Merrell Moab Adventure Mid Men’s Boot

Merrell Moab Adventure Mid Men’s Boot

Hi! If you’re going away and you wanna take just
that one pair of boots, then this is the boot for you. The Merrell Moab Adventure Mid. Let’s have a chat about it. Hi, my name’s Lisa, and I work out here at Snowys Outdoors. I’ve got here the Men’s Merrell
Moab Adventure Mid Boot. It’s a lightweight boot that has a nubuck leather and mesh upper. It’s completely waterproof
with the M-select membrane. However, it doesn’t have a bellows tongue. It has a vibram outsole, so you’ve got lot’s of grip and
contraction with this one. The Merrell Moab Adventure Mid is a great boot for bush walking, day hike and also travel. So like I said earlier, if you’re gonna take that
one pair of boots away, this would be them. And also just to mention, when you’re getting your
socks to wear with these, make sure that your sock is
higher than the boot calf just to avoid any abrasion on your legs. So if you wanna check this one out, either come in store
or go onto our website which is where we offer low prices everyday. We’ll see you next time. Before you go, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to our channel. And if you have any questions, leave a comment below. Or check out some of our other videos like this one here.

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