Little Boots – Get Things Done

Little Boots - Get Things Done

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  1. I heard this song on vacation two years ago and I got an 8 second video of us walking through the store where it was playing. And now I was able to use Siri to figure out what song it was and I'm OVER THE MOON

  2. This video is one of my favorites in a while. The choreography and those looks are fabulous! The song's mosaic bassline is killer and when the chorus hits it hits HARD! Little Boots is the best!

  3. I wonder if the 24-hour fitness music channel at any 24-hour fitness places has ever played this song and music video before. At my 24-hour fitness I work out everyday, the 24-hour fitness music did play the song and video for this group's song "Better In The Morning", but this song never played on the channel when i was there.

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