Leonard Fournette: In His Shoes

Leonard Fournette: In His Shoes

everybody has a purpose automatic behind them and what they will made them you know especially wild fun we know it’s so easy to get killed my front we brought up different than a lot of people and there’s something you can’t really explain but I mean I think when you watch this did understand I am a product of my environment you know whatever you see Amy oh you look at me as this what this is [Music] [Music] now this this this is the seven water governor born and raised I still coming to this day you got crawfish crawfish right has gone right now I’m eating boiled crawfish best of the best it’s changed a lot not saying not meeting it love Sam love I always I’ve always got saying people around here you know I mean neighborhood friends going out with you gone when I first thought of playing football this church life right to the right my first time picking somebody up and slamming a rifle Walker beginning right her first title lynyrd who was that attracting me so I’ve had another school I had heard the name I heard all the accolades you know the buzz was just about this big kid that is graceful and even though he’s big he he was like a gazelle the newest Under Armour all-american mr. Leonard fournette most people don’t understand what to be the number one player in the country I know I’m always been good football it’s just I never really got into the height thing but that just want him do one side of high school grounds of colleges everything was fast [Applause] as I continue my coaching career he’s the move that I compare everybody to the Jacksonville Jaguars select Leonard fournette first of all if you haven’t walked in a person’s shoes you can’t judge them and you know witness a lotta a lot of things not with my cousin around here now cause you got shot in here yeah yeah but like two years ago it’s a regular thing to be honest you know by the end of the day then everybody made their own choices you know my choice was to try to get my family from other hood do the best that I can do it and Here I am there were a lot of great players who didn’t make it said I played with justice the streets got ahold of them so I was like even people in jail that I know man I was like all their dreams living through me you know they’re praying for me everyday you know I love that and I think no matter no matter what the money or nothing that could never compare to real love like that that’s why a lot of kids who play football from New Orleans you know that’s why they had that chip on their shoulder [Applause] there’s nothing like coming in first place it’s so much respect that comes with it you don’t play the game the man second clock hit zero just devastating feeling so close yeah one step away no question about it no heart that was hot and I mean excuse me you were the FC championship game last year this team is such a disappointment when you so used to your custom to winning or custom anything your life and stuff happening you know I mean it kind of hits you different and employment and shat lawsuit have been rejected bishop ride wizard and definitely will stuff but all the negative stuff those things are going to happen you know but you learn from the things you did wrong and you improve on the things that you did right for whatever is work so you have to solace your critics did not see in a full picture the same want to feel but you got a rid of no lemon it doesn’t matter what anybody say that’s irrelevant what people say it’s how you react to them I mean people don’t say something regardless so why feed into that negativity people have opinions as much good as much positivity he promotes there’s still a lot of negativity it was shocking to hear em say I’m gonna I only like who goes to homie to work out you know me I haven’t discussion with him about getting away from it all let’s just go focus on winning this is the best I’ve seen him he’s never looked as good as this from you know his body [Music] to realize that this is where I’m from I went through it but look at where I am today my head goes off to I tip my hat to his mom and his dad they help make Leonard – who yesterday and I know his mom will never let him forget family in love because that’s basically that whole area that’s where it all comes from Leonard is a loving caring outgoing fun person what’s up I should be our number one customer strawberry I don’t know a person that has met Leonard that does not love linen and if you don’t that’s cuz you don’t know who he is in every walk of life that he has walked you know the trail that he has left behind he will consider that family I think family means everything they’re not a lot of two-parent households of kids that I coach it says a lot about minute he’s a very very loyal guy and he’s very very loyal to his family I’m just a horrible I still Harbor to go because there’s too much like me like this yesterday I couldn’t find my kids my sister cousin to the restroom I almost caught a damn heart attack and my dad my dad my dad talked to mrs. D was like he did the same thing I mean when you you know I was like I was just thinking like yeah he was like nice when a hat comes around just wondering you know they pick up your ways and you don’t like you don’t have teacher nothing he’s extremely extremely loyal to his people from his hometown where he grew up who helped to bring him to where he is who helped to raise him he still have love for it and he’s still from there his heart will always be there my kids would never have to have gunshots they’re just a life I want to give them I think he’s trying to do what most of us try to do I think as he goes through this NFL dealers in the field world this NFL life I think he’s trying too hard as hell to leave his footprint in the same but the fantastic thing is for a guy like Leonard to be able to say I’ve got the platform [Music] the little things come you know so it’s not what the world see I ready to do good for my heart and kind of put on and let the world see you know I’m doing this for someone each and every day I think the day not trying to be the best that I can be you know and not to be fake the big who I am you always gonna have that part of your roots they’re connected you know the waters you know you know I’m just why am I keep it real 24/7 look at this look at this look at how take the glasses up oh yeah well we’re going to come right here catch the roots and the chickens I don’t know if I still got it what I’m gonna test I’m gonna test myself I wonder what kind of dog though I don’t know what you know he’s uh that’s not good knowing what is that yeah I’m a bit rich man sport no I think what I know water I’m kind of dealing it when I think that I’m a fool too I’m probably one the best one the best one was on our team yeah I know once I cannot see me the linebacker he can’t see well I feel I want to talk on the phone I wanna text his face time I don’t know God then guy made it this with me

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  1. "That must be a rich man's sport."

    As if you aren't a rich man now, lol. Always good to be humble and remember your roots, though. Couldn't be happier that he's on my favorite team.

  2. Nice to get to know more about him. Seems like a real gentleman who thinks deeply about where he came from and where he could have ended up under different circumstances.

  3. Best runningback in the league. period. With the best QB handing him the ball off, lining up to the best WR in the league too.

  4. I wish some day express you in person how much you help me on my life, if it wasn't for you I would be death by now, you saved my life 2 years ago, I love You bro.

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