Nike | Joyride: What’s in it for me?

Nike | Joyride: What’s in it for me?

Ok so if I became a runner, I could cancel plans at any time, and say sorry I got a big run tomorrow? And I could eat a whole loaf of banana bread and consider it carbo loading? And I could say I have a hobby besides… well I could say I have a hobby. All because those little beads make running feel… what’s the word? Good? They definitely help. Kings and Queens.

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  1. adidas , rebook , Kalenji and other stuff is more comfy than nike , then again my black leather nikes may be just too stiff but who the f cares right ? no , they kill my feet …

  2. The products are very bad. See complaints about you. You don't even have a global complaint line. That's why I threw it here.

  3. That one girl isn't really a runner. Her chest is too big. And I'm assuming the beads are stuck up your rear end that's why it feels good.

  4. This chick annoys the living crap out of me…. no longer going to buy nike if i have to endure more more feminists bs ….. stop it …. u lost a "female" Customer

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