Review of the XERO Shoes Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandal

Review of the XERO Shoes Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandal

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  1. Tried a pair on. Both broke just putting them on. Bands that secure straps super weakand break easily.
    What good is a warranty on the sole when rest of shoe is not covered?

  2. Awesome video! I'm in the process of completely converting to miinimalist shoes. Going to have to give these guys a try!

  3. Really loved your review of these Xero sandals, and am hoping that forefoot striking, and minimalist sandals / shoes will allow me to start running again pain / injury free.

  4. Thanks for the review. I too damaged my meniscus and tore my ACL. Used to run on Vibram 5 Fingers. gonna give these a try and back to running and fitness.

  5. Thanks for the review!! I really want those shoes. I started training for a Halfmarathon. Only one month into the training my right lower leg started hurting .. "Specialists" gave all sorts of insoles and advices… I am have flat feet and and a strong bunion on the right foot – I'm reading born to run. Hope I can build up my feet by walking more barefoot and then being able to run half marathons some day! Cheers

  6. There's nothing wrong with a cadaver ligament. When my dad passed suddenly he helped 70 people that needed bones, ligaments and skin. 70!

  7. great review mate.
    I wear these to the gym, people look at me strange, probably haven't seen a Greek god before, who knows!

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