Oliver Boots – GME Supply

Oliver Boots – GME Supply

Hi my name is Sasha, I’m with GME Supply and
I’m here today to talk to you about Oliver Boots. Oliver makes boots for general construction,
chemical resistance, and beyond. They’ve been around since the 1800’s so they really know
what they’re doing. Oliver Boot has this cool new technology called
Poron XRD which will absorb impact up to 90%. They also have a Comfort Cushion so you’ll
be comfortable all day long inside the boot. These boots have a natural shaped steel toe
cap so you’ll be comfortable and protected all day long. Give us a call, or see our selection of Oliver
Boots online, at GMESupply.com.

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  1. Oliver Boots has been in the boot making game since the 1800’s. They’re as comfortable as they are protective.


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