Live PD: What A Meth (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: What A Meth (Season 3) | A&E

[police radio chatter] – So Deputy Grant was trying to
do a traffic stop on a vehicle. Looks like the car didn’t stop. And he threw something
out the window. [police radio chatter] – Come. Good boy. Yogi. Here. Here.
Nope. Here. Find dope. Here. Check. Find dope. Here. Check. Find dope. Here. Check. Find dope. Yep. [whining] – That’s good boy. Good man. Good boy. That’s good. That’s a good man. So we got– we got a
positive alert with Yogi. We’ll search the car. – Yeah. There’s a lot of stuff, man. Cars like this are kind of
hard to search, because– – There’s so much. – –there’s so much, yeah. You really got to
use a fine-tooth comb to get through it all. So the driver, he had a
little bit of methamphetamine and some pills on him. So they got him
detained right now. – Oh, yeah, Ramos. Check that, buddy. – One of my favorite
video games. – Oh. Here we go, buddy. – I love hearing that. – Yes. Chunks. Nope. – [inaudible] it’s
all about the gummies. – There we go. – I was pulling this
out of his pocket. You got gummies? – Look at them rocks. That’s a good chunk of ice. I always like to check
cigarette cartridges, because people like to
hide their drugs in there. That’s why, whenever
they get out, I tell them leave their
cigarette pack in the car. I open it up, and I see like
two or three plastic baggies, has that big chunk
of meth in it. – Oh, I got some more. – You got more gummies? – It’s like Christmas. A meth Christmas. – Where there’s, uh,
dope, there’s gunpowder. Oh, that’s the firecracker. – Cruising. – All right then. Come on. What [bleep]. – Did we find all of it? – [bleep] Did you
find all of it? – Is there more? The driver’s going to be
arrested tonight for possession of methamphetamine
paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance. Looks like they were
trying to make some meth. They got the batteries
and then the– so he’s definitely
taking a ride tonight.

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  1. cop was about to list the things you need to make meth, even started counting on his hand but then stopped and realized probably not a good idea to do that on TV.

  2. For a trained working dog that cop sure had some issues controlling it. The dog may be excited, but jerking on the leash and doing it's own thing are not signs of a well trained dog. He is not in control of that animal and there are several other clips of him where the dog is clearly disobeying. The instance I can remember is when the dog bit someone that was not running or hostile and refused to let go after multiple commands.. he had to physically drag the dog off.

  3. The dog does nothing that a normal dog that's been sitting in the back of a car all day would do

    So we got a positive alert

  4. ya stop a car at night and it's got drugs in it, ok, that's not all that hard to do, but how was that a positive alert by the dog for drugs. if i trained a dog to look for drugs in cars, getting rewarded most times when its around a vehicle, and then kept it bored and contained in a small area like the back of a police vehicle, of course its gonna get excited and look like its alerting everytime i finally let it free and take it near someones car. i love dogs, but the way police use dogs is mostly wrong.

  5. I would love to see a video where the cop is like "well, the dog didnt hint at drugs so we arent going to conduct a search."
    It has happened to me where cops ran their dog around my car and said he hinted at drugs in the car, which I have never done drugs and have never had drugs in my vehicles. Needless to say, they found nothing. Just shows these cop dogs are a loophole to infringe on your rights. Love the police. Dont agree with them having dogs.

  6. That cop said cigarette cartridges and was enamored with finding that ice he was going to take it home and smoke it for sure

  7. Deputy Pini and Yogi are one of my favorite "teams" to watch on this show, I mean, ya gotta admit, he's super easy on the eyes..always has that fresh fade, and clean edge, only downfall is you almost feel bad about yourself for it, cause he has such a baby face.. oh well, guess that makes me a dirty old woman.. on with the binge watch…

  8. Here in Arkansas, if police call for a K-9 they'll tell you what the positive alert is before the dog starts searching. Kinda nice. I mean I've never been searched…so…yeah.

  9. I'm sorry but I feel these dogs are psychotic!!! They are trained for a purpose!!! PERIOD!!! No love at all!! Just like Lab rats!!!

  10. I'm usually for the cops but it just seems he always "finds" drugs when he's off camera maybe it's just his face or his obvious lack of training with the dog (shouldn't have to take a dog twice around a car) it showed little control with its handler he needs more leash time not driving time

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