rd #187 How to boot from USB – HP Compaq dc7800 USDT – method 1

rd #187 How to boot from USB  – HP Compaq dc7800 USDT – method 1

Aloha, my name is Andy, in this video I will show how to boot from
USB device, if you have a HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop PC I have my bootable USB drive with Windows Thin PC. I will insert in the front panel USB. Then I press the power button from the PC. And the PC is starting. Quickly I press repeatedly the F10 key from the keyboard,
until appears this menu. I select the English language
and I enter in the BIOS settings. I navigate to the right with the right arrow from the keyboard. I go down with the down arrow from the keyboard
to the Boot Order and hit the Enter key. Now the first boot device is the CD-ROM Drive, if I put
a bootable CD or DVD, the PC first will boot from that DISC. I press the Enter key and it appears the 2 side arrow, now with
the down arrows from the keyboard I can move down the CD-ROM device. Now I press the Enter key again and with the
up arrow from the keyboard I go up to the USB device. I press again the Enter key and with the up arrow from the
keyboard I push up until this will be the first boot device. I press the Enter key again. Next I press the F10 key to Accept the changes. I press again the F10 key. I press again the F10 key to save the changes and exit from the BIOS. The PC is restarting. For a second appears this screen with:
Attempting Boot From USB Device and I press the space key. The PC is booting from the USB device. After a couple seconds appears this screen
and the windows is loading from the USB. So this is how you boot from USB device
if you have a HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop PC. If you liked this video or it was useful,
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  1. My friend problem from the beginning was in error messages to appear in the start of the device to update the BIOS and firmware and after updating the BIOS disappeared the global unique identifier and turned to


    And also your Internet integrated mac TO FFFFFFFFFFFF

    What I need is a tool to fix these IDs

    hp compaq 8000 elite cmt

  2. I had to use a USB device to install windows so I changed the boot order to boot from usb, but now no matter what I try, it keeps trying to boot from a USB every time I start. I have to unplug all my hard drives to work around this. ugh. CAn anyone help?

  3. What is the solution, brother ?
    I'm trying to work formate for the computer
    But it does not exceed this message
    (Attemping boot from USB divece)

  4. Yes I have the same computer as in the video
    You have set up BIOS to boot by USB
    But the problem is that the computer does not exceed that message
    "Attempting boot from usb device"

  5. Can you help me i am trying to install windows on hp compq dc 7100sff and when i change to boot to usb it is saying botmrg mising

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