Quick and Easy Way To Fix That Broken Sandal

Quick and Easy Way To Fix That Broken Sandal

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  1. Thanks for the tip I tried it, These are my recent favs in the link, I think you might love them, they smell like they could be a Latin fav with the orange cream and coconut scent, I ordered some of your gym wear and love it, thanks for the extras you added! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1538512856443319&set=ecnf.100008538574697&type=3&theater

  2. +Dolly Castro can't wait for my girl's sandal to break next time, im sure she will wonder where i learned this from hahah. great tip. thanks

  3. been following her for a year facebook insta etc.. just realized i never heard her speak when i heard that accent i was like WOAH!

  4. Que linda, gracias por el tip. Deberias re hacer mas videos de este tipo. Que tengas un lindo dia! Slds.

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