Kerameikos and the poet sandal maker || Athens Travel

Kerameikos and the poet sandal maker || Athens Travel

Good Morning guys! Good morning! Today we’re on our way to Kerameikos Keramikos, is an area of Athens, located to the northwest of the Acropolis. It was the potters’ quarter of the city, from which the English word “ceramic” is derived, and was also the site of an important cemetery Apart from the Kerameikos Cemetery We will also be visiting the poet sandal maker, the Panathenaic Stadium and a small market Near the entrance to the Kerameikos is a small Museum, where many of the monuments that were discovered during excavation here can be seen. Its collections include key examples of Athenian grave sculpture, including the wonderful Kouros of the Sacred Gate which dates back to about 600BC The museum also displays personal objects placed within the graves, such as pottery toy horses and terra-cotta dolls. This is an 8th century pyxis which most likely contained jewelry. It is decorated with Geometric designs and sculpted horses, which were a symbol of wealth. And there’s also a gallery of fine painted pottery which shows the development of Athenian pottery and vase painting The Kerameikos functioned as a cemetery for at least 16 centuries, with the oldest, isolated graves found here dating back to the Bronze Age Kerameikos is now a tranquil site where visitors can wander among the marble tombstones. Now lets make our way over to Melissinos Melissinos the poet sandal maker of Athens is a historic footwear shop that was established in 1920 Sophia Loren, Barbra Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Beetles, are just a few of the celebrities that have purchased tailor-made sandals from this store. After browsing their brochure of sandal designs, I decided to get myself a tailor made pair of Cleopatra sandals. Born and raised in Athens, Pantelis Melisinnos is a third generation shoe maker; poet and artist. He studied painting and design at the famous Parsons School of Design in New York, and much of his work can be seen in the shop. I take A quick look at the Panathenaic Stadium before heading off for some Greek Yogurt. And ow its time to visit a small market

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