Magic Loop Knitting Basics + Starting Magic Loop Socks | Kate Gilbert

Magic Loop Knitting Basics + Starting Magic Loop Socks | Kate Gilbert

Magic Loop is a technique where you use one long circular needle to knit something that's of a smaller circumference than that needle often we use this to knit projects that would normally be knit on double pointed needles I love Magic Loop because there's less risk of your stitches falling off the needles and often I knit on the go and when I do that I tend to lose my double pointed needles all over the place many people find that it's less fiddly because you're only really working with two needles rather than the four or five you would usually use in double pointed needles also many people get ladders when they use GPS this happens much less often with Magic Loop my favorite reason for using Magic Loop is that you can knit two socks or two sleeves at the very same time and know that they're going to be exactly the same plus no second sock syndrome which i think is really one of the best reasons to do this my favorite projects to use this technique for our socks sleeves kids knits and seamless sweaters let's take a look at the three projects will be knitting in this class we'll be making a shaped cowl using color work and then a pair of socks knit from the cuff down that have a cable pattern across the back of the leg and then we'll be knitting two stockinette socks at the same time from the toe up so how do you choose a needle I think the most important thing is to have a smooth and secure join between the cord and the needle I want to make sure that when I'm doing my pushing and pulling on my needles and cords that the court is not going to pull right out of the needle that has happened to me before and it's not so much fun you also want a nice flexible needle some needles have a thicker stiffer cords I've heard that it's possible to dip them in hot water to make them more flexible but I'm doubtful that that flexibility would really last let's think about what length is best for your project I find if I'm knitting just one sock at a time a 24 inch or 60 centimeter needle is fine if I'm knitting two socks at the same time I really like to have at least a 32 inch or 87 meter cord and when we're knitting our cowl together we'll be using a 40 inch or 100 centimeter cord you can play around and see what works for you depending on the sizes of socks you're knitting or the sort of projects you're knitting let's cast on I'm just going to do a longtail cast on and for my purpose here I'll do 16 stitches and I want to cast on one extra stitch so I can make a really nice join I need to pull my cord out at the halfway point leaving my extra stitch as the very first stitch that I cast on so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I'll pull that true right there and I'll have 8 still on this needle I'm going to shimmy these guys up on this needle now the first stitch that I cast on used to come off and move on to the other needle and the last stitch is going to pass over top like that and I can just pull it tight this will be the right side here and this will be the wrong side here you can see the bumps from the cast on you want to make sure that these bumps are nice and straight when you join let me show you an example of some twisted knitting I twisted the cast on here and there's no way to straighten it out it'd be pretty difficult to wear this as a sock and it's time to knit with the bumps on the inside I'm going to just get my tail down underneath I'm going to pull this needle out right here this is my right needle and I can begin knitting now we have to turn this around and the stitches that are on the cord have to go on to the needle and the stitches that are on the needle have to go on to the cord so our right needle will be empty again sometimes I put my left hand inside the loop made by the cable you can experiment with what hand positions feel comfortable to you I'll talk more about this later that's one round let's do another one same thing stitches on the cord go on to the needle and the stitches on this needle go on to the cord so we have an empty right needle again something to remember is that you turn the work that the needle that is on the right is always the right needle and the needle that is on the left is always the left needle when you work flat the needle switch back and forth it's working in the round they don't you

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  1. 4:25 It's a Möbius strip! I kind of want to learn to knit now to make a Kleinbottle. I learned to crochet to make hyperbolic planes based on the work by crafter/mathematician Daina Taimana, and while I'm sure I could crochet a Kleinbottle, knitting seems to give more uniform results as well as being easier to make a material that looks the same on both sides which is kind of important if you want to make a single sided surface.

  2. it is sooooooooo much easier and faster working in the round! These needles are a mix of every knitting needle!

  3. I wish I knew this a couple hours ago when I started my scarf. Doing it in the round instead of flat and it's not wide enough for any circular needles I have

  4. You have a strange knitting habid. You hold your thread in right hand and throw it over the needle. That slows you down immensely.

  5. I don’t understand why you hold the thread in your right hand, you loose the advantage of continental knitting…

  6. I’ve been knitting for almost 20 years, and I use long circs for small diameter knitting, but I’ve always kept 1/3 of the sts on my left needle, 1/3 on my right needle, and 1/3 in the middle of the cable, with two loops poking out in the middle of the work. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life! This might be why I still get ladders.

  7. Hello fellow-knitters, I love the heel on the orange sock. Does somebody recognise it and know the name of it so I can look up some instructions? Thanks a lot!

  8. Ok here's my question, I got the part of knitting one sock at a time could b 24" but what actual size needle should I get for asking socks?? 2.25 or 2.75??? No one has answered this question and it's annoying to me because I want to make socks!!! Ty

  9. I have never made socks so I can see where this would be a definite advantage doing two at a time. but for anything else I cannot see why using circular needles would not be just as easy. I use circular needles for making hats all the time and do not have to struggle with pushing the needles back into position.

  10. Where can I find the knitting pattern for the shaped cowl on the table at the beginning of the video?

  11. Maybe I find DPS’s less fiddley than the magic loop, for me, is because I’m a picker, ie continental knitter?

  12. I'm sorry I purchased the craftsy class that replaced this class. although the woman in the new magic loop class is nice I'd rather prefer Kate Gilbert's class. craftsy is getting on my nerves, esp. when you can find free content on YouTube.

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