New fizik 2019 MTB Shoes | GMBN Tech Unboxing

New fizik 2019 MTB Shoes | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Today we are checking out some of the brand new
Fizik off-road shoes. In particular, the Vento Overcurve X3 and the Terra X5. Best of all is we’re gonna be giving away five pairs of shoes of your choice from this range, so stick around and we’ll tell you all about them. (smooth R&B beat) So first up we’re gonna
look at the racier number, the Vento Overcurve X3. Now, this shoe has been designed in conjunction with Fizik
professional mountain bike racers, in order to make sure you get the maximum efficiency out of the shoe whilst still retaining
that all important comfort. They are designed to perform
in any off-road situation, whether that be a singletrack thrashing, casual gravel riding, or
maximum heart-rate action in-between the race tape. So as you can see, the Vento Overcurve comes in three different colorways. There’s the classic black and white, a very sort of roadie-inspired look, it looks very clean and tidy. There’s the slightly stealthier black. But I’m gonna talk about the red one because, clearly, red is fastest and this is the
high-performance race shoe. So it’s got a Microtex
synthetic upper on here, this is something that we
see a lot in the Fizik range, and it’s a very ergonomic design. Of course, it’s focused on being the most comfortable shoe it can be, and of course it has to be ’cause it’s gonna be used in
some very demanding conditions. So the Overcurve part of the name actually refers to the way the shoe, it’s part of the design,
wraps around your ankle and follows the natural sort of profile of your ankle bones that protrude on, obviously, the inside and the outside. Now as you can see here,
it’s an asymmetrical design to give it the closest fit possible without hindering any movement. Out back here, you have a
really supportive heel box, and on the inside of it you’ve got the silicone rubber here, to really enhance that clamp on the ankle that you’d get when you secure it with the Boa system on there. And Fizik have paid a lot
of attention to foot form and how tight you can
actually adjust these without giving yourself any sort of pressure points on there. You can really crank this system up. And it’s like a clamp on your ankle, it really holds the shoe very securely. Now, the uppers themselves are actually quite lightweight on there,
there’s not a lot of padding, but this shoe is the minimal,
race-orientated shoe, it’s all about lightweight
and high-performance. Now, the upper of the shoe itself is a welded and laminated
design, where possible. There’s barely any stitching on here, which of course, on an off-road shoe, stitching can actually
retain mud and moisture, which is a no-no really. You wanna try and avoid
that as much as possible. And it also means it’s
very easy, just wipe clean or give it a quick
spray down with the hose and it’s gonna be very clean. Now, moving onto the sole, you can see a very
aggressive design on here. And it’s got a carbon composite
sole on the base here, too, so it’s both very, very stiff and very efficient at the same time. It’s all about power delivery whilst keeping that weight down. And so on that fiber composite sole, we’ve got a TPU rubber tread on there, so there’s enough there
to get good traction. And look at that profile, this is designed to really
claw into the terrain. And there’s also optional stud
mounts on the front there, if you wanna get things
really, really aggressive. And retail price on the
Fizik Vento Overcurve X3 are €219 a pair. Can’t emphasize this enough, this is a high-performance,
race-orientated shoe. This is all about maximum efficiency to transmit through to that pedal stroke, and to be comfortable, hours
on end, in that saddle. Next up, let’s have a
look at the Terra X5. (smooth R&B beat) This is a slightly less
aggressive looking, I would say a more trail-focused
version of that shoe. Now, it’s all about maximum
pedaling efficiency, whilst being very
comfortable at the same time. Now, this shoe has a
few additional features, and it’s also slightly cheaper. So the Microtex version of the shoe, available in these colorways, comes in at €159. But there’s also suede upper version, which I think looks really nice, and that retails for €175. So the Terra X5 is
streamlined and ergonomic, and again, it has an asymmetrical design. So once again, we see the Boa
system for retention on there, only this time it’s the
slightly chunkier L6 model. But it pulls that same, steel-coated nylon cable there, or lace. In addition to that,
there’s a 25 millimeter Velcro strap there, just
for really fine-tuning that fit in the saddle. Once again, we see a
really sturdy heel box on the back there. It’s got those silicone
rubber grippers on the inside, it’s got a little pull tab on the back to aid putting them on. And it gives it a real
vice-like grip around the ankle, which means it’s great both on the bike and when you have to do
those hike-a-bike sections. Now, the upper on these
is slightly tougher and slightly heavier-duty
than on the Vento Overcurve, and the tongue itself
has a quite a substantial amount of padding on there. And that in combination with
this slightly tougher toe box will really fend off those rock strikes and any other sort of trail-side debris that’s likely to come your way. On the base, you’ve got a composite carbon fiber sole once more, with a TPU rubber lugging system on there. And again, optional toe studs if you really, really have to deal with those gnarly conditions out there. The sole is all about power transfer and keeping you comfortable
for hours in the saddle. Fizik know a thing or two
about foot and shoe ergonomics, and how that should all work, and you can really crank these up tight without getting those
hot spots on your foot, which can lead to numbness when you’ve been in the
saddle for a long time. A very well researched shoe. Now the synthetic Microtex fabric is very easy to look
after, it’s very durable, and it’s very lightweight. Of course, you can just
wipe this stuff clean. But I gotta say, there’s
something about the suede model I really like. Now, no doubt, suede is
slightly harder to look after, but it’s got that lovely feel to it. I have to say, that’s
probably the shoe I’d go for. So that is the brand
new Vento Overcurve X3, and the Terra X5, and the Terra X5 Suede. Don’t forget, we are giving
away five pairs of shoes, that’s a pair of shoes of your choice from this selection here. Head into the description
below this very video in order to enter that
competition, get involved. And of course, if you like Fizik shoes, and if you like free Fizik
shoes, give us a thumbs up!

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  1. #GMBNTech just can’t do MTB shoes with the “soccer lugs” on the bottom. Very much love a flat bottom shoe with more traction on the pedals around the clips. FiveTen or North Wave are hard to beat!!!

  2. Love these shoes would love to win the speedy red ones because my shimano one are falling apart love the cids keep the great stuff up😀

  3. In the market for some clipless MTB shoes after deciding to switch away from flat pedals… Lets hope i dont have to buy them 😀

  4. the X5 is adverticed as 285g each. I bought them and they weight around 318g (636g pair). I can understand a few grams off but 66g? Come on Fizik!!!!!

  5. Great Video Doddy, I loved it, i race for a high school team and my girl grynds in bad shape and thwn i saw this video! My preference is either the Vento Overcurves or the Terra X5

  6. I would like to win a pair of these one, for my girlfriend who didn't get a pair of shoes in her perfectly fitted size🤗 that would be amazing!

  7. I would like to win one of these pairs, because i didn’t find any shoe in my size. I‘m a Young Girl Rider with size 38👠🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. I've got a pair of X5. Left shoe came with a stitching issue from the factory. Makes it very uncomfortable just in font of the ankle, especially while climbing.

  9. Recently got back to cycling wouldn't mind a pair of mtb shoes since all I have is an road bike shoes (was an ex road cyclist) =D

  10. Would love to see you do a review of the new Marzocchi Z1 Bomber! Thinking of buying those forks and not much has been covered on it.

  11. #askgmbntech he Doddy um curious on what info you can give me my B.B. makes a pop every once in a while typically on my left crank I feel it, I have a shimano BB-ES51 I’m curious on if you know of any BBs that can replace it maybe a better one any thoughts? Thanks! Love the show

  12. I've been subscribed to these guys here for a while! they've inspired me to get better at MTB and I started my own channel now due to these channels! I want take everything I've learned from these channels and incorporate it into my own! keep it up guys I love your channels! thanks for inspiring me! I just need some support to get my journey started 😁

  13. I know I'm a lass but I'm drooling over them Terra X5's 🤤 Would really go well with my new S-Works Diverge. Going to switch to clipless soon so I'm in the hunt for a nice pair of shoes and pedals 😊 Great video as always Doddy!

  14. When are Mtn bike shoe companies going to talk about and make larger toe boxes. Some of use have nice wide stable feet and i have to buy my shoes a size to big to keep them from going numb

  15. #GMBNTech While warming up to shoot a clip for the giveaway i broke my pipe between my fork and handlebar and it can't be repaired but somehow i managed to buy new one next week i'm buying a "keysto striker 27.5" but can't afford any other accessories nothing left to spend 😂😂

  16. They look awesome, the suede olive green looks amazing, just outside my price range..I pay normally around 49 bucks for a pair of shimanos, I could only imagine how nice the X5 will be.

  17. What really really sucks is that you pay so mutch money for a shoe that you can throw away ones the sole has worn out.
    That is a waste of material and energy that has gone into the production of the shoe.
    Pure consumerist philosophy. Am I wrong?

  18. Bought these (terra x5) today and honestly soooo AMAZING! Can’t wait to get them out on these streets

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