Mom Freaks Out at me for Buying $5,000 Shoes

Mom Freaks Out at me for Buying $5,000 Shoes

*stressful music* *inaudible* Rice: Hi mom
Mom: Hi Rice: Do you see these shoes Mom: Yeah Rice: They were 5,000 dollars Rice: They were 5,000 dollars Rice: YO GUYS I JUST WOKE UP Rice: I know I haven’t posted in a couple days Rice: I’m getting so much hate, just trying to lay low Rice: BUT TODAY I’M BACK FOR A VIDEO Rice: I NEED TO GET BACK ON MY **** RIGHT NOW Rice: I’M JUST GLAD TO BE ALIVE Rice: I’M GLAD TO SEE ANOTHER DAY Rice: Because some of my dead homies out there can’t, you know what I’m sayin”? Rice: But i just woke up, first thing i have to do Rice: Is pick what shoes i have to wear I mean there’s so much to pick from Rice: I’m just gonna pick a random one Rice: I’m in the GYM right now and before i start my day i always get a good workout in Rice: People keep talking **** about my skinny arms. I AM LITERALLY SICK OF IT I’M PUTTING AN END TO IT RIGHT NOW Rice: But guys we have new merch. Rice: So before we do anything else your boy just got some new merch. look at it. so shiny Rice: But quick photoshoot before I do anything… *camera taking multiple pictures with WII music* Rice: You guys need to cop right now, link in the description. Rice: I know you guys want to see me more, you guys want me to post more Rice: I’m just at this point where I’m just trying to surround myself with dopest people… Rice: And fill up every room *Wii music starts* Rice: This room is open! Rice: This room is open! Rice: This room is open! Rice: These beds are open *Wii music stops* Rice: In the next couple of weeks all the rooms are going to be filled up Rice: I’m so excited to get new faces in my videos I mean there are too much dudes in the house. Rice: There need to be more girls Rice: How gang going to the top Rice: But as of now it’s just me and the boys Rice: What the **** you doin’ on Tinder boy?
(Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.) Rice: Alissa, where we going Alissa Rice: Why do you wear my sunglasses? AGAIN! Alissa: because I lost mine. Bryan: AGAIN! *Yare yare daze* Cameraman: Mate we’re here, we’re here. Rice: So I guess we’re here Rice: Alright guys I’m at the store right now Rice: And I’m about to make an intercom go Rice: I can tell that you came with that Disney flow, ain’t nobody ever heard of your Disney show Rice: Maybe I should talk to her Alissa: Where right there? Alissa: Yeah, yeah Rice: I’m kinda nervous right now. Alissa: No it’s fine… *record screeching* *romantic music* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rice: Um is this for sale? Rice: Nah it’s not for sale? *NOPE* Banks: Alissa! Rice: [laughs] Alissa… Banks: Alissa! [laughs] Cameraman: Look at it *Alissa surprised* Alissa: That’s not real is it? Cameraman: Nah this isn’t real. Rice: Show her the vlog Cameraman: I don’t know what was wrong with it I woke up and it was ***** one day Rice: What the hell? Cameraman: Bro I swear Rice: Why would you piss that color? Cameraman: Bro I don’t know why Rice: Alright man I’m upset Rice: Man I came to the mall I didn’t buy anything Rice: I just sat here and watched my friends buy stuff. Rice: I didn’t buy anything Rice: Alright guys we just got home Rice: This my **** in the studio right now *zap sound* Faze: Yo Faze: Yo Rice: No but there’s a mad feed on our house right now Rice: I hear all these noises. Should we go upstairs? Faze: I guess we should Rice: huh-ho huh-ho [laughter] Rice: Shhhhh [woeep] Rice: I got us home Alissa: Guys are you kidding me? Faze: Ooooooh Alissa: Ready guys? *silence* [laugh] Sommer Ray: should I read it aloud? Rice: yeah yeah read it aloud Sommer Ray: It says she is wise Rice: Who’s calling? Sommer Ray: Not right now ***** Sommer Ray: She is a water,sSoft enough, to cook rice, taught enough, to drown it away Rice: What does that mean? Rice: Yo guys that has to stop Sommer Ray: I was soft enough to cook you Sommer Ray: But then I ate you up mother****** Rice: This has to stop I don’t want to see… *phone ringing* Rice: You’re too popping for the vlogs anymore. Rice: After a long day guys, some sushi okay… Sommer Ray: Lets see his reaction Rice: Drugs? Alissa: Do my LIPs look BiggeR? Rice: Not really Alissa: It’s a lip pumper Sommer Ray: But Maddie it feels so good Alissa: Alright no just do it normally Alissa: Rub rub your lips together. Rub it Rice: What does this do for my lips? I mean *record screeching* *romantic music* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rice: Wait does my lips look like shinier? Cameraman: Yeah they do they’re like glossy Rice: Alright guys take a close look on my lip Rice: I don’t feel anything yet *cymbals* Rice: Nah I’m just… Cameraman: hehhehheh Rice: Yeah no I don’t feel anything yet Sommer Ray: Okay one question how often do you film things that are in one piece Rice: Oh no Alissa: You just cracked it? Sommer Ray: Yeah Rice: You get that on the vlog? Rice: The lighting is actually insane. Rice: The lighting on point? Sommer Ray: *kiss* Rice: Behind the scenes Alissa: **** off Rice: [laugh] Rice: How are you today? *romantic music* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Supervisor: What? Supervisor: Stop! *romantic music* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Alissa: [smack] Alissa: Baby look at my outfit! Look! *romantic music* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Rice: Alright listen up boys and girls Rice: I used to do this thing when I go to my mom Rice: And I show her these things that I buy with an INSANE price tag Rice: For instance these shoes are like a thousand whatever Rice: Go up to her and she always always yells at me Rice: Always freaks out, always gets mad at me right? Rice: And I’m like just because we live in different states now doesn’t mean I cant do this anymore, i’m just gonna call her up Rice: H-hi mom Mom: Hi Bryan (Rice’s real name), hello Rice: Can you see me? Mom: Yeah yeah Rice: How are you doin’, I miss you! Mom: I miss you too, you call me so late. I’m about to go to bed soon Rice: Yeah I’m about to go to bed too Rice: But I need to tell you something and I don’t want you to be mad at me Mom: What? Mom: You make me nervous now Rice: Okay Mom: What is it Rice: Do you see these shoes? Mom: Yeah. why? Rice: They were… Mom: Yeah Rice: They were $5,000. Mom: $5,000? Mom: You kidding? Mom: So what’s the point of telling me that? Rice: Like I thought about you first when I bought it Rice: And I just wanted to say sorry Mom: Sorry for what? Mom: You will make me not be able to sleep tonight, sorry, sorry, sorry. Mom: Always sorry Mom: $5,000? Mom: That’s like 2 months of my salary Rice: That’s why when people call you dumb, they have a point Rice: What? Mom: Yeah! Mom: $5,000 for a shoe? You have to be dumb Mom: Oh my god… Mom: They are just shoes you wear on your feet Rice: [laughs] Mom: You gotta smart but you are a RETARD Mom: You don’t learn anything from me Rice: Okay, okay… Mom: Okay? okay what? NEVER CALL ME AGAIN Mom: What’s the point of telling me this? Mom: Don’t call me tell me that okay? Rice: Okay, okay Mom: Next time you buy some stupid **** don’t call me Mom: Everytime you do this type of **** I can’t sleep at night. okay? Rice: Okay, okay mom, okay Mom: That’s all you tell me tonight – that’s it? Mom: J-Just to make me mad? ayy lmao

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  1. I'm Vietnamese and Vietnam-born. Under Vietnamese morality you're a really bad kid to your parents who working hard to save money for your better life. i never want my mom to be sad even just a joke. But this is America, you can do whatever you want without any judgment

  2. i commented to ask you Can you understand Vietnammese,so i trust want to ask you that one more time,can you understand Vietnammese
    Plus: so how many things what You know about Vietnam.
    From a friend from Vietnam and very like you Vlog
    Tôi chỉ muốn hỏi bạn là bạn có hiểu tiếng Việt không,và bạn có tìm hiểu về Việt Nam không. Bạn đã từng có ý định về Việt Nam chơi chưa

  3. Anh biết nói tiếng việt tại sao lại không nói tiếng việt. Dường như thấy anh chưa lần nào về việt nam

  4. Lmao people REALLY hate when he posts anything about dollar amounts or other YouTubers. It is honestly hilarious how triggered people get by someone "flexing" or "bragging" about how much something they bought is. Comments strictly fueled by jealousy… he is allowed to say whatever the hell he wants and buy whatever the hell he wants with HIS own money. Ya'll here to hate because you "dOn'T lIkE PeOpLe WhO BrAg". Get over it pansies.

  5. due U not smart as U mom
    your life is will not end well
    Oh and use the word sorry carefully U might not understand cuz U dumb

  6. hello i'm vietnamese and i want to tell you that Vietnamese moms are very strict so they don't want their children because of these things to spoil their children. so i use google translate tool to comment on this video so I don't deliberately speak ill of anyone who thanked me for taking my comment người vn ơi

  7. Honestly Rice u just post the same video about your shoes but a higher price and make ur mom mad just cause of fame? Just stop it and leave her peace. Sr for my bad English. Just hate this kind of dirty trash.

  8. 看了你的妈妈才知道原来你算是亚裔人种!在你父母身上你没学到任何东西吧?太棒了,学不到东西使对的,因为你天生是垃圾。

  9. Rule of thumb for ad revenue for videos with a million views is to remove the last 3 digits, so this video made at least over $4000, of course it depends on the ads and how many there are..

  10. Wow…i'm not even mad, I don't think i've even seen a YouTuber do something this pathetic and depressingly stupid before. Flaunting your wealth is already pretty sad and an obvious form of self-validation due to insecurity, but when you get to the point where you have to flaunt your wealth to your OWN PARENTS just to make them mad, there is something seriously fucking wrong with you. I don't even think she's mad, she's just disappointed that she raised such a selfish idiot like you.

  11. I will post a "hate" comment all right.

    1) you wasted your parents money by dropping out of college
    2) you try to make profit by your mom by disappointing her and making her angry.
    3) you constantly worry your mom by dropping out of college and create controversies in your youtube channel while making trash music.
    4) your mother is right. You are stupid for wasting 5000 dollars on shoes and other things that aren't worth a thousand dollars.
    5) your disgraceful channel will fall. One day, your preteen fans are going to realize that your content is trash. After that, how are you going to make money? Flex more?
    6) your mother doesn't want you to be a rapper and a flexer because you are milking from repetitive content and immature fans. While behaving like children at the same time.
    7) considering how you go to china and hongkong saying inappropriate things in public it is fair to say why your mother doesn't want you to act like a "black guy"

  12. Omg I love you so much Vietnamese people are the best I literally love this because I understand EVERYTHING you said

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