good morning everyone so today is Saturday and it's my day off oh my god my night off so I just did seven night shift in a row so I'm really happy and so excited because I have a three nights off now so not back till Monday yeah I had I had the night off last night so I heard um I went to bed 11:00 till 7:00 so yeah we turn off all our alarm and um yeah cuz there's no a school run so how many hours is sleep in that I'm so happy eleven twelve one two three four five six seven eight hours I had a a power C sleep and I feel so good so yeah it's so good after seven night shift without staging a night in my bed in our bed so yeah I miss the boys so much a night with them and it cuts up with the love I love anyway just getting dressed all right darling and um I'm wearing my hair clip again I've been loving it all the time aqueous dress now we are going to eat out I think in Taco Bell we're gonna see first I don't know man kind oops can't decide so yeah we're going to have a toast and we're going and rest no one gets dressed now and we're ready to go see you in a bit okay just put it in at the back of the car I've done it all last night so I've got over 20 of the 10 P back there and then I've got this big one I think I've got six of them and it fits everything in this one so yeah I've done it last night nice and tidy fold and folded them all yes happy Bo okay happy boy we are so guys we are here input smart we are going to your happy idea it's very nice for no wonder human baby we are here in it's me girl [Applause] Wow which one baby what do you want I want to buy no one we're looking for a bag for no cuz in spur here when he goes to the very city in September this year thing um about Gabriel at the moment so I want to buy him for September and it's sale today guys they got 30% off so I've seen one for no but it's a very small I need to put the nap in there a wipes and extra clothing like thing to put the wipes in everything but look this is now before 28 so now 15 plus another 30% more off so she said it will not now cost 11 pounds get this one close it has the basketball but I like this one or while you are the plains she's a bit small for the wipes and after you reckon shall I just get this instead oh but this is not the sale one done that's the problem it's not saying missing it has no price no it's no it's this I bet this is not services we do your whole anak what you got from is media so that's the Smeagol and look how excited that way is that so you put it on then my boy so so he has PI pieces for pi pounds and then this one is three pounds this one it's like a game maybe the no Madeline his are his band in their hands chose that you can drink about the other one must up maja this is supposed to be 350 she said I'll just do it with because it's not included on the pipe pounds four five and the lady said okay I'll just do it for you and it's meant to be 350 she was nice just Gabriel wanted that one Wow right shall we go boys anyone seen that oh no it's not maja is it already showing the pinging Toy Story for who yeah you okay the tummy will come out way Tommy okay daddy hi oh you came up saying I need to look for the sleeping oh it's nice bag how much is this six pounds only we are looking for boxers for my eldest boy seven to eight years old are we allowed to open this or shall I get the nine years old so seven to eight over there's no nine oh eight to nine I think that's the best one eight to nine what do you reckon what color you like this color baby yeah you like that color color is dad where are you let's have a look daddy oh there's a Minecraft one there's a sale but it's for a little boys right what do we have we are here now in sleepers sexually one of our slippers guys I wonder what color I will get we're getting new Gable some I'll show you in a minute they are flat form like this nice Bob I don't like this color it's only a squib load and it's so so like I did got this they got this color which one do you recognize it won't suit others black it won't suit with them like a different color of clothing in there's black should I get this size 5 Odyssey size 5 it's only 8 pounds I might get this color what do you reckon watermelon sorry you like kind of these guys and it's eight pounds s1 and this is I spy let me try this first that there now how did you know that it's not gonna fit you this is the other corner that one they got blue sorry Danny done it you're just cheap or one pound you using it for your coffee cuz your other one is not good then a it's broken from Poundland the makeup bag the LIA mine that I go look at it guys exactly the same yeah but I like the poundin because it's really really soft this is soft as well but the Poundland one is so much softer so now I'm going to look for a slippers here because my face looks so chunky in all the ones I tried oops like this I already got a yellow one how much you say it's 20 pounds here now and everything in Primark is 8 pounds only let me try this it's quite nice nice and simple how much is this one oh it's only nine pounds my try this one sighs we need size five if we die oh gosh we're having our size now take a block I try this one nice I'm just getting this in the end oh my god my faith looks so so chunky that's my problem they got this by already got our disk on the world the one from Russia that I showed you when you went to battling this bug is nice to put all your crap $17.99 and that black one is nice as well they've got the reader scrunch for weeds so difficult choice guys what am I gonna choose thank you daddy I have the pitch that you know see I have the peach iced tea please disappear we are steep portions one not having chips ready to portion of jewels and we have I have to take out a book this one on a plane because I have to give my plate the lower-right citysens nachos yes that is a deal here there you enjoying your food not good boy and drink did you get forgot daddy Oasis what is it food should a while Richard you share with know what a linear Wow no is enjoying his fill what do you like you're enjoying your food the boys how is it but no one else is happy no one you're very happy today by the way – that dungarees is new he was wearing may have not got it from Sainsbury that is saying listen a four pounds five pounds originally ten eleven on five pounds and he assured us well it's just home I'll show you later on when we got home what's going by oh yeah oh it's in the toe nice weather today guys and gave lost air and the bouncy chasm so happy the other boys happy he just woke up no I fell asleep in the car a Brielle nobody's happy now Wow and then you mean I see maybe one space lab ask him if you want this or like a soft toy he was a soft someone's performing dice look with your watch daddy daddy can you show them what does it do please yeah that was clapping dad yay guys you know the clothing of Noah is for three to four years old and it's just absolutely right that is so this one does calories huh what happened you broke it already love now I'll show you what we go we didn't get much so I got Gabriel these boxers this is 260 because one is missing only one is missing so I got that and I got him another packet full price this one foot pounds for three he chose this color he said his favorite color is green so yeah so I got da and my husband found this one for his coffee only one pound usually three 350 yeah coffee mug cluster what does it say BC says busy and that's it primal I don't get any of my fit looks absolutely chunky we went to belief in a store and I got a source amid sauce dipping sauce and another sauce only dark cuz we don't need the lock we don't really cook Filipino where's my thing lovely sleepers and my husband got the boys from H&M this Lego Lego brand ninja Ninjago it's only 2 pounds and 1 $6.99 so it's not equal it's not that and then he got the boys for winter this one so what's 9 pounds and now 3 pounds and another one for Gabriel this one he juggle gloves so what's 10 and now 3 and then my slippers my shoes so this is not on sale for price $12.99 size 5 I got the size 5 the four fits as well but my feet is so chunky so 5 is just right or you live more my husband's feeling these girls because we what do you call this one daddy hi dad how are you gonna reach that that be hey so you're going to do that now yeah you're crazy done um yeah guys I uh oh my god every time I think about it that I'm so happy so yeah we asked someone to paint our house so this is the color at the moment and then I book paper in defilade one I have fun what do you like to do it's too busy with this job so yeah I booked someone and I'm gonna pay for it from my salary which I'm so happy yeah and then I chose light gray I'm so happy so that's not my our house side of our house other side so this one is all gonna get painful and the front yeah so I'm sorry excited this over cleaning cleaning the side and I'm just this is my gloves I have been using so yeah I did this one guys yeah he said he's gonna paint the bottom B as well black and then good light gray and then the front window seal is white so I have to do this now cuz I've been cleaning this and I will take them to the tip and look we have a spare friends cuz my husband's going to I'll show you guys this is broken but actually this is not my side this is the neighbor side so I said to my husband just change it and we already changed quite a few on this side even that's not our side curse on the deed our side this the other one on the counter it is here guys we have to sort the out this is the old bike of my husband list and this is look the old door in the dining and then we have to have more clutter here because we have the other five doors that my husband's changing you're doing that up bit now love and look at the corner of our house at the moment and I absolutely hate it so yeah so oh my god I don't know I can't wait for my house to be light gray and this morning daddy what did I tell you as soon as I woke up this morning daddy [Laughter] yeah I was dreaming I had the dream that the man the two men are alright is here painting our house and I look history outside I don't know guys I'm crazy I've been dreaming about it because it's been delayed for how many weeks cuz it has been raining a lot so yeah but the man said oh I have to be late cuz he was doing a job she did book us June yeah this has been raining it's weather condition he can't do it so but now it's lovely weather so I bet he will text me Monday or not Sunday and then he might be start Monday I'll have to wait tomorrow his steaks but I'm just absolutely excited guys for my life great daddy be careful daddy don't do that to me you're gonna oh my god I'm gonna have a heart attack I'm telling you that's why I didn't allow you to paint our house you know that you wanted to do these guys you know this DIY person you got Chuck Chuck is he Chuck's a yellow oh there's nobody there Chucky right careful okay laughs so that's it now you have to fail huh go before a family oh my god I caught them I got they own the camera Chucky Kwok well what did you say Mel then daddy then that's the partner family whoa okay that they still walking guys we walk really really far today the lost solder back of a hill and a key okay no one there what can you see there what is it then Oh miss oh god I thought I was checked oh my god it's absolutely white cat found the park oh yeah I know wha come on come on Darren hey Jackie super tired panting Gabrus in there oh my god thank you so much for watching everyone and thank you so much for all your loving government I appreciate every single comment over you and yeah I love communicating with you oh thank you so so much so yeah happy Saturday and I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you on my next video bye

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  1. Great vlog Kristel, we're painting our house in light grey too! Your hubbie is naughty! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day much choice in Primark for sandals.Your boy's had a great time they are getting so big.๐Ÿ’

  3. Hi kristel lovely video as always looks like you all had a nice day out on your day off the boys are growing up so fast take care ๐Ÿ˜Šโคโคโค xxx

  4. Hi my lovely, you look absolutely beautiful Kristel, this vlog made me laugh so much, you and your husband are so cute together, its good that he loves his diy & he's so good at bargain hunting too, Noahs dungarees are lovely good choice dad, the house will look stunning when its done I'm loving grey at the moment too, hope you're all having a fab weekend, take care xx ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜š

  5. Hi Kristel! Another lovely vlog and your eyebrows and lips look amazing!! Aw youโ€™re so hardworking! 7 days of work in a row, hope you get some rest. And when your husband said โ€˜something called a ladderโ€™ that made me laugh so much ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and I really like the sandals you bought. Take care xxxx

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