Nike SB ‘Black Diamond’ OG QS Dunk Low Sneaker Unboxing

Nike SB ‘Black Diamond’ OG QS Dunk Low Sneaker Unboxing

hey youtube today we are gonna have a
look at the big Dunk release of the year so far we have got the 2018 black
Tiffany dunk let’s go have a look hey YouTube my name’s mr. B and if you
new to this channel and not been here before we tend to do sneaker
unboxing’s we do these cinematic sneaker on foot things and every sunday camera –
we stream about 8 p.m. UK time that would be roughly about 12 p.m. on the
west coast and 3 p.m. on the East Coast but camera number one the main camera on
the block nobody’s interested in that right now we’re gonna pull for some
freshness that’s what we’re gonna do SJ on sneak okay I’m gonna pull for
freshness you ready are you ready oh that’s not the attitude we want
enthusiasm today SJ you ready that’s better
Nike you have done a good thing with these boxes there’s so much easier right
everybody let’s do this so everyone’s seen these everyone’s seen the height
for these everyone knows why I’m excited about these
I love dunks I’m a dunk man I’ve got rid of the paper I’m not even looking at it
so we’re gonna go straight in here pink box originally these Tiffany’s all the
original Tiffany’s came out in August 2005 ah just so everybody wants to know
because I’m sure you already know but these are a Nike SB dunk low pro og og
SJ quick strike they’re aus 11 and a half that makes them a ueq and makes
them know you win that makes me UK 10 and a half they are black chrome black
and the code is BV 1 3 1 0 0 0 1 right thing I have been most excited about
weekend lovely pink box so good to see the pink back right here we go so sneaky
cam would cut paper but you don’t get senior well so materials look nice look
nice okay right we’re gonna get these out 1 2 and like the white pair which we didn’t
get that we’re only available in skate stores indeed the yellow pair which are
even more limited and we won’t talk about what went on at complex con second
set of laces is is the Tiffany green is that Tiffany green or tiffany blue
tiffany blue I’m sure most of you know but this is the color of Tiffany boxes
so we have got let’s get the paper out I want to get everything out nice and
early SJ nice and early so we’re gonna get the paper out so it’s a collab with
Diamond Supply Company yes it is SJ so first of all people
feast your eyes on the 2018 black Tiffany Diamond Supply dunk all I
suppose Diamond Supply collab with Nike SB first things first
it smells like leather it really smells like they’re though it looks really nice
I’m just getting a quick skim around these camera twos you wanna have a look
I know you do look at that Nik Academy you’ve got all this to come so you just
hold your horses look at it the lovely lovely crocodile leather here don’t
think it’s real croc as we all know the detachable swoosh Bryce J you ready for
this this is all for you on sneaker cam so the first things first
tong tab we’ve got the diamond supply logo Nike SB underneath can you see that
I’m bringing it in for you just for you then we have got on and I’m gonna get
the laces the next thing on the laces the next thing about this if we can see
knowing no on here engraved or embossed or whatever it is imprinted can you see
can you see that on that side if I move it into the light will that help so you
can see diamonds on that side yeah now if I flick it round
can you see supply so again that’s a really nice touch we’ve got here black
toe box really nice leather here it’s quite supple coming in onto the I’m
going to call it a mud guard laces laces people so like the originals we have got
this thing it’s mock mock croc isn’t it mock croc round here I’m gonna bring it
into SJ giving me all the directions today you’re not going to fall out on
this but you wanted to get this video out super quick so we’ve got white
midsole black sole for everybody comes around the side there the mock croc
again through here through here through here white
stitching on the back there tiffany blue Nike SB or Nike actually got that wrong
you ready for this so silver swoosh feels painting likes probably just
plastic so removable you ready for it you ready for it we all know what’s
coming we’ve all seen the videos diamond underneath lovely little touch that I’m
gonna put this back I’m gonna put this back I love these shoes so much I’m so
pleased we got the little slight offset just to go back so we can reveal the
Tiffany underneath that swoosh not to the original colorway flipping back down
right I am gonna go on the inside we just see if I can get this so standard
zoom heel unit same Tiffany there I just want to check underneath the sticker no
thought for a moment that they might put Nike diamond here as well but they have
they’ve just gone with the colorway standard heel zoom unit so let me get
that back in yeah can’t believe this camera would so that’s it they are a
really nice pair of dunks really nice I can put this on very well there let’s
just set that there okay it’s a spinning around absolutely
beautiful shoe I am so pleased we picked this up
I actually really like I didn’t think about this much when I saw the pictures
online I really didn’t think about it camera two
I really like the stitching like the white stitching going all the way around
I think that really offsets it really really well that’s such a good shoe I’m
just gonna have a look on the laces so I’m gonna get one of these laces out for
you all yep I am I’m gonna get one of these laces out yes we are here we go oh my word just a show so SJ coming in
again I’m gonna put that in the light can you see it says diamond says diamond
okay so I am now we’re now gonna pause we’re not gonna pause what we’re just
gonna roll as if by magic that wasn’t magic I just
sped it up didn’t I I wanted to show you with the alternate
laces I am NOT a lacing God as you can all see they’re a bit of a mishmash I
actually like that sjg you like it like that yep so that’s
let’s just get rid of the two laces and you can see them side by side what do we
think now I know it’s not fair because once factory laced and one isn’t
thoughts so what do you liked you like turquoise Tiffany do you like black
right everyone so while I was lacing that I’m SJ and I revenant conversation
we were having a conversation about the e the way E has been stitched on the
back so you can’t really see that camera to so I’m gonna go straight to sneaker
cam to have a look at how the e is stitched because actually the e on bow
shoes can you see that it’s just stitched badly it’s like wonky we’ve got
a wonky e I reckon that these are this is the final pair that were made on
Friday night before somebody at the factory was like we should really knock
off I fancy a drink I’m gonna go for a pint and yeah they went for a pint and
so they quickly rushed EE but yeah it is so it’s so off it’s so off so all other
quality like from a glue point of view looking at these now from a glue point
of view there’s no a lot like the rest of it spot-on apart from the e but I
suppose that shows that human is involved as a little bit of human
element to them I also like that with these like way back in the day we’ve got
a lace bag as well which now clearly doesn’t have the laces in-house so glad
these arise I’m so glad that they came today and I was able to film this video
for you all super super excited about these I think and we talked about this
on the stream this week the hype the dunks is back been buying dunks will
continue to buy dunks where the hype for them or not funny like nobody was
interested in dunks a couple of years ago and now everybody wants these bad
boys and I think SJ and sneak cam like you’re doing their thing aren’t they
they’re doing their thing so what do you think people do you like these very
clean shoe very very clean so everybody like this video don’t forget to thumbs
up and thanks for subscribing everyone if you have subscribed and you haven’t
hit the notification Bell is somewhere down there I think I just want to say
big thank you to everybody and we will see you in the next video I shouldn’t
really do it like that should I should just say bye we’ll see you later see ya SJ do you like these apart from the e
better than I expected yeah yeah they’re nice they smell really good have a smell

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  1. Eagerly awaiting for mine to arrive. Are you guys gonna bite the bullet on the white pair? I dunno if prices are gonna drop or soar on them.

  2. Im jelllllllllyyyyyyyyy @PintOfStuff good looking ima take those pics of the SB airforce 2 foams tonight sir salute and thanks for the unboxing🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  3. I LOVE MY PAIR! They turned up yesterday. Reviewed them instantly so I could get them on foot for work today. The details are amazing and, like yourself, I love a dunk so pretty happy that they are back on the map.
    I am so close to hitting the buy button at resale for the white pair. They are stunning.

  4. New to the channel, love the content. Just got into SBs a little while ago so It’s nice to have an OG’s insight, keep the videos coming ✊🏼

  5. I actually camped out. First timer. My shop only got 16 pair. Pics do these no justice!! AT ALL!! The Black is my shit!! But the white is so clean and icy ❄️

  6. The "E" on my right black diamond dunk is like yours but my left shoe is fine. Also checked my white diamond dunks and they don't have this problem either. Didn't even notice that flaw. Great catch mate.

  7. I’ve always liked my black Tiffany lows with white laces… I’ll probably do these the same way whenever I come across some white sb laces again.

  8. If someone is looking for this sneakers, U can come in the app Vinted my name is naadirovic, welcome guys ✌

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