OFF-WHITE, VLONE & co. | Was kosten meine HYPE SNEAKER? 💸 – Die Sauerkrautsaft-Challenge mit Olli🤢

OFF-WHITE, VLONE & co. | Was kosten meine HYPE SNEAKER? 💸 – Die Sauerkrautsaft-Challenge mit Olli🤢

Hello my dear friends, I’m here with a new video. For today, I’ve come up with something very special for you. Today I have a guest who is very important to me, a very good friend. He’s been supporting me in everything for the last few years. It’s Oli, also known as @mit_olli. He makes very cool YouTube videos and takes great photos or also known as @Tyrosize. Come here, Oli. Hello, what’s up? Are you ready? I was looking at the table and I don’t really know what to expect yet but I fear it is something evil. That’s the point, he doesn’t know what to expect. I’ve come up with something super creative for today. As you can already see there are some sneakers from my collection in front of us. Which you don’t see so often and are more expensive than what they used to cost back then. Oli knows a lot about photography but not much about clothes and sneakers. Let’s move onto today’s topic, there’s a challenge for Oli today, The challenge is called, the Sauerkraut Juice Challenge. For those who don’t know what sauerkraut juice is – here! Where does Willy know sauerkraut juice from? My grandma used to love to drink it. I guess it’s very healthy but please don’t ask me in what way. Most people have probably tried sauerkraut before and know the taste and smell. I don’t think many people know about the juice. Have you ever had it before, Oli? First of all, thank you for your nice invitation, I really don’t know much about clothes and shoes. The same goes for sauerkraut juice. I have eaten sauerkraut before but never drank the juice. Very good, so I did everything right. I’ll explain the challenge shortly. From these shoes here, Oli will choose 5 pairs. For the 5 pairs, Oli must guestimate the current market price. We will use the current prices at which the shoe in my size was sold on StockX. It is difficult to find a reasonable price, StockX is still the most suitable. So, I’ll extract the last selling price in my size from there. Since Oli doesn’t know much about sneakers, *both laughing* I’ll make it a little easier for him, he can name a price with a tolerance limit – plus minus €400. For example, if he estimates the shoe at €500, however the last selling price was €1100, he loses and must drink a glass of sauerkraut juice. No, it’s not the shot glass, it’s the big glass. The shot glass is for rinsing only. That’s very fair of me. Or what do you think, Oli? It’s super nice. With €1100 it’s not about the total price of the shoes, is it? No, of these eight pairs of shoes, *counting* you pick five pairs which you feel safe with your guess of the price. After your choice, we will start shoe by shoe and I’ll present them to the camera. You guess the price and I look on StockX for the last sale in my size. For example, €2500 was the last sale on StockX and you guess the sale was at €2100, you win that round and you don’t have to drink sauerkraut juice. But if you say €1900, and the last sale was €2500, you lose the round, because the price is outside of the limit. Long story short, of the five pairs, he must guess three correctly. If he guesses three right, I’ll buy him a sneaker of his choice. He can choose it, but we will reveal more about it in the next video. The proof follows. In addition, I will donate €100 to the DKMS. That’s something on my own accord, also to make sense of all the fun. Let’s get started! Any words? Are you ready? Do you want to smell the sauerkraut juice? Not really but yeah. Is this one for the sauerkraut juice or…? *Willy laughs* No, that’s for the water afterwards. That’s how fair I am, I prepared water to rinse. In case he gets uncomfortable. Before I open the bottle, please imagine what sauerkraut smells like on your plate and then now try to imagine how it smells as a liquid and in a different consistency. I’ll smell it first, *willy gags* Can’t be that bad? No, it’s disgusting. Don’t know how people can drink stuff like that. I have the bottle in my hand and it smells nasty already. Smell it. Smell it. I’ll take my time to review it, the juice is naturally cloudy, lactic, fermented. Oh! That shit is nasty. I’ll close it. I think you can now imagine the smell. Oli has to guess 3 out of 5 right, if he is correct, he gets a shoe of his choice and I will donate €100 to the DKMS. I’ll do that whether Oliver wins or loses. I hope, however, that he loses. In that case, I’ll just steal his new shoes. For every wrong guess, he has to drink half a glass of sauerkraut juice. Just to be fair. I also put together an outfit for Oli which fits thematically to the shoes. Oli will change now and we’ll see if it all fits. So we can finally get started. Let’s go! *both laughing* Okay, now that has been done as well. *Willy wheezing* Oli, that outfit looks great on you. Unfortunately, not really my size. I usually wear XL or L, Oli is also smaller than me. Besides, he’s not quite as muscular as I am. *both laughing* Recently, I’ve heard that polka dots are the latest trend. Especially combined with the Supreme box logo. Oli is wearing the Comme de Garcons box logo, plus Gucci shorts – some of you might know it from my photos. Looks solid. On his feet, he wears the Nike Air Streak from a Supreme collaboration. You can hardly tell that the shoe is too big for him. All together a perfect hypebeast outfit. It all suits Oli, rounded off with a gold chain. The cap is not mine, but still fits the outfit. This is the outfit I chose for Oli – I hope you appreciate it. You’d better get changed as well. Let’s do it. Woohoo-hoo hoo! *both laughing* The outfit suits Willy very well! I’ll give you guys a quick run through. Do it. Finest cotton, UK flag with Supreme, What is the right name for this flag? It’s called the Union Jack. Still the UK flag. Union Jack Supreme Box-Logo. You’ve got a box logo on, too, just as a reminder. I photograph Willy often and he often tells me about it, but I have no idea about it. A little cheeky gold necklace too. Not sure if people can see my Palace Blackberry chain. That looks familiar. Normally you can print stuff on the back. Short sweat pants from Supreme as well. Feels like decent quality. And the shoe? What’s the name of it? Air Jordan? Yes, the Air Jordan – that’s right. A Nike Air Jordan in red, white and blue. This is the Union LA, which is either friends and family or a US exclusive. And some socks – Gucci socks! Awesome Gucci! So the outfit check is done. Back to the topic, let’s put the glasses away. You pick three of these five pairs now. This one looks pretty cheeky. Number one, which one do you also pick? Blue is a beautiful color. Mhh Cause I think this is pretty crazy, Hello? We’re in the middle of a challenge here, I’ll call you back later. I’ll take this one too – Two are left. Then of course this cheeky thing. This one looks fancy. And so it doesn’t get too one-sided, this one as well. This is your final selection? This is my final selection. Well, then the other three pairs get away – a pity. But that’s your call! You’re welcome to say something about these. I think everyone who is currently involved with hyped sneakers knows the Vlone Air Force 1, also called the Flow. Very limited, but I can’t tell you the number exactly, maybe around 150 to 200 pairs. I got it in a US 11.5. Let’s do a little training round for you. Right, we’ll start with this one as your practice. We don’t need the other two anymore. Let’s start with this one, easily visible or? Is this a practice only or? But if you get it wrong, you still gotta drink a bit of the juice. No, or I’ll have to get a point right away. Ok, you’re right, practice only. We have here the Vlone Air Force 1 in black and orange. I’ll check the last sale on StockX. Oli doesn’t look, he’s always honest. I’ll search for the shoe. Found it. The release was in 2017, also found my size. Now it’s your call Oli, practice only, so no need to drink. Your guess, how much is this pair worth? So how much was my size last sold for on Stockx? Retail was about €180 or so? Around €150. The shoe looks very wicked, the leather also feels very high-quality. Retail was $250. Just so you know. Limited to how many pairs? I think 150 to 200 pairs, I’m not sure, wait – I’ll check. While I check, you can think about your guess. Write in the comments if you know how many pairs this one is limited to. If you know, let us know. I don’t know the exact number anymore but it is strictly limited. The shoe looks fancy and is limited, I have no idea, so I’m just gonna listen to my gut. I guess the pair costs €1200 on the internet. Alright, Oli says €1200, I have StockX in front of me, the US 11.5 was recently sold for €1579 on StockX. Applause. He was not exactly right, which is also very difficult, but thanks to the €400 tolerance limit, so €1200, which guess plus €400 is €1600 so he is still within the boundary. So Oli would have gotten the point and would have 1 out of 5 right. But that was just the test round and it’s gonna get tougher from now on. I have to be honest with you, I had no clue. That’s why I got in higher and am now surprised at how much the shoe is worth. Once a shoe’s so limited, people fight about it. To be honest, I would have thought €300. But at the end of the day, even that is still a lot of money for a shoe. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that the price of a shoe does not make you a better person. It’s nice to collect these. In the end, it’s just a hobby. Every hobby costs money and everyone has fun in their own way. That’s why I can understand it a bit. I’m happy to own something like this, I like to collect limited edition items and even if I don’t get a pair, it’s still okay. What I paid for it, however, we’ll leave it out of here. You’d think I was crazy. The practice is over, everybody know how it works how. No juice this time. Now, we start with the actual game. He picked his five pairs. Let’s start. Choose the pair you want to start with. I’ll start with the cheeky pair in the middle. I have no idea, is that an Ultra Boost? No, it’s an NMD. One of the first NMD collaborations released. It was a very hyped Adidas shoe, but now that a period of time has passed, the hype has subsided a bit. In the meantime, new models have been released. This is a collaboration with Nice Kicks, one of my favourite sneaker sites and also a cool shop! So much for that, nice batik pattern. Also limited, but that’s all I’m telling you. I have a similar shoe myself – these are super comfortable, the colour gradient reminds me a bit of my primary school days back then. We painted our own batik shirts with a bucket of colour and then gave them to our parents as a gift. Hold on a second, I’ll give you a little hint. Retail price back then was $170. mmh … $170… Exactly, but also limited, no general release. I honestly don’t have any clue, I’ll just guess. This piece of art costs on the black market, €550. Is €550 your last bid? Is that final? €550 for the Nice Kicks NMD R1 … €600! €600 it is! It is in the size US 11. €600 your last call? Sure about €600? Sure? Ok, let’s go. Last sale of the Nice Kicks NMD in US 11 was €497 Congratulations. That was too easy. You’re guessing too well. I bought several bottles of Sauerkraut juice. Next glass is coming, I hope for it. Last sale was almost €500 – Oli was right, his guess was within the tolerance range one point for Oli. No point for me. This one’s done. Let’s not talk too much. Let’s get straight to the next pair, after red comes blue, so this one here. This is an Off-White Air Force 1 MCA. The MCA is a museum in Chicago. The release of the shoe was this year, limited as well. Again, I don’t know the exact number, but I guess around 200 to 500 pairs. I am looking at StockX for size US 10.5. Found it, I’m ready for your guess. It’s an interesting color, but I wouldn’t find a single piece in my wardrobe that matches this color. The rear part looks like it has been cut off by a pair of scissors, which certainly lowers the price. The workmanship could have been better. It’s a ‘deconstructed’ concept. Is that on purpose? Exactly. I didn’t change anything, the shoe was sold that way. Deconstructed – Some love it, others hate it. Shoelaces are present, the color looks fresh. I have a price in my head, since I was very good with the other one. I’ll do it again, €600! €600 it is. Is €600 your last offer? Final bid? You make me nervous. I’m not playing games, just asking. Maybe I’m bluffing. €700! Oli says €700 for the MCA Off-White Air Force. Last sale of the US 10.5 on StockX was €1768. What?! *both are laughing* This is crazy. This also shows that Oli doesn’t know much about the topic. Now it’s time for his first glass of sauerkraut juice. I’ll show you the proof here. €1768 for a US 10.5 that’s the proof so you believe me. Oli was pretty wrong with his guess. Time to come back, Oli – with the shoe! It’s time for some sauerkraut juice now. I can’t believe it, €1700! No joke, you saw the proof. We’ll open the sauerkraut juice now if you could smell it, it does not smell pleasant. I’ll make some space for you. The smell is disgusting. I gotta drink it, so pour it in. Will do. It looks like something coming out of the body. Good quality. Stop – wait. Since we want to be fair, you also get a small shot glass of water – for rinsing. That smell is disgusting. Are the shoes worn? Yes they are. Maybe that will neutralise the smell. Should we get a bucket? Oli already has one point. He failed his second guess. One point is safe. There are still 3 attempts. Let’s go with the first glass. I’m seriously thinking about doing another challenge like that. There will be revenge time. Chug it. If not possible, just leave it. Disgusting. You gotta appreciate this – the smell is already disgusting. Never drank anything better before. That’s not faked, there’s the shot afterwards, but only water, no vodka. Very brave Oli. Big move that you did it. I’m really happy, let’s hope there is another glass coming. We still have 3 bottles left. There’s plenty in stock, thanks again Franz. MCA Jordan is done. On to the next one. If you need a break or go to the toilet, No need yet, thanks. You’re not the youngest anymore, just let me know. Great, onto the next one. Nike again. At the moment, I wear a lot of Nike. Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1. How do I know? It’s written on the side. That was easy. Smells worn. I think it’s clever. Please be gentle, don’t destroy it. A good hint, it seems valuable. That’s how you get the information you need. Oli, you’re a smart one! Quick break before you continue talking and make funny jokes. It’s the first Off-White shoe from ‘The Ten’ collection. Accordingly, it is also the most wanted one – the Chigaco colorway. As you can see, this pair is already worn out a bit, I even brought the left one with me because there is a coffee stain on the right pair. Also a limited edition shoe, but not quite as limited as the others. Now, it’s on you to guess the value of it. Let me quickly check the size, it’s a US 12. I’ll check the last sale on StockX for the US 12. Found it, let’s talk dear. It’s not easy. I’ve seen this shoe on Instagram famous people from time to time. People like me? You and people like you. Sorry to interrupt you again, it’s not easy. I’d love to give you a hint or you’ll have to drink your next glass right away but that’s the challenge. I got it, this one is cut in as well. What was this called again? Deconstructed. Deconstructed … Let’s not beat around the bush. I’m going to lean really far out of the window and say this masterpiece costs more than what some earn in a month This shoe costs €3500. Final guess? I’ve got no idea. I’m just asking. I can’t change always change my guess last minute. Huge price but I’ll stick to it. Yes! Oli’s guess was €3500. Touché Oli! No shit? It is not quite €3500 but €3122, which means that you are $22 within the tolerance limit. Means the point goes to you! But seriously, €3000? Yes, it’s one of the most expensive shoes you can get on the market at the moment. I don’t know why exactly, but probably because it was the first from the Off-White Ten collection. It is also a very comfy pair. Looks good too. Long story short, point for Oli. Two out of three are right. Still two to go. This means that if he guesses the next one right too, he’ll get his pair of free shoes safely. and the €100 donation to DKMS from me. Sweet, this one is done too. Next one! I’ll pick this wicked pair. It looks very interesting, on the back is something which looks like the glasses that Daft Punk was wearing in his music videos. However, this could also act as a brake when skating. I honestly can’t tell you what it is. Please write in the comments if you know more about it. I’ve heard something from time to time, but I’m not sure if it’s a design feature or if there’s a function behind it. Sorry, I don’t know more. There is also a classy white and black colorway. This shoe has been dyed. This shoe is also very limited. Not many pairs, it’s a collaboration with A-Cold-Wall, which is a streetwear label. The shoe is called Nike Zoom Vomero 5+ A-Cold-Wall Solarised on StockX. I can’t even pronounce the name. Fortunately, I only have to estimate the price. It is a US 11. I haven’t owned this pair for a long time the search wasn’t that easy. Limited, looks fancy with the cheeky thing on the back, since the other one was really expensive, and I know Willy owns a lot of rare sneakers, I value this shoe at €2200. As I mentioned before, prices vary a lot between sizes. I’ll quickly check for a US 11.5. Can I have a look as well? Not yet. A US 12, one size bigger than this one, was recently sold for €1067. Oh, I’m far out. The US 11 which is here on the table, was recently sold for €506. What? That’s a bargain. It is since I know how much I paid for it. Touché Oli, unfortunately, no point for you this time. But you still have 2 out of 5 right. There is still the chance to win with the last pair. But first some Sauerkraut juice. Yay! Oli missed out on that one, which makes me a bit happy. What is that supposed to mean? You only want me to suffer. I think you like it and it is healthy as well. I read that somewhere. A little bit more, that is for you. It really looks like urine. The smell is nasty. Wait, here comes the water too. Since we’re talking about prices, what would happen if I spray the juice over my shirt? Then you owe me at least €200. Let’s go Oli, down it – you know the taste now. Pfui. Do it. If you could only imagine the smell here right now. But he’s going through with it, a real man. If I have to continue sauerkraft juice, please no more words like that. Fair enough – will do. We weren’t sponsored by Voelkel we just bought it. It’s a 0.7 litre bottle. Half of it is already gone, which means Oli has already drunk more than 350ml of the sauerkraut juice. I hope you’re still feeling well, Oli? I’m a machine, I heard this is good for the gut flora. Let’s do the last pair. One of my favorite sneakers which you may have seen on many fit pics already. You probably know as well. It’s the Nike Craft Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0. Be quiet, I’m talking now. The Nike Craft Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0. Also a rare pair of shoes. Since it’s a 2.0, keep in mind there was a 1.0 before. Sorry, what did you say? There was a 1.0 model before and this is the 2.0. The shoe is not that old yet. The release was the 6th of August 2017 and the retail price was $200 according to StockX. Let me quickly check the size. It’s a US 11 again, a 45, which is my size. I got it ready in front of me, did you look or? No. Alright then, let’s hear your guess. Let me have a closer look – Breathable, nobody’s sweating in here. It doesn’t smell like Willy’s feet either. On the top, there is the cut off design again. It’s called deconstructed, try to keep it in your mind! It’s the third time you’re asking. I can’t remember anything like that. I can still smell the disgusting juice. The design looks very fresh, also flexible. Don’t overdo it ok? Oh, here we go, expensive again? Yes, here comes another hint, it’s over €1000. Oh good to know, thanks. The price range is between €1000 and €10,000. The value of the shoe is within this range. That’s one hell of a price range. I can’t give you anymore hints. Nah, you’re absolutely right. I still want you to drink more sauerkraut juice. And I want a pair of new shoes. Ok dear, let’s not talk for ages and get down to business My guess for this shoe is … Stop, wait a second, since it’s the last shoe, I want you to describe this shoe in one sentence, in your typical Oli manner. If somebody wants to buy that shoe, what would be your perfect description? Fellas, you’re looking for the sneaker that’s perfect for your fit? Brothers and sisters outside, I got the right High End Hypebeast Rocket for you. Charming beige colors, breathable and with a red Nike swoosh on the side. In addition, the sole is flexible so that you can really get going. If you go into the Russians squat again, then I tell you that you can buy this shoe for €3800 from me. Really nice, still asking myself why you aren’t working as a salesman. Buy at @mit_olli I still have some videos on my phone where Oli is singing with Marcel – Marcel? Yeah? That’s Marcel. He is also likely to show the videos but that’s not the topic today, we’ll show you the videos another time. That would be another idea for a video. Yeah sure, you only have great Ideas. We could rate your singing concert videos. Great. We watch the videos together and review them. But that’s not the topic today. Oli’s guess is what? €3800. I’m afraid I have to disappoint you, the last sale in a US 11 was for €4600. I’m sorry Oli, that you failed. No shoes for you since you only had 2 out of 5 right. Just a small glass for now. Just to be human, but we still got 2 bottles left. Have to come up with a way to use them somehow. Sauerkraut Challenge Part 2 maybe with people from the office. Write this down in the comments how the journey should continue with this format. Please let us know how you liked the format. It was all very spontaneous, I had the idea and Oli was up for it – thanks again Oli. Thanks for taking part in this and downing this nasty sauerkraut juice everytime. Honestly, I couldn’t do it – that’s why we got you. Here we go. Cheers. Before you puke, here is a water shot for you. We want to be nice. I have a little message for you, maybe I wasn’t completely honest with you, What? *both are laughing* You said €3800 or? Because you were right! Yeah! Yeah! Oli was right with his guess, but I wanted him to have another glass of sauerkraut juice, and he did it like a real man without even asking or checking! Last sale of the shoe in US 11, my size, was for €4060 on StockX. This means he was in the tolerance limit with his €3800 bet. Which also means he got 3 out of 5 points, therefore he is the winner of this Sauerkraut Challenge. And also winner of hearts! I’ll get new shoes soon. Congratulations on that, Oli! Thank you for going through this challenge. Next time I’ll think of something even meaner, as it apparently wasn’t so hard for you. Oli can choose a shoe of his choice, we will show this briefly at the beginning in the next video. As a result of Oli’s win, I will donate €100 to the DKMS. I’ll show you the screenshot in the next video. So that you know it’s all really happening. I want it to be transparent, that’s really close to my heart. Thanks again, Oli, for taking the time, and also that you put on that outfit. Which also suits you very well, maybe you should think about a fashion change. But I’m not sure what your girlfriend is gonna say if you come home with this outfit. I can wear anything. I hope you enjoyed the video. We’re done for today, the sauerkraut juice is almost empty. I’ll hand out a few glasses to the colleagues in the office. I hope you enjoyed the video, please leave some feedback. Did you enjoy it? Did you have a good laugh? I just want to mention again that nothing was scripted. Oli didn’t know about limited sneakers, nor did he know the prices. Congratulations again for winning this challenge. Though I made fun of him. He’s going to rinse vigorously now. I’m actually going to the bathroom. We are out for today, see you in the next video – Peace out!

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    Der AĆW* Vomero hat diesen Heckspoiler nur aus Designgründen, soweit ich das weiß, der war ja auch nie am Original verbaut. Jedenfalls dacht‘ ich, dass der Samuel seine Inspiration beim RS-Computer hatte und er das optisch gut fand‘

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