Nike | Joyride: Beads vs Balls

Nike | Joyride: Beads vs Balls

How are you running right now? It’s hot as balls! Speaking of balls, do those things really work? All those little balls in your shoes? I think they’re called beads. Ok. Beads Balls. Gif Jif. Swoosh Swush. Whatever. Right? Ok. I think they’re called beads.

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  1. We all know were here to know the name of the big tiddies…iliana glazer…and lemme tell you…those tiddies dont disapoint 😉

  2. Only clicked for Ilana but do the shoes actually work lmao? Are they supposed to make running less intense? So many questions left unanswered….. THE SUSPENSE!!

  3. "Hot as balls" = advertiser friendly. Reporting on a news worthy event without being a legacy news outlet or main stream late night television = not advertiser friendly. YouTube your bias is showing.

  4. I saw this as an advertisement, and its definently not advertiser friendly. Oh I forgot, YouTube gets paid a lot for it. And Nike won't have to apologize or retract any statement for this.

  5. BTW Nike/YouTube I really don't like my toddler seeing your trashy commercials between children's educational videos. Try showing some class and common sense.

  6. Nike outdone their research sponsoring her! I haven’t clicked on an ad as fast. In fact I never watch ads I just skip. She’s amazing and people love her. She will be most viewed Nike commercial.

  7. 9/7/2019…………..
    Lady in window: "How are you running right now; it's hot as balls"
    nudist1033: "I run at 3AM…….NAKED from my ankles up……………in the middle of very large warehouse complex office complex areas……………while 95% of the rest of American society is asleep in their own beds. And if the sprinkler systems are spraying while I'm out there that's even better because then I can take an outdoor shower at the end of my run".

  8. I spit my juice out in the cafeteria watching this. how do they allow Nike to get away messing with our innocent minds?.

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