Key Largo Lemon Shark Fishing Florida Keys with Lain Goodwin

Key Largo Lemon Shark Fishing Florida Keys with Lain Goodwin

Those up there?Looks like right back over here.>>So you just let it sit and let them find
it or what?>>You want to let them find it.>>Come on lemon I think I got one! I think
I might have a grown one. [laughing]>>Yeah baby! (Lets go then) ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪>>So we’re looking for big brown spots huh?>>That’s it, they’re going to be moving that
is for sure.>>Ah, when that sun comes out man it’s got
to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world.>>Lights come on and there they are. And what
we do when it’s overcast like this Blair is we look in these white pot holes here and
look for that dark shadow coming across. Looks like right back over here.>>Well welcome to this episode of Addictive
Fishing. We’re fishing off of Key Largo right now. We are on the east side ocean side. Absolutely
the most beautiful flat you’ve ever seen in your life. We got Captain Lain Goodwin with
us today.>>Glad to be here Blair. Been a nice day so
far. So far, so good we are going to see if we can show you some sharks. We’ve had a lot
of requests why don’t you ever shark fish? Don’t you like catching sharks? Well I like
catching anything on the end of my line. Let’s see if we can get these guys right here.>>See them moving through these light spots
right up here. See the shadows moving.>>Cast over here, looks like they’re coming
right on this side.>>Coming right over the top of you.>>Let’s see what they like better lady fish
or mullet.>>Got a big chunk of lady fish on here.>>He’s going after it ain’t he? He’s right
in front of it right now. He ate it, or did he?>>Yeah he ate it.>>Oh you got you a fight now. Gosh look at
them all spook. [laughing] ♪>>Ah you know what I hate, sometimes you get
that meat going up the line like that->>And another come and gets the line.>>Think we can do a double shark?>>We are gonna try. Turn and eat that.>>He didn’t want it. [laughing] ♪ ♪♪>>They like that lady fish don’t they?>>They did like the lady fish. [drag screaming]>>Well if the tarpon aren’t here you can always
come and get your string stretched with a big lemon shark huh?>>Gotta have a back up plan. Several of them
Blair. As you know some days the weather conditions are perfect. Other days it’s overcast.>>We’re gonna try for a double right here.
They must not like mullet.>>There’s a chunk of lady fish back there
on the back deck.>>I thought everything ate a mullet.>>I did too. These shallow water sharks can
be a little finicky.>>I’ll use this mullet head. I can cast it
better.>>Little turtle right here on the inside of
my shark. Got a big one out there. That’s actually another turtle.>>I guess I’ll start paying attention to this
one now that we are getting him a little closer. I just ain’t ever done a double shark. Not
of any size anyway.>>Oh! A little head shake. Giving me a run
for my money here.>>That rod will stop him eventually.>>When he wants to go, you got to let him
go. I always tell people, Blair let the rod fight the fish, the reel just holds line.>>Sounds like one of my lines. [laughing]>>Well I think we’re in this one for a little
bit, y’all stay tuned we’ll be right back and get him next to the boat. Looks like a
good one. (Play it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by
Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season starts at Dicks. Skeeter Boats. Eat, sleep, fish.
Eat, sleep, fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere, anytime. Humminbird. Simply, clearly, better. And by,
Trokar. The world’s sharpest fish hook. ♪Well welcome back. We finally got him
up close to the boat again he ain’t all that big but he’s got plenty of power don’t he?>>I’d say so Blair. I would say so Just working
him here. These shallow water sharks they can pull some line.>>Come on fish.>>I’d like to tell ya every day Blair that
we can come out here and catch bonefish permit and tarpon. Some days they don’t all cooperate.>>That’s alright. At least you got these guys
to play with.>>Hey how can you beat this huh? I mean look
at that rod buckled over.>>Super shallow water, you’re sight fishing
them. So that’s a lemon huh? We use to set shark lines off of Cocoa beach back when I
was a teenager we would shark fish and sell them. And we’d get these lemon sharks and
they would bring the best money at the time. That and their fins. [drag screaming]>>He’s still got a little play in him.>>He’s trying, he’s trying. ♪>>Well he’s only got one way to go and that’s
away. He can’t go down. We’re sitting in two, two and a half feet of water here.>>That’s a pretty good size lemon. Oh guess
where my dehooker is.>>You mean these aren’t your dehookers?>>No we don’t lip these guys. Or I don’t anyway.
I’ll grab the rod if you want to.>>I’ll pass on that one.>>I’ll grab his tail.>>That’s not the wisest choice either.>>Yeah, isn’t it only a bull shark can spin
back and grab his tail?>>I think every one of them can. No bones,
strictly cartilage.>>You ever eaten shark?>>I have, I have in south Louisiana I’ve had
hammerhead.>>Come on around. They almost got that nurse
shark look to them.>>Walk him to the back of the boat here.>>Yeah, you would think he’s about done. They
just kind of give up huh?>>Yeah he’s wore out. He put up a fight though.>>I got the dehooker right here.>>That’s the real deal Blair.>>And there he goes. Awesome.>>Good job huh?>>Those we don’t bring up on the boat too
much.>>No we’ll pass on that.>>I use to in my younger days but, I don’t
move as quick as I use to. [laughing]>>Well some clouds. At least they are sitting
out there daisy chaining.>>Well we got three or four out here daisy
chaining and every now and then you’ll see that dorsal fin pop up as they swim around
in circles.>>So how long have you been guiding down here
now?>>Oh two thousand three Blair, twelve years
in June.>>And you’re from one of my favorite states
to go fish.>>Go fish and eat.>>Oh I know every time I went to Louisiana
man I came back about five or ten pounds heavier. [laughing]>>It’s hard not to.>>Well it’s mandatory a stick of butter with
everything you cook right?>>Yeah, everything starts with a roux. Flour
and butter. Everything. I’m from just outside of New Orleans Grew up fishing the Grand Isle
area Port Sulfur area. Trout and redfish as you know.>>I know it well.>>Just a beautiful part of the country. That’s
the one thing about fishermen, the last thing we want to do as anglers is to hurt our environment.
We protect this as much as we can because we want to be able to come out and enjoy this.>>It’s your livelihood. That’s why a lot of
times when you see guides yelling you for doing something out on the water it’s because
you’re doing something wrong. Oh let me get it over on this guy.>>See him right over here? ♪>>Coming right to it.>>He spun on it.>>I think I got one! I think I might have
a grown one! [laughing]>>Yeah baby! I get a little more excited when
it’s on the end of my line. [laughing]>>I don’t blame you!>>Because I got to deal with the business
end of that thing when it gets up here.>>Oh yeah, that’s alright. He about yanked
that rod right out of my hands. Phew, I think it was that big one that ate too.>>It looks like it.>>Everybody always asks me what a prototype
rod is. Well it’s one we hadn’t come out with yet. This is the new line in the pitching
series that we got. This would be considered a prototype rod. I got this one for those
giant tuna out in your home state.>>See how much abuse that thing can put up
with huh?>>Exactly. We might have to go in a little
bit. I’m seeing my backing. I think I’m just going to come unstuck.>>Just let him tow us around a little bit.
>>Yeah, that was a pretty good run.>>Well we’re sitting here in about two and
a half feet of water Blair.>>Two and a half feet of water and two hundred
and fifty pound lemon sharks. I bet if this was Texas you wouldn’t see people out here
wading.>>No you would hope not anyways.>>There are times when I’d rather not know
what’s in the water. [laughing]>>That’s for sure. We did a show way back
when- oh that is a big one. …back in two thousand one we were in the everglades fishing
the mouth of the shark river. And Captain Merrill Chandler He wasn’t a captain but we
make him an honorary captain now a days. But Merrill Chandler had this little bitty trout
on and he tried to grab it. And on the third time he reached for it to grab it a shark
came up and just inhaled it. Wasn’t one this big but it was enough to make him think he
was the Lord’s son and walk on water. [laughing]>>I quit fishing a few of those deep motes
around the islands over there cause they would just tear up every snook and redfish you hooked.
You could not get them to the boat. Yeah that’s a shame. We had that happen around what was
it frank and murry key.>>Murry and palm are notorious for it.>>Oh he don’t like that Trokar sticking in
his head does he? [laughing]>>You’re right they only got one way to go
don’t they? He cant even jump out of the water he’s so big. She’s still got plenty of life
left. I think we are going to take a break y’all stay tuned we are gonna be right back
and land this big old lemon shark. Maybe. [laughing]Ah this rod is like a broomstick.Coming right to you. He’s towing us.>>He’s still fifty or sixty yards out there.
Well welcome back folks. We still got the big lemon shark on the end of the rod. Hopefully
gonna show this thing to you it’s a big old fish. If it ever quit running. ♪>>Well when you ain’t got a poling platform
you can always stand on your Engel. This gets you up just as high as you need to be.>>Use
that trolling motor at a low steady speed is the key as you know I’m sure. From your
redfishing days>>Oh yeah them red fishing days people would
tell me, ‘you can’t get on redfish with a trolling motor.’ They’d tell me you can’t
get on bonefish with them either.>>You know what if you handle that thing properly,
you can get on just about anything. The nice thing is we can cover some ground instead
of slowly poling. We can cover a little ground with that trolling motor. We both get to have
a rod in our hand and fish.>>Well there she is. What a gorgeous flat.
Man I swear it looks like somebody just turns the light on when the sun comes out here don’t
it?>>It’s beautiful, crystal clear. These sharks
love to move up here at high tide. Swim around in the shallows. As the tide falls, they fall
of the outside edge.>>Oh she ain’t liking that is she? Turn to
the right. [drag screaming] ♪>>A technique I use for wearing down big fish
is you’ll see me grab the line and everything with my hand right here and just as long as
she don’t kick real hard like that always let go cause that braid will cut right into
your hands.>>So you’re adding maximum pressure by putting
your hand on the lines.>>Yup, just a little bit extra.>>Pulling back on the rod and reeling down
and gaining some line. Like you said the important aspect is when the fish surges let go with
your hand cause that braid will cut you. Not only that but you could exceed the limit of
the braid or the leader and pop it off. You want to let that drag do it’s work.>>Yeah I’d say that’s one of the biggest lemon
sharks I’ve ever got right there. We use to pull them off the beach oh a little bit smaller
than this lemons and bulls and sell them.>>You’re more than welcome to go swimming
here if you like.>>I’ll jump on her. [laughing]>>I’ll hold that rod for you.>>Oh I’d do it if I was eighteen again.>>Do a lot of things if you were eighteen
again huh?>>Oh yeah so what we got here we got sixty
five pound Smackdown. I think we got eighty pound leader. And what size is that wire you
got on there?>>It’s eighty six pound wire. Wire twisted
to the hook and a swivel. A hundred and fifty pound swivel. And that way you can apply maximum
pressure to that fish.>>And I’m using the new FG knot. If y’all
haven’t seen that know you can go check it out online. It is one of the most awesome
knots I have ever used. That is a big shark. You got her?>>That is a beauty Blair.>>I’m gonna come down and grab her tail. You
got her?>>I got her for now.>>I’ll open my bail just in case.>>Yeah if she surges.>>Yes sir.>>What do you think two hundred?>>That’s a hunk of meat.>>I’m not holding on to that wire leader without
gloves on.>>Oh I understand it. I got a pair of Seaguar
gloves in the top of my box.>>Do you?>>Get this guy up and show you what he looks
like. I love sharks man. We came down here originally to try to do some tarpon fishing,
but… Haven’t seen but just a couple of tarpon. And I like big fish to pull on my line. And
there ain’t nothing that pulls better than a shark. Look at the size of
that thing. Good there?>>I’m good for now.>>Bail is open. Come here biggan.>>How about that Blair? That’s a beauty. I’m
gonna say every bit of a hundred and fifty maybe two hundred.>>Nice fish. What a beauty.>>Two and a half feet of water. Absolute ball.
Dehooker is right by my right knee.>>Oh you want me to get my hand down there
huh? [laughing]>>And off she goes. Awesome fish brother.>>It don’t get much better than that does
it?>>No that was beautiful. Crystal clear water.>>Unbelieveable. If y’all ever get a chance
to do this, make sure you go to the website and book a charter with Captain Lain Goodwin.
He will definitely put you on the fish. I’m wore out, what do you say we go back to the
front of the flat?>>Make another run down the edge, lets do
it.>>I don’t think you can wear me out catching
fish anyway. Y’all stay tuned we’ll be right back with some more Addictive Fishing with
Captain Lain Goodwin. (play it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by
Star Brite. The world wide leader in marine automotive and RV care products. Wright and
McGill. Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company. D.O.A. Lures.
The unfair advantage. And by, Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is on the line.>>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.Basically, in Key Largo it’s the most
beautiful spot I think I’ve fished In my entire life. I’ve been there quite a few times and
a lot of times people want to go down there for the bonefish, want to go out for the tarpon.
We went out for the permit and tried the permit but we kind of call those glamor but if you
want to get down and dirty and fight a fish. There’s nothing that’s going to fight you
any more than those lemon sharks on the flats. I know you heard me talking about the prototype
rod this is what we call a prototype rod. The makers at Wright and McGill I told them
basically what I wanted in a rod as far as a nice stiff rod for sharks. A spinning rod
especially because I love spinning rods. And they came up with this. It’s not in production
yet, but it’s soon to be in production after it did it’s job on that lemon shark. Great
rod and reel setup, we are using eighty pound test wire hooked with a Trokar and these are
the new shark hooks and absolutely get the job done every one of them was right in the
corner of the mouth.>>And off she goes.>>The line we were using today was sixty five
pound test by Seaguar. Now Seaguar makes the best fluorocarbon out there on the market.
And in my opinion they are making the best braid out there now too. We’re sight fishing
these fish pitching to them. It’s a lot of fun. You get to see them come up and eat the
bait. And then take off across the flats. You never know what they are going to do if
they are going to jump or just tear a bunch of drag out. I wanted to go for sharks that
day. I wanted to give this rod a test out. Lain was a little reluctant he doesn’t want
to do shark trips all the time but it’s a lot of fun and he had a lot of fun doing it
too. and he had a lot of fun doing it too. So if you ever get a chance to book Lain Goodwin
down out of Key Largo, I highly recommend it. Remember one thing though. Every fishing
season starts right here at Dick’s>>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.>>Well folks as you can see the light is getting
low and our sight fishing just kind of went to the wayside. So we are back here at the
Caribbean Club and you know, we had a great day. If y’all ever get a chance down here
and fish with Lain he is absolutely one knowledgeable guide down here. Been down here how long?>>Ninety eight.>>So he knows all the holes around here. What’s
your specialty basically?>>Anything back country really. From snook,
redfish, trout to bonefish, permit, tarpon shallow water sight fishing for sharks. Anything
shallow for the most part. Do a little bit of patch fishing in the winter time when the
bite is slow in the everglades.>>Well cool, it’s spring break now. I mean
it’s going off here behind us so next spring break y’all get a chance definitely come down
here and book Lain. Want to say thanks for everybody for watching. Don’t forget about
the website Addictive Fishing dot com and don’t forget pull out your phone, I get it
at every appearance I do everybody wants to come up and show me their picture. I look
at our Instagram site it’s hashtag show your mogan. That about wraps it up for this one.>>Been a pleasure Blair, pleasure man.>>Thank you very much sir. See y’all next
week. ♪♪>>Watch more footage from this show by logging
onto Addictive Fishing dot com for out-takes and bloopers. ♪ ♪♪>>That’s a hunk of meat.>>Felt like a redfish looks like a jack. ♪>>Fleet of Skeeters, skeet of fleeters.

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  1. Would love to fish the keys. Wish I had known what a ladyfish was when I caught one last week. I threw it back, should've cut it up!

  2. Could I use a ugly stik tiger lite jigging rod 6'6" 50-100lb rating with a pen battle 6000 spooled with 20lb mono for some of the smaller sharks for some fun?

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