on this
little self care treat right. Think of it like we’re gonna have a spa like experience together. You’re gonna get a meditation and you’ll get a bunch
of delicious recipes. And we get to hang out together everyday. Even over the weekend I’m going live. I’m excited to be with you guys. So again it’s in a private
popup group on Facebook. It has a start and an end. And we have over 6,000 members already. And I was saying on Instagram earlier that one of the things I
love about our community is we really are a
group of positive, kind, caring, passionate humans. And I feel very proud of the fact that we cultivate these safe
and loving spaces online. And so that’s a big part
of what you’ll experience if you’re looking for new friends. There’s a bunch of them
waiting for you there. And so that’s it guys. I hope that this will help you kickstart some new habits this season. You know it’s always a good
time when the seasons turn and the weather changes to
just reconnect with yourself. We’re always going so fast
and sometimes it’s rare for us to just stop and
say hey how am I doing? What do I need? How can I give myself a little treat or how can I give myself some care right now at the change of this season. And listen you and I both
know before we know it, the holidays are gonna be here. It’s almost like Fall goes boom right. The holidays are gonna be here and we wanna finish this year strong. So part of finishing
this year strong I think is to join this experience. And one of the things
that I know to be true which I think I mentioned
earlier but if I didn’t, maybe I mentioned it on Instagram and I’m now confusing the
two is when you make a change in one area, it creates a domino effect. You start to experience
change throughout the course of your life and again,
it doesn’t have to be big. It’s the small stuff
that matters the most. So let me check in with you
and see how you’re doing, I hope you join us. And give me a thumbs up or a shout out if you already have joined us. Tell me you’re gonna be there because I wanna look out for you. Aww, Joanne says I’m blessed
to be a part of this community. Well we feel the same about you Joanne. Hey Krista nice to see you honey. Hi Maria and Sandra and Dawn is here. I just love Dawn, Dawn you’re wonderful. I see you all over and I just get such joy in my heart when I see you. Oh my goodness, my niece
Caitlin is here, hey sweetheart. You gotta join this group
honey, I hope to see you there. Hi guys, it’s so good to see you. What time is it gonna be each day? Okay so the group is gonna
happen all day, all night, our coaches will be there. Like this is an international community so you will benefit from the experience. And you will see my
posts and my challenge. And again you get the guidebook and all of the stuff that
you can do on your own. And I’m going live at 10:00a.m.
Eastern time each day. But then the video recording
will be up in the group. So if you miss me live, that’s okay. You’ll still get to see me. Pam says I joined right
away, that’s so good. Hi Dee, another shining
member of my community who I love so much. How you doing John, good to see you. Okay wow excellent, excellent guys. Okay so I’m gonna wrap this up. Oh Sarah is following from
Venice, Italy, hello Sarah. I gotta come over and have some pasta. You know I’ve never been to Italy and every time Marie, my
best friend goes to Italy and she tells me about the
pasta I’m like I gotta try this. I don’t think I’ve ever had pasta until I go to Italy and eat pasta. That’s probably true right. Jennifer says how do you
always know what I need? Well listen Jennifer, I
gotta be honest with you. It’s because I listen to what I need. And I’m really happy that
it’s what you need too. Okay guys well listen
I’ll see you over there. It’s good to see you all. I’ll check out the comments later today and answer some of your questions and give you some love. Judith says she needs a recharge. Judith come be with us, we’ll
gonna help recharge you. All righty, I love you,
take care of yourself. You are a precious, precious
soul and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. How can you be so happy knowing you have cancer??? Please do a video of how you got to where you are. I think a lot of us need to see this video it can really help us. I have big struggles with anxiety

  2. Yes, yes, yes. 👍I need this. Lost my way a bit recently, so ready for a re boot. Love to all thriving in such a positive community! ❤️

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