La La Anthony’s Closet and her 400 Pairs of Shoes | The Clothes of Our Lives | ELLE

La La Anthony’s Closet and her 400 Pairs of Shoes | The Clothes of Our Lives | ELLE

– Exclusive color.
– Exclusive. Chanel Sneaker? I haven’t even seen this before. Don’t ever say I don’t share my tricks like most of these people out here. (knocking) (soft music) – Hey. – Hey, welcome, how are you? – I’m great. How are you? – Well this is my first
time ever opening this door ’cause usually I have clothing racks here and I can’t even open it. – Clothes, huh?
– Yes. – I heard there were bags, shoes. – Everything.
– Let’s get into it. – Come on in. – Yes.
– Check it out. – Yes. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Tell me a
little bit about your closet. – Well, I live in New York, obviously, and there’s never enough space, so it’s just constantly trying
to stay organized somehow and constantly also getting rid of things because otherwise, I would just have a bed in the middle of a bunch of clothes. Whatever I don’t wear, I give to my family and my mom distributes it to everyone and then whatever they don’t keep we give to charities and things like that. So, it’s nice to see that the
clothes continue to have life even, you know, after me. – How would you describe your style? – I’m a tomboy and a lot
of people don’t know that. I think it’s just based on
what they see on Instagram. It’s like, hair and makeup
done and all these like, glamorous pictures, but
that’s not really me. If you look at my closet
and you see all these – I know. – [Lala] hoodies and these
sweatpants and jeans, like, I’m very much a tomboy and
I spend most of my life in a hoodie and sweatpants. But then obviously, I know
how to come out of that and switch it up if I need to. – [Interviewer] Glam it up a little bit. – [Lala] Yeah, exactly. – [Interviewer] You know how to do that. – [Lala] There’s a nice little selection of Givenchy Nightingales up there. – Mm-hmm. When you’re bag shopping,
what do you look for? What do you go for? – Obviously, you see with the
Givenchy bags, if I like one, then I just start getting
different colors of what I like. So if I have a bag, that’s
pretty much going to be the bag for like that
month because I’m so busy and I’m running so fast,
I don’t have time to take everything out of one,
put it in something else. I remember my first Birkin bag, that was– – Ooh, tell me about that. – It’s that black one over there, I see it over there.
– [Interviewer] Okay. – It was actually a gift
from one of my best friends, Kim Kardashian, which was amazing. I’m like, damn you give out good gifts. – And then you went on and got– – And then, of course, see. I like it and then it just keeps going and I just get multiple colors of the same thing. – [Interviewer] When did you get this one? – [Lala] Six months
after my very first one. – [Interviewer] Okay. – I was like, I really like these bags. And then everyone was getting all the cool colors,
and it was like summer. I get compliments
everywhere I go on this one. This is like, a great color
and apparently it’s not that easy to find. – Oh, an exclusive color! Okay, I don’t have any Birkins,
so can I just hold your, can I just hold this one? – Here, you can cradle it. – Maybe just like.. – Cradle it. (laughs) – All of them, maybe? – Sure, whatever you want to do. – Maybe just, you know,
hold them for a second. – [Lala] Whatever you like. – Okay, great. You said you were a tomboy at heart. – 100%. Always was the girl that
hung out with all the boys. – When you were a kid, like
what did you have to have? What was that one hoodie or that one piece that you had to have? – Anything that had anything to do with this man right here, I had
to have, I had to wear. I was, and still am the
biggest Nas fan of all times, so anything Nas, and I
got this merch when he did his album release party in Queensbridge. By the way, I have two of them. – [Interviewer] Oh, you got two? – Each one has a different
thing on the back. A lot of black, just easy, you
know, you can throw black on. What’s great about hoodies and sweats, or hoodies and jeans, you can
still dress it up or down. – I’ve also heard that you have
a very nice shoe collection. (upbeat music) Oh my god. I am in shoe heaven. – I am, too, because
honestly I don’t see a lot of these shoes, because there’s
racks usually in here too, so it’s nice to finally see everything. I’m like, I need to be wearing these soon. – I mean… – I saw some over here
that I want to wear. – [Interviewer] You have
maybe like 400 pairs in here. Is that possible? – [Lala] Very possible. – [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. – What are those boxes up there? I need to look through that stuff. – There’s so much– – Chanel Sneaker? I haven’t even seen this before. – What are your favorite
shoes, do you think? – You’ll laugh. These are my favorite
shoes in this whole closet. – The Jordans? – Jordans, I just, this
is my everyday shoe. – We’ve got sparkle, we’ve
got shine, we’ve got gold. – These are my favorite. – But the Jordans are your favorite? – Yeah, the Jordans are my favorite, and I’ve been really happy
’cause my friend Kirby, from Pyer Moss just sent me
this collab he do with Reebok. I’m definitely more of a
booties girl than a heel. Like these Louis Vuitton, I mean they’re super clunky, but I like them. – I love these.
– For just maneuvering around the city and stuff. Same with these Prada ones down here, it’s kinda like the same concept. They remind me of
sneakers in so many ways. – Yeah. – But there’s some great things in here that I haven’t seen in a while. This is a cool rack. – [Interviewer] Oh my God. – This is a cool rack, the red
rack is one of my favorite. Red is like a favorite color of mine. I love these booties a lot. As a matter of fact, I’m
like, hmm, maybe I can wear them today with something. – [Interviewer] I’m gonna pull a shoe. – [Lala] Okay. – [Interviewer] And then
you’re gonna tell me the first word that comes to your head. – Okay.
– Okay. – Got it. – How about these guys? – That is definitely an award ceremony or New Year’s somewhere, definitely, yeah. Red carpet shoe. – What about these
little Alaïa babies here? – Okay, two of my best
friends, Kelly Rowland, and Angie Beyince, put
me on to the Alaïa boot. Even though they’re so
high and they probably are my highest shoe, I mean look at that heel. – [Interviewer] What is this,
– I don’t know. – [Interviewer] a six inch heel maybe? – But this feels like sneakers on. – A sneaker. – I’ve literally seen people
running in Alaïa boots. I haven’t mastered that yet, but I have seen people
do that before, yeah. – That can be the title of
your memoir, Running in Alaïa. – These are the off-white Converses, which have been really, really cool. – See, you have a nice little selection. – This is me, you know, once it’s one, then it just goes crazy,
so I have great selection. I have more somewhere. You’re living in a closet right now. – Ah! I love living in a closet. – So, come on. – This is genius. Talk to me about courtside style actually. – You can’t be doing too much. I didn’t wear this jacket sitting courtside.
– Uh-huh. – I wore it in and then
I kind of tossed it I mean, everyone’s style
is different, I guess. Like I said, you don’t want to look like you got a photo shoot,
but then I’ve been seeing girls sitting courtside and
killing it, and I’m like, maybe I need to step
my courtside style up. It’s whatever you feel. I was beyond happy when I got this jacket. – [Interviewer] Wow. – ‘Cause I am such a
tomboy and I just love this jacket and I feel like
I wear it too much now. I wear it all the time. I have a funny story about
this black Tom Ford suit. It’s literally my favorite
suit in the world. I just went to Mrs. Obama’s
book signing and I wore it, but my brother was so
funny, ’cause he’s like, La, you literally cannot
wear the same black suit to every event we go to. I’m like, but it’s Tom Ford! He’s like, I don’t care what it is, – It doesn’t matter. – you gotta switch it up. But it’s just a classic black suit and it’s so hard to find
just a classic black suit. I mean, this suit has
been with me many places, and then when I want to sexy it up some, then I’ll wear like a great
lingerie piece underneath. – You have to tell me about this number. It looks like a fencing
outfit, is that right? – It’s a fencing outfit, and
it has my name on the back. – [Interviewer] On the back, casual. – [Lala] Casual. – [Interviewer] Casual fencing. – And no, I don’t wear this in the street. One of my best friends
is Miles Chamley-Watson, who is one of the top
fencers in the world, and he’s taken me to
fencing lessons before. It looks great on, by the way. The pants fit really tight, it
does something to your booty. It’s a whole thing. This was a great moment for me and you know I love finding
designers from all over, but the Power premier
this summer, I wore this, and it really, really made a splash. This was a corset that was actually inside an Alexander McQueen gown. There are so many times I’ll
wear it under my clothes. – [Interviewer] Oh. – And it just cinches my waist. – Yeah. – But, as you see, it’s went
through so many alterations and it’s been fixed a hundred times, but if you just want that snatch waist, it’s a really cool thing
that you could just slip under a shirt or a dress and it just all of a sudden, just, yes, exactly. – Just cinches you right up. – Don’t ever say I don’t share my tricks like most of these people out here. I’m telling you guys what the tricks are. – Lala, this has been so amazing. – Thank you. – Thank you so much for showing
us the clothes of your life – Thank you for being so awesome. – Thank you! – I really appreciate it,
and because I know how much you love Birkins, – Well. – I’m gonna let you borrow one. There is an alarm in this one, though, so you get like a good week use out of it. – [Interviewer] All right,
all right, all right. – I need you to make some
good memories with this. – Oh, I will. – I’ll make all the memories with this. – Enjoy it! – [Interviewer] Thanks. – Bye, I’ll see you soon.
– [Interviewer] Bye! – (bright pop music)

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  1. Folks still need European "things" to validate who they are? you people need some self esteem. That ball has stopped bouncing for Mello and those gigs are drying up for "la la", best they start their own business as a couple; spending all that money on nonsense will not be so cool a decade from now.

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  5. Lala Sweetheart you would’ve been such a blessing if you would’ve given her the bag my goodness I know they’re expensive but you can afford it…. Borrow I would’ve said no thanks.

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    I love you La! Thanks for giving us a snippet of your tings!

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