Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

Making stone axe Cutting timber for hut Digging post holes Carving mortices in roof beams Fire hardening mortices with coals (strengthens mortices) Fitting mortices of beams on to posts Hammering beams in place Loya cane (a type of creeper) Putting on rafters Lashing to frame Making a kiln grate from clay Making holes to let the flames through Digging a trench for the kiln firebox Stone lintel for the firebox entry Mixing mud for kiln walls (just excavated dirt and water) Putting grate in place Building kiln wall Kiln draw a strong draft Digging clay from the creek bank next to hut Crushing dry lumps in clay Crushing up old pottery to add to new clay (strengthens it) Mixing clay Loya cane Splitting Cutting notches Folding along notches Tying with cane fiber Completed tile frame Sprinkle wood ash on stone (prevents clay sticking) Clay into tile frame Forming tile tab Tile left to dry Tile removed from frame Tiles stored in wood shed out of rain Tiles stacked into kiln 20 tiles Cover with broken tiles Firing begins When the tiles glow red hot they’re ready The next day Putting tiles in place (they just sit on using their tabs, no pegs necessary) Tile tabs hooked over purlins Cross bracing Adding grate bars to the firebox (increases heat production several times) Starting fire with handrill Making curved cap tiles (normal tiles without tabs folded over a log) A tile goes on one side Then another from the other side covers the tile just put in place Finally, the cap tile covers the vertical gap between tiles Stone footing for wall (prevents rising damp) Digging underfloor heating system Covering with flat stones Sealing with mud Fire at the front moves under stones Chimney added at back to enhance draft Heated platform is warm and makes a good bed Building mud wall Digging soil for mud Stones added to wall to save on mud Chimney protected from rain by tiles Wooden lintel forms top of door way Split timber door Hole for door hinge Putting door in place Doorstep of mud Finishing gables Completed hut Tree resin Resin used as torch Resin on tile as a lamp

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  6. where does he stay while he builds houses and other structures? there is no way possible that he made this in one day.

  7. amei esta cabana vc esta d parabens nunca tinha visto construir com argila so faltou uma janela d bambu para entrar ar e claridade

  8. Does anyone know what type of primitive measuring tape he uses? I mean how does he know the poles are 0,25cm deep, how does he scale the battens? etc.
    Or does he just use normal modern measuring tape? I can't find anything about it on his blog either (haven't looked that hard tbh).
    I've always wondered how i'd build stuff in a "stranded on an island"" situation without measuring tape or a plumb rule, and i am really interested in how they did this in primitive times.

    Also there is now way that roof is waterproof. He just puts the tiles next to eachother without them overlapping (horizontally) so water is gonna seep through the seams innit. Or did i miss something?

  9. Can you please show a primitive first aid kit. which then bleeding were breastfed, the wounds were cleaned and from which one has made this

  10. We're not aloud in the woods where I live because the great and wonderful government owns everything not aloud to have fun in today's world unless ur spending money

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  12. I love this boy and I think he's making a good effort But ma wee granny could build a better house with her left hand blind folded.

  13. Since everyone's making Minecraft jokes, you guys might want to check out a mod called "Terrafirmacraft" if you like stuff like this.

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