LOONEY TUNES (Best of Looney Toons): BUGS BUNNY CARTOON COMPILATION (For Children) (HD 1080p)

LOONEY TUNES (Best of Looney Toons): BUGS BUNNY CARTOON COMPILATION (For Children) (HD 1080p)

[Intro music plays] [intro music plays] [Music plays] [soft music plays] [loud harmonica music plays] Oh Suzana! Don’t you cry for me! I’m gonna get me lots of gold way out on the lone prarie! Gold is where you find it, and when I find that stuff I’ll dig and dig and dig and dig! I’ll never get enough! I tramp the praries and the plains, I trudge each weary mile, I’ll tramp and trudge and trudge and tramp until I make my pile! Ooooh Suzana! Don’t you cry for me! I’m gonna dig up lots of gold! “V” for victory!SHHHH! Ehhh… Hi neighbor. oh helloI’m a ragged rugged lover of the wild and wooly west… Of all the things I haven’t got, I like gold the best! oh it rained all night the day I left, the weather was so dry… It was so warm I froze to death. Suzana don’t you cry! Oh, Suzana, don’t you cry for me! I’m gonna get me lots of gold! A “V” for victoryyyyyyyy! And good evening friend!!! Ehhhhhhhhhhh-There is something awfully screwy going on around here. [Munching sounds] Ehh- What’s up, Doc? One of the strangest things I.. [Gasps] Boo! Ahhhhhhhh! Hey, smart boy! [Wolf whistles] Ahhhhhhhhh! That’s that squewee wabbit! Oh well [Silent Tiptoe Music] [Singing] Wohhhhhhhh~~I’m working on the wrailwroad~ All the wiv wong day [Singing] ~~I’m working on the wrailroad~ To pend sometime away Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ehhhh, pardon me Doc but, ehh, did’ya lose this? Oh, yeah Thank you very much OH HO WOW! AH HA HA! [Disappointing hiss] [Screams] BAM! [Crashing Cymbal Sound] Gold, Gold! They’ve found it! Eureka Gold, Gold is discovered. [Repeated] Oh, Boy Gold Oh Yellow Brick Gold Where? Over Here Where? Over Here Where? Over Here Where? Err, Here Oh, That’s Nothing I got one here [Mad Noise] You Chubby little rascal Come out, Mr Rabbit I have a little surprise for you [Shirt Tearing] [Girl Whistle] Don’t laugh, I bet plenty of you men wanna wear one of these! That’s the last straw! I’ll get that rabbit! [Munching] Eh Doc… Eh Doc, where are ya? [Sing-song] Here I am! [Tutting] Too bad Too bad Oh well! Gosh, ain’t I a stinker? Rabbit! I came here for gold- and I’m gonna get it No! No No, not that! Not that! Anything but that! I gotcha! [Fighting sounds] Here we got! Gold at last! [Laughs] [Mocking] “Here we got! Gold at last!” [Laughs] [Music] [Munching] Eh, pardon me, Doc Fresh outta carrots [singing] [Popping sounds] [Continued singing] [Munching, then-] I live here! It’s my home

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  1. As a kid, I used to spend time drawing Looney toons characters…nostalgic!!!..
    "Eehhh!! What's up doc??"

  2. the Looney Tunes animators never made their cartoons with either, kids or adults, in mind and instead just made what they found funny. it just so happens that the comedy appealed to all age groups.

  3. I think classic cartoons like bugs bunny dont need age that was every ones best show children, youths and olders😏😏😏😏😏

  4. I would like to know why in the first cartoon Bugs goes walk in such particular way at about 6.40 after he buried the man… 😊
    (Sorry for my english i have to improve it)

  5. Bugs Bunny was the son of the devil. He seems evil. Not fun, not funny, just mean and vindictive. Give me the TNMT any day.

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  7. Bugs: "On what charge? You ain't got nothing on me!" Elmer Fudd: Among the charges, he includes… "conduct unbecoming to a wabbit!" Classic!!!!!!!!

  8. Me I'm 55 luved all the old cartoons New ones crap maybe it's me but bugs me old ones much better 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪☘️☘️☘️☘️🇮🇪

  9. Beto O’Rourke: Give me your guns now or I will put you in jail.

    Me (looks at camera): Of course you realize, this means war….

  10. we grew up with daffy getting his face blew off, the coyote falling miles, sylvester getting hammered, the 3 stooges poking each others eyes out, but we were not dumb enough to do that to each other. todays kids , raised by inept morons I JUST DON'T KNOW if they were taught any common sense at all.

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