One on One | Old Spice

One on One | Old Spice

Nice shot! Thanks! I know you and your wife have been arguing. Yeah. You know how you’ve been talking about how those Old Spice body washes are for you? Yeah. Sayin’ stuff like men have skin too? Yeah. Man I have to come clean and just say it, I borrowed your Old Spice Moisturize with Shea Butter from your shower. That’s it? Those body washes are for us men, man! Shoot.

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  1. Soo you're telling me that men never wear old spice till they said men have skin too idk if you know what I mean🤔💩

  2. Old Spice hates white men.
    White men stop buying Old Spice.
    Old Spice is now in the "locked" display
    Old Spice goes bankrupt.

  3. I have the old spice whistle as my notification, so when I heard it in the video I thought I got a text or something

  4. 0:38–0:41 and 0:43–0:46 watch the basket net very closely in the bottom right you’ll see a weird rest/movement with the net I think they just looped him making a swish three times lol anyone else notice that

  5. I feel like I'm missing something…
    When was this man in his house, even did he get the bodywash, why is he taking an apologetic tone, etc?
    What does the wife arguing with him have to do with this?

    And the that's it response…

    I'm confused. Was the commercial playing on a confession of the friend smashing the wife or something?

  6. Anyone know the song when they're shooting the basket ball and the other guy saying nice shot? It's kind of catchy lol

  7. "Man I have to come clean and just say it……..I borrowed your Old Spice moisturize with shea butter from your shower." I died laughing the first time I saw this. That serious tone starting at the 0:16 mark, and that serious face Thomas Jones makes at 0:21 seconds is too much lol.

  8. Why do I feel like shooting this was impossible because the dude just couldn’t make that many shots in a row?
    0:40 and 0:46 LOOK AT HIS HEAD

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