KT Tape: Shin Splints

KT Tape: Shin Splints

[Music] I’m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla
and we’re here to demonstrate an application for shin splints. This can be pain anywhere along the
inner shin of the front of the leg and in this case I’m just going to use a red dot and actually place
that where the pain may be. Your pain may vary, and we’re going to
tape relative to this dot. Some causes of this may be over use,
inflammation, changing running surfaces, poorly fitting or worn out shoes, or drastic
increases in activity. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing
associated musculature, relieving pressure on tissue to reduce pain,
and may increase circulation. for this application we’re actually going
to place the foot in plantar flexion or toes away from the shin. So sliding that foot down.
We’re going to take our first full strip, and we’re going to twist and tear the backing
paper towards the logo end of the tape to create an anchor point. We’re being very
careful not to touch the adhesive on the tape and just handle the tape with the paper. We’re going to remove the paper backing,
and we’re going to place this on fifty percent stretch, so stretch all the way out and then
back off about half way. We’re going to tape right over that point
of pain again your pain may be in
a slightly different location. And as we take the paper off that last bit
of tape we’re just going to apply with absolutely zero stretch. Give that a quick
rub to create a little friction that allows it to adhere much better to the skin. For our next piece we’re going to take a full
strip, and this time we’re going to fold it in half, and on the folded end, we’re actually
going to cut rounded corners. The rounded corners just help the tape not
get caught on clothing and peel off prematurely. We’re going to take our first strip and twist
and tear that backing paper to create and anchor at the end of the tape. We’re going to place
this just above that point of pain, laying that
anchor down with absolutely zero stretch. We’re going to peel that paper off, again
being very careful not to touch the adhesive. Handle the tape just with the paper. We’re
going to apply this with eighty-percent stretch, so if you stretch all the way out to one-hundred
percent and then back that off just a little bit. We’re going to lay this down, though the last
bit of tape we’re going to remove the paper and lay it down with absolutely zero stretch. A quick little rub, just to make sure it’s
adhering well. We’re going to take our next strip, and just
like that first half strip we’re going to tear the end of the tape to create an anchor point. This time we’re placing this just below the
point of pain. Again, anchoring with absolutely zero stretch
without touching the adhesive. We’re going to put that on eighty percent
stretch, lay that down on the very end of the tape. We’re going to remove the paper backing and
lay that down with absolutely zero stretch. Give the whole the a good rub, the heat that
you create with friction helps it adhere much better
to the skin. That looks great! Some helpful tips before applying is to remove
and skin oil or lotions you may have on there. Also, stretching the calves out may help.
Shave or trip area if you have hair over the lower
leg. Wear a sock to sleep just so the tape doesn’t
roll if you roll around while sleeping. Some complementary treatments may include
rest ice, massage, and some strengthening. Please seek care if you have severe pain,
swelling or sharp, or very difficult pain spots along that shin. For more information
visit our website at www.kttape.com.

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  1. You can adjust it to cover your pain. Just move the first vertical strip over to the other side and reverse the two short strips so you are pulling them opposite as is shown in the video.

  2. This is very helpful, except for one small problem… I'm a track runner and basketball player. During my basketball season I had pain on the outside-ish of my right leg. But now that track's started, I get pain on my left leg, approximately 4-5 inches directly above the bulge of bone (of the ankle) on the outside of my shin. Would I simply adapt this method to fit that area, or is there another video that would be better?

  3. Try our application for peroneal tendonitis, or you can visit our website and go to our "ask an expert" forum for some advice from a pro.

  4. Duck tape does not breathe or move with your skin. KT Tape stretches so it moves with your body and is breathable and you can wear it for multiple days through showers and workouts.

  5. Place the small strips at the upper and lower range of your pain. You can also apply an additional half strip in between if you need to.

  6. If you visit our website we have a store locator that will tell you where you can get it near you. Any Sports Authority will carry it.

  7. i have hair on my legs and i have shin splints and the tape didn't stick at all to my legs. i put the first piece on and it fell off before i could put the second piece going across on.

  8. KT Tape will not stick to hairy parts very well. I just had to shave to use it. You can buy from any Sports store. I purchased mine from Big 5. eBay also has it.

  9. Shin splints happen when your calves and soleus are to weak for your body weight. You need to massage, stretch, and lift weights for your calve muscles to make them stronger, and lose some weight. Trust me this tape is not the answer. Been a runner for many years I know.

  10. how do you figure out where your site of pain is? it seems like that my entire anterior shin is sore so i dont know where to put the last two strips of tape

  11. How do you pin-point the exact location of pain (red dot). Mine affect the entire posterior side of my left shin. If I dont heal soon they're going to send me to PT and make me stop volleyball and I'm already icing, stretching, strengthening and taking Ibuprofen.  

  12. This video is good. A product I also found helpfull for shin splint cures runner's world
      was Moorack Shin Splint Miracle – it should be on google if you need it.

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  14. I have pain about five inches above my ankle inside as well but also in the front of my shin. I'm confused as to what taping method I should use….????

  15. Thanks a lot! I had this terrible pain several months ago; due to that and other different circumstances I quit running and now that I started again this hell is back. One important thing about shin splints is recognizing why they appear, in my case one day I drastically increased my running workout and the following day I could barely walk. Moral of the story: be aware of how much running I can do and stop when my body indicates.

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  18. I had shin splints for years till I started to stretch. Problem went away that day and never came back

  19. I have recently just bought some Kenesio tape, and after a few videos, regretted buying. I was watching a couple of videos how to treat Shin Splints with Kinesio tape, I noticed that in all of the videos they use at least two different types/colors of tapes. Is it completely necessary to use different colors?

  20. Hey all, You should try the compression stuff from this brand. It works! And price is reasonable 🙂


  21. Why are the pink tapes being pulled in from the anterior side? Shouldn't it be applied from the posterior side in order to pull the tissues "inward"?

  22. Coming off the tail end of a tibial stress fracture. Looking at all options to not get reinjured and this is just one. Is KT tape worn more at rest or is it recommended to wear while running too?

  23. Pseudo science at it's best. Or worst, however you want to take it. You aren't getting enough pressure to do you any good. It just wouldn't work. Why workout smarter when you can use tape on shaven legs only to pull itself together with some of your skin that isn't attached to your muscle that well. If this was to ever work it would be a consistent pressure all the way around by wrapping your leg all the way up and down the effected area. Even then I doubt that would work. Never once has a doctor recommended tape, and they shot it down when I brought it up. The price of this shit alone should tell you they're full of shit.

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  26. Okay so I get shin splints all the time, not just when I run I get them when I walk, are just sitting, and even when I try to sleep I will get sharp pains what should I do

  27. I agree with Mike. These videos need to be edited so they are linear. I've been a video editor for 17 years. I'd never put 'helpful tips' meant for before applying at the END of a video. I love these tutorials and thank you KT for doing them. But seriously…do a quick re-edit. It'd take you less than a day.

  28. There are several ideas for lessening shin splints
    Make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
    Make sure you have enough vitamin C
    make use of herbs which cleanse the body including dandelion
    make use of herbs with infection fighting properties including myrrh and burdock and others including garlic
    (I learned these and why they work on Remedy Fixer Blueprint website )

  29. very informative video. but man let the blonde talk a little. is she a mime? would be better if she wasn't giving a "manson member" smile and the video was a little conversational. this guy is a total hardo, exhale buddy, its KT Tape application not brain surgery.

  30. Sir should I have apply this n can i start running again?? I am a sportsman and I have this problem from quite a month's I want to take this problem down what should I do??this tape will help me

  31. another cause is western civilisation making us wear shoes that jam our toes into a small space. This can cause pain like shin splints. There is an effective remedy that returns your toes close to the state they were when you were born, and relieves the strain on muscles and tendons that run up, and content to your shin. I'm not promoting a product but do some google searching about toes and their relationship to shin pain. KT tape only works on the symptoms, not the cause. Finding out that my big toe was putting strain on my shin lead me to discover a remedy that's far more effective and loads cheaper than overpriced tape.

  32. I bought the tape but im quite disappointed with it. Not even 10 minutes into my soccer practice and my bands started to peel off.

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