r/idontworkherelady Furious Lady Throws Heels At Woman In a Hotel! Reddit vs Karen IDontWorkHereLady

r/idontworkherelady Furious Lady Throws Heels At Woman In a Hotel! Reddit vs Karen IDontWorkHereLady

1. PRAAAA! What’s up my people, my name is
Spicey and today you will experience 6 IDWHL stories, comment a fire if you are having
fun and like this video and let me know if you subscribed in the comments so I can show
you some love. Congratulation Rose Mary for the comment of
the day. PRAA Yes I speak English. No, I’m not gonna help
you with that attitude. XXL I am so happy I finally get to share a story.
I was actually kinda giddy with excitement when this happened because I read stories
here all the time. Just to give a little context. I live in Japan
and I am Japanese born, but went to University and Law School in the States so fluent in
both Japanese and English. A few of my friends from law school were visiting so I was taking
them around and acting as sort of a translator while they were shopping. We’re in a pretty
big department store-esque shop and my friends needed help translating some electronics.
I had just come from work so I’m wearing my suit and I’m looking like a typical attorney.
After a while of helping my friends two typical fat, American guys (FA) come in with a huge
attitude, “Hey, are you just gonna help those girls the entire time? There ARE other customers
that need help with English.” Now at this moment I must have had the biggest
fucking smile on my face as I always hoped I would encounter a situation like this, but
I honestly couldn’t imagine how insane this would be. Typically I love helping foreigners
because I know how hard it is being in Japan without knowing Japanese and I’ve made a few
cool people from helping them in shops and restaurants. But these two were so entitled
and I was with my friends that I was just gonna tell him I don’t work here and excuse
myself so I reply, “I’m sorry, I don’t…” FA: Cutting me off, “Yeah you better be sorry,
now I need to know if this is tax free and if it works in America,” pointing to a Nintendo
Switch game. Me: dammmnnnnn did this dude really just say
that to me? I couldn’t help, but laugh a little while telling him, “I have no idea, because
again..” FA: Again cutting me off, “Well fucking go
check. Jesus, I thought Japan was known for good service. I feel like I’m in Wal-Mart”.
At this point I’m getting pretty pissed because he’s now not only acting like a jackass, he’s
insulting my culture. Meanwhile my friends are laughing their asses off as they browse
reddit as well (If you’re reading this, hey!). So finally I go and look at the game, read
the back and tell him, “they sell this in America, just buy the game there or ask an
employee.” FA: “What the hell do you think we’re doing?
Are you fucking retarded? Is this like Japan’s version of Wal Mart or what”
I’ll be honest, I let my anger get the best of me here and just tell him “Hey…how about
you go fuck yourself you fat piece of shit”. As expected this infuriates this guy and he
pushes me and says “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME?” At this point I’m about to punch
this fat fuck in the face, but a manager comes by. He asks, in Japanese, what is going on
and I tell him that he started pushing me for no reason. Fat American tells me to translate
what he’s saying (as if I would..lol) while the manager decides to call the cops. So I
tell the FA cops are coming because of the situation and he starts laughing and says
“Yeah, maybe then I can finally get some help.” In my head I’m thinking, sure, you speak no
Japanese. Like they’re gonna help you. lol Cops finally arrive and after some questioning,
they come to find that the two FA don’t have their passport on them. Bad move buddy. For
all those who visit Japan, be sure to have your passport on you at ALL TIMES because
if you don’t have it, cops will escort you back to where it is, or detain you if you
can’t find it. “But we’re staying in Narita (about two hours away from central Tokyo)
and we have reservations at the Robot Restaurant in a couple hours” LOL JUSTICE.
Cops ask if I want to file a report and I tell them no, as they throw the two FA in
the back seat of the car and drive them the two hours back to their hotel so they can
get their passport. Guess you won’t be enjoying that overpriced, tourist trap, no refund,
Robot Restaurant dumbasses. I wanted some candy. Medium First time post, Large Lurker. Forgive me
with the capitalization, It’s a force of habit. It was actually 9 years before I got my first
job, I was a healthy, *Cough* maybe a little overweight, but a nice young man. I was a
fresh 18 year old teenager, a few weeks out from graduation; I happened across the Older
Big Box store that’s at least 45 minute of a drive away. I didn’t realize wearing blue
back then meant I worked there, I had a nice long blue sleeved shirt, Some nice blue sweatpants,
and a blue cap. At 18, I never went to the big box retailer stores, but always went to
HopLeft. I’m getting off-track, but it’s just to visualize.
It was a beautiful sunny hot day, I entered the store, I zipped my way to electronics.
I didn’t find much of anything I had needed to buy, but I did head to the Candy Department.
I was only there to purchase some sour candy, much obliged the super otaku candy. (OL=Old
Lady, M=Me, MoD=Manager on Duty) This really awkward moment came up when I
was browsing through the selection of sweets, I realized I had an audience.
I had swiftly spun around to find Old Lady staring at me, As I looked at her, I heard
her “Hem, Hem”. OL: Where is the Milk & Eggs?
M: I don’t exactly know. I just wanted some sweets.
OL: I know you’re working here, I’ve seen you here before!
M: I legitimately don’t work here, I’m just a wee boy buying some hefty sweets.
OL: I want your manager, HERE NOW!! You’ve disrespected me!
Enter MoD from across the aisle. MoD: Did you need any help ma’am?
OL: I want this man fired! He disrespected me and did not help me!
M: … I really didn’t have anything to say there, because well I was wearing some blue
clothing at the time, It would take a professional to realize I wasn’t an employee, But I went
with this: I’m just here to buy some candy, I never told OL I’ve worked here.
MoD looks at my clothing with a how do you figure look. He had immediately looked to
the left at OL with an upside down face. MoD: He doesn’t work here. I’ve never seen
him before, He’s just a customer like yourself, Ma’am.
OL is very red in the face, Quite livid. OL: He definitely works here, He’s wearing
BLUE. M: Can I please just buy some candy and leave
in peace? I don’t work at this hotel L A year ago my daughter graduated university.
We were staying at a hotel that night before. I was all dressed up as we just had a nice
dinner. I was the only one in a dress. I was talking to others when I heard a high
pitched HUFF behind me. I didn’t pay attention to it. I was in the middle of a sentence when
my arm is grabbed and I’m spun around. Now there’s a very angry Chinese woman pointing
at me and touching my chest. She’s speaking a mix of English and Chinese.
What I can understand is this, and forgive me because I added in the words she left out
and I’m just essentially translating to English what she said in Chinese. Like every
third word was Chinese. “You listen to me right now you [Chinese
slur] I have been waiting for you to stop talking to [them] for 15 minutes. I will have
your job do you know who I am” She shuts up for a second so I say what I’ve
been trying to “Ma’am I don’t work here. I don’t
care who you are. Go ring the bell and they’ll come to see you”
She kept screaming in Chinese purely then. I can’t translate what I don’t know. I
asked my husband if he wanted to go back to the room and he agrees. We’re halfway to
the elevator when I hear another scream and my head is now hurting and bleeding. This
crazy woman threw her heels at me. I go down and my mother in law grabs me. My father in
law and husband both run at the woman. Father in law puts her on the ground and husband
restrains her. This woman is maybe 5’5 and 130 pounds. He is 290 and 6’8 or so. She
wasn’t going anywhere. Hotel security restrains her this time after a few minutes. They call
police and she is arrested. I had to go to the hospital for a concussion after to make
sure I don’t pass out, as there’s a lot of blood. I don’t know what happened to
her. She was arrested but that’s it. Graduation was fine. I had a gauze on the
back of my head during it. My hair covered most of it though I don’t go here, I’m not a student XL Ok so I’ll start by explaining that I am a
very good speech giver, I received numerous medals in my old high school days in various
speech competitions. This made an academic decathlon coach (a really nerdy but fun competition
that has speech in it) beg me to come back to my old high school and coach kids with
their speeches as public speaking is something an overwhelming amount of people struggle
with. So the club was after school but I wanted
to get there early because I knew I would only have an hour for 3 days and that honestly
is not long for teaching someone how to give speeches. This led to me standing outside
the door of a classroom with 10 minutes left before everyone got out. It was very stuffy
that day and the class was right next to the door leading outside so I briefly exited for
some fresh air. As I exited though a school security lady (SL) immediately stopped me.
SL: “Where you going?” In a very accusatory voice
Me: “Just getting air cause it’s very stuffy inside”
SL “Well you know where you’re suppose to be right now” still very accusatory, “Who’s
your teacher? Maybe they want fresh air too” At this point I realize what’s happening,
I have a severe case of baby face and I’m very short so it is often that people mistake
me for someone of around 14. Me: “Oh I understand, this (pointing at my
face) is a baby face, I graduated a while ago, I’m merely here to help coaches name
with the AcDec club in their speeches.” The look on her face was the same look a woman
gives you when you sincerely give her a gift she hates, I could see how she was considering
it but didn’t want to believe it. Me: “It just so happens I have my student
ID (cause I’m lazy and never took it out) from when I was a student in my senior year,
I’ll show you and you can see the year printed” If she had stared at that ID any harder she
would’ve burnt holes through it but eventually she realized I was older than I looked and
left me be. I know it’s not exactly work but it felt very similar and I found it funny
so I thought I’d share it. TL;DR. A school security guard thought I was
a high schooler trying to ditch when I was there to coach kids and was just waiting for
the club to start. Vegetable fondler Years ago I was working in a supermarket produce
department, stacking cabbages. This guy comes up behind me and asks if I
work there — now if you’ve ever worked at a supermarket I’m sure you know how soul-destroying
it is to deal with so many ignorant fucks on a daily basis, so let’s just say my attitude
towards this human is kind of biased already… So, before I’ve even turned around, I’m thinking
all sorts of things about this idiot – “no, you blind fuck, I just like to wear this dorky
fucking green shirt and stand around fondling cucumbers all day,” etc…
Then I turn around. The guy is actually blind. Like, cane and everything.
He needs help getting his groceries. I’m impressed he even found me among the vegetables.
Commence bad feels. This one’s kind of sad and sweet – an interaction
with my elderly neighbor. L From February to September of 2018, my family
(me, wife, 11-year-old daughter) hosted a 14-year-old foster child. The kid’s time with
us ended last September for reasons that aren’t related to this post.
Fast forward to this year — in May, through a church connection, my family was connected
to a family from another state, who had a college-age son preparing for an unpaid internship
at my city’s zoo. For the sake of saving money, we agreed to let him live with us as our houseguest
for the summer. He would leave in the morning, and come back in the afternoon, very obviously
dressed in his official uniform as a zoo employee. My 89-year-old neighbor met him a few times.
This is a really sweet man who doesn’t really track very well anymore; his daughter lives
in the same house and works from home so she can help take care of him since his wife died
several years ago. Two weeks ago our houseguest left us to go
back to his college in his home state. Late last week my neighbor asked after him, wondering
if we could lend him out for some house repairs. Turns out the neighbor got our zoo-guest confused
with the foster kid we’d hosted the year before, and (combined with zoo guy’s work uniform)
somehow got it in his head that a “foster kid” was actually hired live-in help.
It took a couple of conversations since then (combined with support from his daughter)
to move him past his misconceptions. Hey check out more IDWHL stories here and
look at other nice videos I made for people just like you that enjoys Reddit stories.
To support what I do here, subscribe to the channel, like the video and leave a comment
such as a fire, my name is Spicey and I’m out.

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  5. Karen: "Do you know who I am?"
    Me: "No. Don't you?"
    Karen: throws shoe
    Me: "I'm putting you on a 72 hour Involuntary Hold for observation, and ordering a Psych Eval. Since you don't know who you are, and are violent."

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  8. That's a flaw in sex offender list. You meet a girl you believe is of age only to find out she lied and you are doomed because she was a Pinocchio. One guy even met the girl in a bar with a bouncer who cards everyone at the door. And carding your date is often a fast way to lose the date. I love to know what the manager said to the lady that got to quit behaving badly.

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  12. I know exactly how that first OP felt. I was in a somewhat similar situation with a crazy woman and her kids. No word from the police yet, though.

  13. I worked in retail/customer service for most of my working life. When a customer would ask me if I worked in whatever place I worked in, I would grin and say " For my sins, I do!" This always made people laugh.

  14. I'm a Senior Citizen and I've had problems a few times with entitled people when I have helped someone older than I am get something down off of a shelf, and at times I have to stand on the bottom shelf to reach it as I"m 5'2". The last time it was a ''land whale'' I'd seen waddle in and grab a mobility cart. She was perhaps 45 and a good 400 pounds. She DEMANDED that I help her and since I'd seen her standing and she was at least 5'9'' I told her ''stand up and get it yourself". She threw a shit-fit and when she slowed down and looked at me expecting me to fold I told her ''you need help alright, first from a shrink and then from a Bariatric Surgeon'' and walked on.

  15. if someone threw something at me and I was not hurt I would say ok its mine now and keep said object. and if it was something I did not wont I would throw it away some where the thrower could not see so they cant dig it out.

  16. I am always amazed at "interactions with foreigners" stories. I have been to a few countries overseas , speak high school level French from 50 years ago and a few other words "please," "thank you," "I'm sorry," "Do you speak English?" , etc. in languages of the countries I was visiting. I have found invariably that when I hesitantly approach someone in another country, smile and try to address them in their own language, they would smile back (maybe at my pronunciation), appreciate the fact that I was trying to speak their language, sometimes try out their knowledge of English, and try to help me out – no "attitude" on either side, just both of us trying to achieve a meeting of the minds. Some misunderstandings as we tried to figure things out together and lots of smiles on both sides when we succeeded. I guess I was raised to be an un-Karen before we even knew what a Karen was.  🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥

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  21. A common thing when asking for help, no matter someone actually working there or not : BE NICE.

    But, I guess for Karen, being nice hurts their false pride 😒


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