Live PD: Officers Dragged By Moving Car (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Officers Dragged By Moving Car (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. Why ran away when they have your name in the system … sooner later they doing find out and by escaping more chargers going add up ..

  2. Such a long period of hesitation by the 2 girly cops, I mean get the f up and chase him or resign and let a man do an actual job. 🙂 haha

  3. Dude starts the car and shifts into first with one hand, drops clutch, stalls, again with one hand fires it up, and burnout freedom. Wow. To be fair, if it had been two male officers they wouldve seen him trying to start it and just ripped him out asap. Dude had time to find and depress the clutch, find the ignition and shift into first before the initial lady officer even broke into action. These women were asleep, thankfully he didnt pull a gun or something dumb.

  4. That dudes played way to much gta, where they grab your handle and you drive off and the pens dragging from the car.

  5. Stick shift… Had to restart twice and still got away… He knew wtf to do whn this happened he trained for this

  6. Dude you had something minor….now it turned into felonies….how dumb can you be? But that mustang sounded amazing…he pushed that thang

  7. Since there seems to be so many cops getting dragged, why haven;t they come up with a way to stall the car, turn it off, shoot at the car, whatever works?

  8. Brandon j Blas, he got picked up by the same two officers about a week later. 2 counts of felony assault on a police officer and $75,000 in bail

  9. Lmfaoooo…..Wrong License Plates…..Then starts Ranting about Something else that has nothing to do with it….🤣😂😅

  10. Officer: tries getting into guy’s car AS he’s driving off
    Officer2: gets dragged out
    Officer: he just hit us with his car
    I know what they were trying to do, it’s just funny to me. 😂

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