Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fishing with DOA CAL Shad

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fishing with DOA CAL Shad

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  1. @jjpear713
    The reds in mosquito lagoon may never see the ocean in their entire life…They kind of take on an alternative lifestyle.

  2. @jjpear713
    I think it mostly has to do with their diet… Along with the water depth/clarity. I've seen ocean reds that were so silver, if they didn't have a spot, you would think it was a different species all together.

  3. What rod size were you using in this video? Thinking about getting one but don't know what size. FYI I live in Texas. Thanks!

  4. @h0odrich 7'6" is perfect for redfish, trout and snook. We just finished a video demo of every rod in the quiver. It will be uploaded to YouTube soon . . . standy by!

  5. @MrSnailslayer depends on what you target most – 7'6" is the most popular size, but if you want to cast longer and target bigger fish, go with the 7'9". If you tournament fish or you need to cast all day, go with the 7'2" . . . it's lighter. Any of these rods will work with a 3000 size reel.

  6. @fpsgarm I would go with the 7'9" Flats Blue rod . . . having more power to hook bigger fish will increase your confidence!

  7. @chazzyboy1234 The action of the tip is light and the butt is powerful. . . what more do you need? We are coming out with some different actions later this summer.

  8. @T1iOrDie Since you are in a kayak, a smaller rod would be better. I like a 7'2" or 7'6" Blair Wiggins Flats Blue rod with a 2500 Wright & McGill Sabalos reel. You can pick up this combo at the Dick's Sporting Goods in Jacksonville or come up to Brunswick, Georgia on October 23 and meet me at the NEW Dick's Sporting Goods and get one then.

  9. @FishingGalore I have not used the Eagle Claw Surf Beast because I am working on a NEW Flats Blue surf casting rod that will be out next year.

  10. I'm looking for a rod to throw a jig head with a paddle tail or something light like that with the sabalos baitcaster. I'm looking at both the flats blue casting versions but I don't know which one would be better? Help me out? Thanks

  11. @DrummerboyBD94 If you target bigger fish, the 7'9" Flats Blue baitcaster can handle anything. If you cast jigs all day long, the 7'2" will allow you to fish all day without getting tired.

  12. @kayakfishin4life We were using 8lb FINS Windtamer on this show, so we could make long casts to the fish. finsfishingdotcom

  13. I like your pants capt Blair are they custom or can anyone buy them I'm only twelve but I would really like to have some of those.

  14. @coosawkane We are in the process of making our own Mogan Series Saltwater Camo board shorts . . . stay tuned to find out where to get them.

  15. @AddictiveFishing, hey I'm looking on your website and I'm getting the rod and the reel all together 200$, have them rods ever broke

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