Let’s Cut $500 Dress Shoes In Half With A Table Saw! What’s Inside An Expensive Men’s Shoe | RMRS

Let’s Cut $500 Dress Shoes In Half With A Table Saw! What’s Inside An Expensive Men’s Shoe | RMRS

What’s Inside $500 Dress Shoes
[0:00:00] All right, gentlemen. In today’s video, we’re going to find
out what’s inside of a pair of $500 shoes. Are you ready? Let’s do it. [Music]
Now, I know a lot of you guys are thinking, Antonio, this is a complete waste of a beautiful
pair of shoes. And I have to admit this is a sad moment,
I thought about this a lot, but honestly these are not my size. I’ve had them in the office now for over
a year. I used them in numerous videos. I’m going to keep his brother who will continue
to live on and be popping up in my videos. By the way, this is Ace Marks. I’ve talked about them before. I’m going to link to them down in the description. They’re not paying me for this video, but
they were kind enough to make sure I had this pair and I absolutely love their shoes. And let’s find out what is inside the pair
of expensive dress shoes. And by the way, at the end of this video,
I’m going to break out each of the parts and I’m going to teach you guys quite a
bit more about what you should look for in a good pair of dress shoes when you’re out
there spending your hard-earned money. Are you ready, guys? Let’s do it. All right, gentlemen, time for the main event. Are you ready? What do you think is going to happen? You think this thing is going to explode? You think Antonio is going to cut his fingers
off? Probably. [Saw machine noise]
I almost cried. I almost cried. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. All right, guys, so I have to admit this is
not the most even of cuts, but, hey, I got the job done and now, we can talk about what’s
inside good pair of dress shoes. So, let’s go ahead and let’s look at the
outer sole. We’re going to look at the base layer here
of the shoe. And what do I notice? I noticed this is one thick piece of leather
and that’s a great sign. This is what you want to look for. Then, when I go to the back of the heel, I
noticed that the heel is made from one, two, three, four pieces and that fourth piece is
going to be a rubber piece which I can get why they did that. What I really like is how they – look at
this how they layered the rubber piece. So, actually you’ve got that solid piece
of rubber going across and then they cut an indention into it and then they put another
leather piece right in there. Why would they do something like that? Because if they would have actually just put
a single rubber piece at the back, it could have chipped off easily. This right here is a much more solid build. Now, as we start to move up, we leave the
heel, we go higher, you know, out of the outer sole, we start to go all the way into the
lining. Now, this lining right here is actually relatively,
you know, I know that Ace Marks right here they use this proprietary Ace last and they’ve
got right here instead of using cork in there, they’ve got a little bit of a soft material. Now, when I go to the back what do I see? I see that they actually do have a shank. So, the shank in case you’re wondering what
this does is it fits right in, starts at the heel goes about halfway down the length of
the shoe. And this ensures that every time you step
and you bend the shoe when you’re walking that it returns back to its original shape. Now, at the top here we’ve got an insole. This insole made from leather looks like it’s
about what is that? Probably one, I don’t know one-tenth, maybe
one-eighth of an inch. Very – very soft, when I’m touching it
I feel that this slightly porous. I can tell that this is made here to absorb
a bit of sweat. Now, if you look over to the side, you’re
going to be able to see the stitching. This right here is the Blake stitch. Blake stitch, the stitching to the outsole
is done on the inside of the shoe. What this does is it enables it to have a
very sleek design. So, a lot of Italian builds, a lot of very
I would say just really clean-looking shoes especially dress shoes are going to use what’s
knows as a Blake stitch. Now, a Goodyear welt, that’s going to happen
on the outside of the shoe and that’s, again, where the top of the upper is connected to
the outsole. I’m not going to go into that too much because
these shoes are not Goodyear welted. I like both and I think a man should try both
and make his own decision. All right, gentlemen. What do you think? Like this video? Click on that like button. If you’re new to Real Men Real Style, make
sure to click on that subscribe button. If you’ve been around for awhile, well,
you’re not getting the notifications, click on that notification bell. And, guys, don’t forget down in the description,
I’ve got so many great tools for you, so you can go out there and identify and find
great shoes. Guess what? I’ve got an e-book for you. You want to go out there and buy a luxury
watch, I’ve got you covered with a watch e-book. All of that, I’m linking to down in the
description. Why? Because, guys, remember I’m on a mission
to help you become the man you know yourself to be, so I provided these tools. We went and we did the research, we’ve got
this information, so that you can leverage it to become a better man. That’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [Music]
[0:05:10] End of Audio

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