channel DutchWatch damn DutchWatch we are going to do something really awesome today special special edition episode where are we now? we are going magnet fishing from a boat today nice backpack! you guys also have this nice backpack! look from so please take a look at their site for great stuff look how nice the camera films! nick looks beautiful indeed! the weather is getting real bad nick is looking at the weather forecast the weather, sunny and dry al day long he is texting them back, i can not rain today! the weather forecast of tomorrow is tomorrow will be a cloudy day with in some places sun if you look at the clouds it looks a bit dark and we are going to sail for a little short distance and after that we will eat something with the letter ” P ” food with the letter ” p ” Pizza or french fries ( Patat ) how do you like those i don,t know, you don,t know we will find out later, so see you later, have a good day! awesome! were did you find this guy? it,s raining cats & dogs at the boat rental and it started raining like crazy so the guys put on ther wetsuits and jumped in and started fishing and the boat rental girl, said a few phones dropped in over the years and we found 2 phones already and we got from Magnetar. in this nice foam box magnets these are called Hardcore (extreme) Magnets and we can give one away in the future and today we are testing one for ourselfses really really strong magnet , don,t you think Jim? these magnets are the best on the market you can even here they are hardcore real hardcore hardcore music sound we,ve found so much with these magnets already so take a look on the site here we go! i think you can also find stuff here i think not magnet fishing in Haarlem. is prohibited, but Brian is,nt scared give some good advice or motto of today dubble stiched is stronger and if a fat guy in a boat moves the boot will flip over and if i get joked on, i smile i found a lighter welcome in the city of Haarlem found a keyhole opening and a spoon captain john sparrow new style magnet fishing with the magnet and rope from the boat sail a bit and pull up rope works better i think one guy from america said why you guys use pipes and wetsuits for magnet fishing? and poking around in the mud, when you can also use the magnet with a rope * no shit sherlock but we took his advice learning by doing but we use poles because of the thick mud, so… throwing does,nt help to get through 1 meter or more thick mud i got 2 dimes double trouble something nice? you,ve got a mirror? 😀 handsome! doing great? yes!!! what,s that under the bridge? we have to explore this right away! let,s explore! i can see a huge dragon under the bridge locked with a door and inside a big ass dragon awesome! the door wasn,t locked really cool dragon! and what did we find, please open the treasurebox for me another geo cache with wooden shoes medal, and a ballpoint pen we have to leave a message for them take good care of our dimes! our two dimes are going in cool , also our green dragon legend i can see a opening this is the secret tunnel of Haarlem 2 openings there i,m not dressed to get wet guys if we get 1000 like we will explore this next time we,ve found this just ago, at the police station but it looks like a machine gun bolt or something like that not sure, but i think mg bolt not sure awesome really good magnet i think it,s a bicycle this is build to last! this is a nice fail moment jim jumped in and he forgot his zipper was open and now his drysuit is a wetsuit something nice? some sort of brush with a wooden handle? never seen something like this before it,s a german k98 cartridge this is a life round and German if you ask it are you German? it says yes i,m German! nice boat, this is my sail spot in the sunlight and this how i chill in the boat when the others are magnet fishing in the sunlight, but not this moment and if needed they call my name this is how i roll jim found another round you dropped it! and i filmed it! it was a british 9mm round jim found hembrug bolt parts the front parts john found a cooking pot and brian found a old padlock our finds we found some really rare finds today and now we are going back to the car, because we are going to eat something special heavy weights it is more than 500 kilo i think and Brian on top what are they doing over there? all those people are thinking, lunatics we,ve never seen this kind of crazy before and our crazy captain look wild ducks even the duck,s think wtf?! sail away good luck guys see you later! we are still waiting for john and brian still swimming i think the rope got lose, and i didn,t feel like turing the boat arround so we sailed to the rental i can,t see or hear them 😛 and we are eating not mackerel PAPFLAPPIES! who guessed is a star! so who guessed right, we will pick a winner i want to know how it taste just take one and… this is heavenly taste brian! so heavenly anything to say? so nice! i picked a real treat! brian wants to say something today find, what did we find? hembrug bolt end screw front pieces of hembrug rifle bolts lewisgun cocking handle turn more please all bolt parts an old padlock lewisgun bolt,s brian found this nice find it,s a chamber fore a large revolver dutch revolver M.73 for 6 rounds is there something in the chamber? no just dirt more lewisgun light machinegun parts with the serial number i can see it 98 one live round german, and if you ask are you german? it yells back: i am a german live round ( in german ) an hembrug bolt stuck on the lewisgun bolt another one, i will clean them up in the future is this the bolt? yes it is brian and this one i think it is really rare if you guys know what for coin this is , please tell us leave a comment if you know i can see a 5 some lines an a globe i think this is a brush for a horse and those other tool for cleaning horse hoves? mayby? and our most special find of the day subscrive for more we,ve found a nice boy to pick todays, contest winner pick one jayden just one who has won? ingmar hoogerhoud is the winner, congrats!

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  1. Die ingangen onder die bruggen zijn ondergrondse gangen die tijdens de 2de wereldoorlog door het verzet en de burgers gebruikt werden. Die gangen lopen onder heel Haarlem door!

  2. Hij was weer top, thx voor de tip van Magnetar! Morgen even 1 bestellen. En nu die tunnel in 🤪, cheers!

  3. zouden jullie misschien een video kunnen maken over waar en hoe je het beste kan magneetvissen hoe je de goeie plekjes kan vinden etc

  4. Mag ik pls de magneet ik heb thuis ook een magneet maar daar zit roest op ik wil zo graag de magneet ban magentar en mijn magneet kan maar 80 kilo tillen daarom wil ik zo graag de magneet

  5. Joo ik wil er graag 1winnen omdat het me heel leuk lijkt om te doen alleen ik vind het magneet te duur

  6. Mag ik alsjebleift die magneet winnen dan ga ik ook spullen zoeke en als jullie het willen maak ik er een foto van en stuur het naar jullie toe jullie zijn echt tof

  7. hoe kan ik z’n magneet winnen , heb er nu een maar die trekt niks omhoog je voelt alles maar is te slap , lijkt me gaaf om jullie te ontmoeten woon ook in beverwijk👌🏻 hopelijk reageren julie mvg Dk

  8. Waar slaan jullie al die gevonden spullen op? Bij elkaar thuis? Is het misschien een idee om daar een video over te maken? Succes!

    En misschien een video over hoe jullie de gevonden spullen schoonmaken?

  9. Kom een keer magneetvissen!! Ik woon in Leiden maar ben zo in Haarlem! Verder heb je naast Leiden nog Warmond en daar zijn wel veel guns en kogels te vinden. Heb vroeger een metaaldetector gehad maar die is stukgegaan. Ik vond daar de gekste dingen.

  10. Hee ik doe zelf ook aan magneet vissen en ik heb een vismagneet van 130 kilo is dat een goede magneet kwa trek kracht? Al vast bedankt

  11. Ik zou de magneet heel erg graag willen winnen ik vind magneet vissen heel erg leuk en ik heb er wel een maar is helemaal niet sterk en ik zie dat jullie met jullie magneten heel veel vinden en nog veel suc6 met jullie yt kanaal

  12. Jullie zijn heel goed in magneetvissen dinand Hoogkamerlaan rijswijk huisnummer 56 kunnen jullie magneet op sturen 2 stuks groetjes van dinand

  13. Mag ik vragen wat de diameter en de dikte is van de hardcore magneet. Want ik wil hem bestellen maar wil eigenlijk eerst de grootte weten

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