Killstar Shoe & Boot Showcase *10 NEW STYLES FROM 2019* | Avelina De Moray

Killstar Shoe & Boot Showcase *10 NEW STYLES FROM 2019* | Avelina De Moray

hello everyone do I have a treat for you
today! so I will be going over a lot of new Killstar Footwear if you’ve been
brought to this channel from the kill star I’ve G story, hey how you going
thanks for joining me here and if you’re one of my long-term subscribers welcome
back! so let’s get straight into what shoes I’m going to show you today the
Moonbeam creepers the black blood lust boots the charmed
open-toe platform the just buried platforms the Stevie platform I wonder if
that’s after Stevie Nicks? the wicked web platforms and on to the boots today
I will also be showing you the rave to the grave boots, the’s shredder boots the
knee-high army boot as fuck dartwave boot and the last pair is the one that
I’ve been wearing today the cemetery lane heel welcome back to my channel I’m
Avelina De Moray. let’s get straight into it I don’t know which one of these
pretty shoes to pick I will add the timestamps below so if there is a
particular style that you want to jump ahead to let’s go with the bloodlust
boot look at the detail on those like inverted pentagramthe leviathon cross
this is this is a whole new level of Goths occulty witchism, yet it’s still
really pretty that is a very unique group for kill star, I believe this is
an online exclusive I’m sorry if I’m incorrect about that it has this nice
little lace ruffle detail which I’m really appreciating it’s good all black
hardware on it as if think fuck they had a desert so you can just undo that and
get into it easily and it just have these nice lace up which is really just
there as a facade because of the back step which is fantastic so they are
platform but they’re not crazy platform so you will be able to walk in that and
they’ve got a really solid sole there so they’re gonna be non-slip which is
really important if you’re going to be wearing a high shoe as I show you each
shoe I will add a separate time film some footage of me wearing all of those
so you can see what they look like on a foot or two feet and let’s get onto the
next one that could be one of my faves but I feel like I’m going to say that
few of them I feel like these were all designed for me do you guys feel like
that too? next up is the charmed platform boot. so that is a very different style
platform it’s very chunky but where you get the femininity from is the little
peep here where you can paint your toenails and just show this side of the
foot which is always very sexy in the ankle they also have a zipper at the
back so basically all this stuff is just full looks its facade which is fantastic
because I do own some shoes from other brands we have to undo this bullshit and
then you have to like unlace them to get into it and as you if you know me I
don’t have time for that shit so I really appreciate them putting the
zipper and all of the materials in or kill star shoes are vegan and yes
recently I got a lot added to my collection but I already had five of my
own first kill star pair of shoes I bought
were the Evelyn heels and you still see me wear them all the time in my
Instagram fashion shoots because they’re just so killer yeah damn these are nice
so I’ve got so many different styles here I don’t think I’m gonna make this a
star video you guys will see how I style all of those shoes on Instagram but I
can’t possibly put that into one video cuz it’s just too much to cover and
every shoe is very unique and you would start oh my god if I had to put on a
different outfit for each shoe it’s just not practical so if you’re
interested to see how I would style each of these head on over to my Instagram
and give me a full Oh on there and you’ll start to see these shoes pop up
on my feet and show you how I would style it I would probably pair these
with tights probably these sites that ones I’m ready now
Mike he’ll start but I reckon they would also work with a really long flowy skirt
hmm it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun to figure that out all right so we’ve
started platforms let’s just go into order because I’ve kind of got these
laid out here so this is the just varied platform
look at that spider web design I will put up the photo here but I took
recently and I hit it with the look it’s called the Lola hot handbag one of my
favorites from kill starts the hot one you guys are seeing it now but those two
go so well together this one doesn’t have a zip but because it’s more of like
a high heel I can understand I think weren’t able to do that it is
platform but you’ve got this super high platform here so don’t be scared of that
height and it’s also it’s not a stiletto you’ve got a lot of grip there so you’ll
actually be able to walk very easily in them I know a lot of people are kind of
afraid to try out shoes like this but they give you a very different look
they’ve got more intense ages heels they have soft seven laces and all the
hardware is I was going to say black but it’s actually gunmetal gray so it’s a
very exact duck-duck that tarnished kind of silver and it’s got this lovely black
patent piping what you see on a lot of high on things like my hand that’s next
up is this stevie platform it’s not gorgeous I’m getting like kiss five
Stevie Nicks probably that’s where the inspiration came from but it’s like a
mixture of like 70s and modern which and the studs is a little bit of KISS in
there there’s a lot of influences coming out in this shirt and I cannot wait for
winter to be over so I can wear these out but for now I will put my heater on
in my little crib and walk around in these and take some photos all the
hardware on these are silver you’ve got one little buckle there to get into it
everything is really sturdy I like a little kill stars hardware I haven’t
bought anything that’s broken you know how you buy some brand stuff and all the
hardware the attachments the little clasps whether it be on shoes on
necklaces on hair bags they just break off and I haven’t experienced any of
that I think they have a good manufacturer and good quality control
something I’m noticing on these shoes as well is that it’s a very nice textured
leather it is all vegan leather I’ll just wait for the camera to focus there
but they’ve got this beautiful texture to it that looks like an old book and
you’ve got a crescent moon they’re just lovely that with a miniskirt whoa I’m at
95 we simply must move on this is awesome I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of
shit for doing this video so here gets 10 pairs of kills down Footwear’s please
don’t go there okay next up is the wicked web platform wow these are so
sexy you could wear them with skinny like black jeans you can wear them with
tights a miniskirt a long flowy dress you’d have to totally paint your name
and I know a few of you were asking me saying there’s nothing really solid
there how are they to walk in and because you’ve got the bow here and that
wraps around your ankle quite tightly I haven’t had any issues walking in them I
just I love the design it’s stunning I haven’t seen anything like that before –
it’s very original and can we just talk about the patent you guys know I love
shiny things I love shiny things I love spiderwebs they’ve also got that really
solid soul there so you’re not going to be slipping because when you bitches get
drunk you get a little sloppy you know so we’re gonna take care of that make
sure we’re not gonna fall over if these could be one of my favorites so these
are the rave to the grave boots if you’re coming from the story you saw me
just kind of go apeshit over that pearlescent holographic kind of bat
design there and they’ve also works like a little moon into it so these also have
a zip at the back that’s fantastic you can tighten the laces at the front if
you want to just for a bit of added support that is a very durable shoe
this style of boot would be a concept bit for me an all-day festival it’s got
that little platform so it’s really only maybe a one and a half inch heel your
feet are entirely covered you’re going to be safe and there’s someone steps on
you you know your feet are going to get hurt I don’t know how they keep doing
this I’m kind of holding out like it’s a baby do you need some milk
okay up next is probably my ultimate favorite so I have many favorites in the
showcase today but this is probably the one that I will wear the most I would
say and this is called the shredder food again practical everyday very similar to
the rapes of the grapefruit I love this little piping detail here it kind of
keeps it like a slight cyber feel and I’m loving that you’ve got that
beautiful metal present moon there zipper on this one is metal but the
actual zip is black I love that you can just open her up and get straight on it
you know no mucking around I think they should have named this one the Evelina
boot I’ll have a words memo about that next up is the Moonbeam creeper that is
a solid solid shirt now if you guys have their like flat shoes then you’re gonna
love this one it’s got that classic chunky kind of soul that comes along
with creepers you’ve got this nice white star detail going on there these ones
aren’t exactly my cup of tea and I want to be
completely transparent and like tell you that because I can’t love every single
shoe honestly I love eight out of the ten that I was sent but this one is a
little too left of field for me but I’ve got two friends that I know that are
saying hey what shoe size are you if you don’t want that shoe I’ll have it so I
know this is gonna make many of your little dark hot flutter let’s just say
mine is two days I’m not going to fly to put this one I will show you a close-up
of the moon detail there hey isn’t she pretty
say if you were like working a job I reckon you’re on your feet all day my
friends hat she’s a hairdresser are Canisius would be terrific for her
because they’re flat but they’re still got that little bit of edge this is not
a practical sure if you are a hairdresser or in some kind of field
where you stand up all day mm-hmm so having said that I actually really
appreciate that kill stock ADA to a lot of people not just star wise but let’s
say career wise as well because if they only did platforms and crazy high heels
they would definitely be limiting their demographic in the audience so I love
that they have this kind of option available which actually brings me to
the next shoe and the last shoe it’s their big I can’t even fit it on camera
let’s go back here these boots here are called the dock wave boots I would have
loved these in my early 20s I went through a Mad Black knee highly subdued
phase there and again I’m also got this is ear I love that I thought for a
second just looking at them that they didn’t have that except that you’d have
to undo all that and I didn’t bring the other one over with me but these would
be very cool for arm festivals because they’ve got this little pocket here and
it’s just got a little press stud and it would just be enough to say put an ATM
cut in so if you’re going to a festival and you don’t want to take any cash
earthy you just want like your key and your card so you can buy some food you
could just literally put it in the air with a little idea and it probably
should have picked up the other shoe so I could show you that feature but I
didn’t again look at that solid so if we go
back to this one for a second the shredder boot this is slightly reminding
me of some of the New York stuff but if any of you have Europe boots you know
how expensive they are in Australia they can range from three to five two hundred
dollars even six hundred dollars I think I bought one pair that was like 399
that’s USD so the conversion to Australia it was fucking crazy they were
very expensive so I love that other companies
have come in now and I creating similar yet very different shoes that are way
more affordable in my opinion all of these are very well priced I have been
buying kill stuff footwear for five years and I think they are really
reasonable again if I compare it to saying Europe the quality is the same
that the price is about a fifth so if you’re addicted to new rock you should
probably change being addicted to kill stuff something worth mentioning on the
shredder boot is how soft they are this is definitely a different type of
leather maybe they’ve got a new manufacturer or they’ve sourced a
different kind of material I don’t know what it is but it feels like a soft toy
it is it’s all big and leather but it really it feels the soft as real other
they smell good as well when I opened the box was two boxes really there was
an overwhelming smell it wasn’t a bad smell it’s just the smell of shoes
because there’s a lot of paint and a PVC going on as soon as I opened the boxes
it was like and it reminds me of that smell that you used to get with really
high quality shower curtains we have glass towers in our house so I don’t
have that smell anymore but it just took me back to my childhood straight away I
might recognize that smell I actually really love it it’s starting to go away
now because they’ve been out for a while so to sum up I think that is a terrific
collection of shoes they are all very different we’ve got the open toe
platforms we’ve got the just buried closed toe platform we’ve got sensible
walking shoes we’ve got more like festival shoes we’ve got eating heels
this would have to be my favorite this is an even part of the new collection I
was sent it so I had to show you because I’m like these are fucking stunning red
and black so what else can I say they all arrived beautifully in their own
boxes they were well wrapped up the ones that were patent came in a little safety
slip just like my bags come to protect them from scuffs all of the metal
hardware was individually wrapped in tissue paper as well which I appreciate
and I do in my own friend as well and I’m sure someone’s going to ask so I’m
just gonna I am doing some work for kill star so
this is why I was sent this part of my work was to film this video for you as
well as some other exciting video work that I’m doing for them so please don’t
be hating on me I find these videos a very helpful because most people even
myself I’m not going to go out and buy ten pairs of shoes but by me having
these I’m able to present them to you in a more clearer and personal way you are
able to see if you like them and then what you want to buy you don’t have to
buy them just remember that this isn’t a video saying you have to buy all of
these I’m just showing you the new range that I fucking love of a brand that I
really admire okay enough about that I hope you’ve enjoyed this video please
leave a comment down below what is your favorite looking at all of them I know
it’s not part of this range but I have to say the cemetery Lane heal right to
the grave and shredder for probably my top three let me know below what your
top three are if this is the first video of mine that you’ve seen please hit that
subscribe button I have a lot of alternative and gothic fashion makeup
and lifestyle related videos coming up and I’d love to have you join the family
I’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. I am very happy with my Killstar boots 🌱, they are so comfortable. I would love to see Killstar make 80's vegan pikes with bats or skulls.
    I really love the KISS looking heels.

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