My Sister Bought the $350 Self-Lacing Nike Adapt BB

My Sister Bought the $350 Self-Lacing Nike Adapt BB

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  1. 8:17 – feel like I’m back in 2012 playing BO2 waiting in a lobby for the game to start and some little kids playing dubstep through his mic

  2. I think your sister is way too old to not know how to tie her own shoes 😏Poor thing must be retarded and lazy.

  3. Guy 1: “how long have you been hooping?”
    Guy 2: “my whole life”
    Guy 1: “really?”
    Guy 2: “yeah” later “I haven’t hooped for 5years but uhm…”

  4. The time you spent messing about with these I could have tied my own laces dozens of times Expensive gimmick.

  5. imagine this….
    your in class and your shoes untied. you pull ur phone out to tie them and your teacher takes your phone….what now???

  6. she said she wouldn't wear them for basketball cuz they're not supported on the side 😂😭

  7. Why would you think they would fit smaller feet? When you lace normal shoes it doesn’t do that so why would these?

  8. Get the mags adapt bbs I have both the wolf Grey are better in my opinion. But if you like black get em your choice your style be you your money

  9. 19 year old kid:
    “I been hooping my whole life”

    “haven’t played in 5 years” 🤦🏻‍♂️

    🌄☀️Game to 5 🌅 🌔

  10. Damn! Carson you're out here going hard what state do you guys stay in and are you really bout to put those on your feet and shut down the town? If so congrats 👏💪💯

  11. I had a pair and In class I was like excuse me can I tie my shoe laces. And everyone looked at me and was like “why tf do you need to ask” so I pulled out my phone and started to tie them and everyone was like “ohh makes sense”

  12. obviously paying so much for trainers mean they dont work and dont know the value of money , try working 8 to 5 for pittance and struggling to make ends meet then think about buying expensive anything . some kids these days are lucky they got any shoes never mind these unnecessary items

  13. What a waste of money and time since when do you need to charge a shoe. people will buy anything with a gimmick fucking pathetic

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