OutDoor 2019 – Royal Robins – Hemp Socks

OutDoor 2019 - Royal Robins - Hemp Socks

so we've joined Joanne here on the Royal Robbins stand to talk well about Sox hemp and yak fibers is that right but but also a little bit about Royal Robbins the brand because it's it's a brand that's probably well known to people but maybe they don't know the sort of history behind it so much so royal and let's started the brand about 50 years ago fifty-one years ago I should say royal was a clean primer in Yosemite yeah our heritage is in our backyard because we're based in San Francisco okay royal was a clean primer in that he really wanted to protect the environment but he lived in and wanted to make for the future and clean climbing where you tie the knots into the what's with the knot into those cracks versus damaging that Rob yeah sure I'm a sustainability perspective he started it in the sixties and then as he started with apparel brand he then wanted to continue that through it with his apparel brand right so we've always been known for an apparel brand as an apparel brand and then for spring 20 we started with top right okay so we're launching socks whispering 20 they are a blend hem with recycled polyester right and then it has yak in it too so this is a blend that we work really closely with our milk yeah so we have a mill because in apparel we also do hemp product in both Nets and in woburn okay so you've got experiences we find it yes and we work really closely with our mill and so we developed the yarn that we have it is over 50% hem so it's 51% hem because we believe that having more hemp in it obviously those properties that have carried like the antibacterial the odor resistant okay and the thermoregulation a key to having a great song mm-hmm and having this much hemp in it is only going to benefit you with the song but you can't have 100% PEM right why not well as most people know it's very rough okay yes off town field yeah and so we were playing around with different yarns and we've twisted ours with a recycled poly that helps obviously with the wicking and the thermoregulation okay and then hemp naturally has that Rafal feel so we've added a touch of yak and the adding the touch of yak really helps with that softness yak has been known in Mongolia they used it for a lot of different things including their blanket clothing right depending on where that hair comes from on the animal you can use it for different energy uses okay and with us we use a very soft short staple fiber that really gives you that soft hand feel right in the blend that we use in our shop mm-hmm when we put the socks together we played around with testing them and one of the things obviously for us is it needs to be the perfect travel saw yeah and we have one of our guys Chester he wore it for five days straight okay and I was like ooh and I was like but you know what they didn't smell out being after five days I'm sure its feet smells right yeah but the socks didn't being at least 51 over 50% kills up to 90 95 percent of the bacteria well I never knew that and so that was key to us having a sock and having it levels up in the line okay um and then the other reason for finding a hemp sock is because there's so many Marino's yeah we wanted to find a niche which made sense for us as a brand and us as an extension of our power line and being able to travel and so hemp as window for hemp in our apparel made the most sense and also from all the features that you get with them right fantastic well we look forward to trying some of the range at some point right as you can see here we do a micro we do water this is our crew height okay yes and then we do have a couple of paths over the calf length which we're testing at this moment in time for compression right as everyone knows what travel there are so many people that now are wearing the compression socks when they travel yeah on the plane yeah so we do have a cutout for a couple of silhouettes okay we have testing at this moment in time for compression not medical grade right yeah just for travel which will be key and then our color palette really was driven by the fact that we're using a natural fiber and selecting a color palette that associates with our peril line which is very colorful we're known in our pattern making sure that also fits really nicely with the fact that the natural fiber hmm yeah and so you can see with the palate and it's a unisex line so the idea behind the palette is that you can wear it both genders can wear it okay granted we have one that may be more feminine but I'm sure I would happily wear a pink sock I know that love for men they are wearing all these different colors Noah and so we wanted to keep it really clean and subtle but make sense sort of travel and an extension of our power line great stuff well thank you very much and a great

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