Pointe Shoe Accessories I What Beginning Pointe Dancers Need

Pointe Shoe Accessories I What Beginning Pointe Dancers Need

– Hey guys, we are here with Josephine at the Pointe Shop in
Santa Ana, California. I’m super excited to be
filming with you again. I know, I’m so excited to do this again with you. It’s been super fun the
last time we did that. I set up the Pointe Shop back in 2014. We’re going into our fifth year now, so it’s really exciting. – Crazy. Has anything exciting been happening this year so far? – Oh man, this year I went across almost the entire country fitting pointe shoes in different studios. So, if you are watching from different parts of the country, (laughing) I might have been close to you, so we’ll probably do
something like that again next year or so, but for now I think I’m going to chill in California for awhile. – That’s a good idea. – Yeah, I’m tired. (laughter) – I felt bad, just tired. Today we’re talking about
pointe shoe accessories. – All about the sunny things. – Should we do it? – Let’s do that. – Okay. – Okay, perfect. – Okay, so what do we have first? – These are our newest
pointe shoe accessories that are out there. They’re called box liners. So the front of the pointe shoe is called the box and that’s where you kinda slide this guy in, there’s no
adhesive or anything, and what that does is
that it gives your foot like a nice hug, so it doesn’t slide around
inside of your pointe shoes. – Oh. – Yeah. _ Okay, so it fits good
for if the shoe is a medium little bit too big for you in the box? – So, ideally the pointe shoes would be fitted perfectly, but you can’t, you know, of course, even with six different widths it’s always going to be a little bit off. If you are sliding around inside your pointe shoes, this is perfect to
kinda of put it in there and like get rid of that space. – I have actually never seen these in my 21 years of dancing. – Yeah, because it’s not very common but we use this quite a bit because we want to get
that perfect fit right? So we want to make sure that nothing is bothering you or anything. This might actually be good for you, Auty. Like it makes a huge difference. (laughs)
– Like actually. – Seriously, actually. ‘Cause you have like, have
like a shallower foot. I remember from fitting her last time. (laughing) – She remembers my shallow foot. – Sometimes I remember feet but I don’t remember people. Until they take their shoes off. It’s like, oh yeah, I remember you now. (laughing) – I like it to you. All right, toe pads. – Toe pads, these are really cool. They are just made out
of a different material. Most toe shoes have some kind of gel in it so it’s nice and cushy and it kind of forms to your foot. This is probably the
most standard toe pad. You’ve seen these before. So it has the gel on the inside and has fabric on the outside so it’s super comfortable. – So there are different sizes huh? – Yes. – This is a medium. – This is a medium. This particular brand is Russian Pointe and it comes in small, medium, and large, so you definitely find the toe pad that is right for your foot. So this is medium, it
comes a little bit small to me though. – It’s a baby toe. – It’s a baby toe. It’s like right or
shorter the shorter toes. So like the size small
would be like, you know, size four to maybe a six. – Okay, teeny tiny. – Teeny tiny. – Okay, those are cloth. – Yeth, yeth.
(laughing) Yeth they’re cloth.
(laughing) – Yes. And here we are. – Delusional today. So this is the same deal,
it covers your toes, but it’s made out of gel material. Now I have to be, I have to warn you what’s on these gel toe pads. Some come super thick, like you can’t even touch the floor. – Those are the ones I used to wear. (laughing) – Like the blue ones? – Yes. – It’s so thick. – It’s squishy, I love them. – I know, they’re so comfortable. – Love a good squish. – I’m like, what is a pointe shoe? You can’t even feel it. – No, it’s so true, they were the best. – Yeah, so this is gel
so it’s kind of comfy but it’s really thin, so I like these a lot in terms of gel toe pads, because it’s still allows
you to feel the floor and everything, but it’s thin enough so you can still move your feet around in your pointe shoes. – Would you recommend one or the other for a beginner? – So it doesn’t, it’s actually completely dancer’s preference. – Okay. – Some people say that like oh I get really sweaty, ’cause I really don’t like these gel ones. – The gel ones, right. – It’s like a pool of sweat, you know. – Delicious. – It’s delicious. This absorbs sweat a
little bit better, I think, but this definitely is a little more dense so it’s gonna give you a
little bit more cushiness. – So if you like the
cushiness, go with the gel. – And if not. If you’re a sweater. – Go with the cloth. – That was me, I was like sweaty feet. I know, all of you guys
want to know this. (laughs) All these guys out there will
be like, I want to date that. – She’s taken. – Sweaty feet. – So we have ribbons and
elastics next. (laughs) These are what’s gonna keep
your shoe on your foot. And I do work with some studios that either don’t wear elastics or don’t wear ribbons, but it’s very rare. You kinda want both to
kinda keep your foot inside of your shoe. – Plus it looks prettier with it together. – It does look prettier. Look how pretty these are. – That’s what’s more important. – Duh, let’s talk about ribbons first. So now there’s stretchy ribbon
and there’s regular ribbon. This pretty satin one
doesn’t stretch at all, so it doesn’t, it actually
pulls your shoe tighter. So if you need more support, non-stretch ribbons are great, but the stretchy ribbon
is a lot more comfortable. And it kinda like. – I love these. – I know, it’s great. So if you actually have
trouble with your ribbon slipping off your heel
with the regular ribbon, then the stretchy ribbon
stays on your ankles better. So it’s comfier and it actually helps ya a little bit more with like achilles tendonitis. – I was just gonna ask. If you’ve have had
achilles tendonitis issues, the stretch one may be
a better option for you. – Yes, it’s true, ’cause it kind of holds your
foot in a little bit more. – It gives you a little
more range of motion. Just depends. – It’s true. Okay, then there’s two different
kinds of elastic as well. This is the regular elastic. You’ll probably see this the most often. It’s a little bit tighter. And then you have the Covert elastic or invisible elastic
that’s invisible on stage. So it’s a little bit
cleaner if you wear this but it is a little bit stretcher, and most companies have
both versions of this. And depends on what
material that they’re using, how stretchy they are
or how tight they are. – I love this one. – It’s pretty, it’s a pretty one. – They Covert. (laughing)
– It’s Lamb’s Wool. – A little lamb.
– A little lamb, it’s so cute. So this is actually one of
my favorite accessories. Because it’s loose lamb’s wool. You can put it in any hot spot, so we call it Hot Spots. – Yep, I remember the hot spots. – When like you have like a point in. – It’s soft. – I know, it’s so soft. So when you have a point
in your, on your foot that actually presses or hurts a lot you can just put a little bit of this guy on that spot and it
makes a huge difference. So people with really bony
feet and has a lot of hot spots everywhere, this is like your best friend. Or if you have really sensitive skin, this is fantastic, ’cause you can put on as much
or as little as you want, you can actually make into a toe pad if you want to instead
of wearing the toe pad. – Put the entire shoe in.
(laughing) – That’s how I would like my shoes. Just like stuff it in
with all this padding. – I think that’s awesome. – Yeah, so this is super comfy and it’s really customizable
because it’s loose. – We love a loose, (upbeat music) accessory.
(laughing) Matt’s face back there. – We all paused for affect. – I know. – [Steve] Sometimes I start a sentence and don’t know where it’s going. – So Rosin can be used for
a lot of different things. It’s this rock that kind of crushes into this sticky material, so if you slip, then this is really good for the floor. However, a lot of dance studios now they don’t allow Rosin,
because it makes the floor really sticky. – What? – I know. – Love Rosin. – I know. – I was always the one like crushing it in the back of the studio. – Oh, my gosh, really? I couldn’t turn it,
like if you over do it, it’s really difficult to turn, unless you’re really strong. – That’s true, that’s true. – Yeah, ’cause it gets like stuck, but it really helps you with slipping because point shoes are made out of satin and they’re really slippery. So this is really great. – A little goes a long way. – A little goes a long way, and also, if you can put this, if you have a problem
with your point shoes slipping off your heel,
you can put a little of Rosin on your heel and like it sticks. – Oh, I didn’t know that. – Oh yeah, all kinds of things. – On your actual heel or your tights. – Well it’s always, your
pointe shoes stay on your skin better than it does tights, so
you can put it on your tights or your skin, and it will stick better. – Yeah. – Now. – Our last one. – Our last one, you’ll be
very interested in this, if you break your pointe
shoes way too fast. You probably do, so this actually
hardens your pointe shoes, if you go through your
pointe shoes way too quickly. You can put this on
your shank or your box. So if the back bone, if
you break the back bone of this shoe faster then put it on there, and if you want to, if you break your box a little bit too quickly
then you can put it on there. And it hardens the shoe. And I like this better than just getting a
harder shoe all together, because when you get a hard
shoe, everything is hard. – Yeah. – But this you can target
exactly where you want it. – What, you want to like firm up things. – Exactly. – Firm it up with some Instant Jet. So is this a, is this a teeny tiny bit like someone who doesn’t
know how to use this? – Oh man, you don’t even
know how many emails I get like your shoes are like unusable, because they put too
much Jet Glue on there. – Oh no. – I know, you can ruin
a pair of point shoes if you put too much Jet Glue because it turns into a brick. So do it a little bit at a time. – Just a little baby guy. – A little guy, and even practice on like
your dead shoes first. – Okay, that’s a good
idea. Do a practice shoe and then put it on the real deal. – That’s right. – All right you guys so I’m super happy we got to go through
all those accessories. Thank you so much. – You’re so welcome. – And hopefully that was
helpful for some of you guys who are just getting fitted
for your pointe shoes, or maybe you’re an advanced dancer and you just want to learn
about some of the new stuff that’s out there. So check out those items
we just went through and check out Josephine’s shop, it’s thepointeshop.com, right? – That’s right, pointe is
spelled with an ‘e’ at the end, in case you were wondering. – Get it right, with an ‘e’ at the end. Did you have anything
that you want to promote and plug, maybe You Tube
channel or Instagram? – Yes, so we have a
You Tube and Instagram. We do a lot of educational
videos, On-Point fittings. If you are interested in
learning about more pointe shoes, about different types of pointe shoes, then follow us every view point. Follow us on our You Tube page and you can find us on Instagram at thepointeshop.com. – With an E. – With an E. – Get it together.
(laughing) Guys thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next week. Okay. (laughing) Matt.
– Yo Hi. (peppy music)

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  1. Yup! I recently have tried gel toe pads, and they got REALLY sweaty. Plus, they felt like jails because I couldnโ€™t move my toes at all. Iโ€™m sticking with my lambs wool toe pads โ˜บ๏ธ

  2. Iโ€™m going to go on pointe in August of this year and Iโ€™m 11 years old. You are soo sweet and helpful. I look up to you and how awesome you are. Ily๐Ÿฅฐ

  3. Lol! Rosin. When I was sixteen I gave up on rosin lol! I used too much, stuck to the floor in a turn, and flew in a direction I was NOT expecting to go ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I was done after that ๐Ÿ˜

  4. I'll be in pre-pointe next semester! I'll totally be watching this to help me. I love you, Auti!! โค๏ธ

  5. Rosin is also used for soldering stuff, that's where I have used it so far because I'm an electrician and I kind of love the smell of it when it gets hot.

  6. I want pointe shoes really bad, cause I go on pointe all the time anyway with bare feet. Iโ€™ve never done any ballet classes ever, but I would adore doing pointe.

  7. Thank you for this I am so happy because I am on point and now I know I need to buy that lamb wool x

  8. Don't want a loose box.;)) lol. Sorry. I have sweaty feet too. Only natural materials. And some tape….That was fun. If I had a pointe shop I would call it Your Pointe? Jk All the best to you all.

  9. Bloch makes a spray-on rosin that makes your shoes less slippery without making the floors sticky. Super helpful!

  10. It's funny that you said you could make a toe pad out of lamb's wool and shove it in your shoe, because that's how dancers in the 80s at my studio were padding the inside of their pointe shoes. I briefly was in pointe in the early 90s and when I went to get my first pair of pointe shoes, I was prepared to buy a crap ton of lamb's wool. I ended up with toe pads, but I didn't like them that much and wished I had lamb's wool so I could make it fit my feet. Wish I'd had he kind of fitting you are doing. My pointe experience would have likely gone much better.

  11. With the cloth toe pads Iโ€™ve been told different things but do you wear the gel on the inside or outside when you use them?

  12. when I bought my pointe shoes, I got suede to glue to the platform to stop It from fraying, for extra traction, and to make them a little quieter.

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