Romina, ipinamukha kay Daniela ang kanyang posisyon sa kompanya | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Romina, ipinamukha kay Daniela ang kanyang posisyon sa kompanya | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

– Dani.
– Savannah. Are they all here? Yes, but… But what? Just see for
yourself, Dani. And that’s the end of
my presentation for my long term plan
for the company. Is it just me or is Daniela
actually an hour late? Please, take your seat. What? She caught me
off guard as well. Anyway, moving on. What are you doing here? I’m just doing my job
as VP of Operations. What about you?
Are you doing your job? I thought you were busy with
your long coffee breaks. I called for this meeting. Because we all know that
a company can’t function for a long time
without a leader. Now I propose to vote
for the new CEO. I agree. And I believe
the new CEO should continue
Robert’s legacy by working hard to fulfill
his goals for the company. I believe… …that’s me. You must be
joking, Romina. I deserve the position
more than you do. I have done so much in
a short span of time Things you will
never accomplish. And you have yet to
prove your innocence regarding the death
of my father. Do you really want
to be led by somebody who is on
trial for murder. Are you ready to deal
with that kind of humiliation? I’m innocent until
proven guilty. And sooner or later, We will find out
who really murdered Robert. And speaking of
humiliation… Because of you, the company almost
when bankrupt. You call that an accomplishment? I saw the projects you
brought in the company. And for you to say
all those things, you’re stretching it
a little too much. How dare you! I’m not done yet. I have pairs of heels higher than your accomplishments Is she the kind of
CEO you want? It has everything to do
with this, Daniela. You want to become CEO, yet you put
the company in danger. Let’s see of the board
agrees with you. You can ask them. Let’s start with
Mr. Torre. I think Daniela
has a point. Are we willing to risk
bad publicity because of your trial? You might want to
rethink that. So, you were saying? I think… …we should consider
your application for the position. Thank you, Mr. Torre. Who’s next? Mrs. Estelar, what’s
your decision? By the way,
how’s your driver? I heard he put
up a huge house in a high-end subdivision. I must say, you’re such
a generous employer. So, what’s your decision? I also agree we should
consider your application. Daniela, we could
do this all day. But I’m sure they
will all agree that I should be considered
for the position. No. You can’t consider
her application. That’s not for you to decide, Daniela. Admit it or not, Romina contributed a great deal
to the company’s success. That’s why we should
consider her application, for the position of of CEU. Excuse me. I suggest that we
adjourn this meeting. Let’s discuss our decision
the next time we convene. I agree. So, it’s confirmed. You got big returns for
investing your body. I’m just wondering, Romina… Did you do the same
thing with my father? You just proved that
you’re a big flirt, and that’s the only reason
you got your position. Belive whatever you want. If that’s what you
think, so be it. Maybe you’re right, for once
in your life, Daniela. What are you going
to do about it? Romina, I can assure you… …that I can play
whatever game you want. Someone once told me “you should win the war
before you fight. You’re too late, Daniela. Because I know,
I’ve already won. It’s not over until
I say so, Romina.

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  1. Talagang magkamuka sina cassie at romina so anak niya pala siya di kasi ako updated uhm tanong kulang totoo ba sinasabi ko pls like

  2. "May mga heels ako na mas mataas pa sa accomplishments mo. Yan ba ang sinasabi niyo na dapat maging CEO?" – Romina Mondragon, 2019.

  3. Ang ganda ng kadenang ginto parang ML lang laban kung laban eh i like it palaban si rominang darna.

  4. Ang taray nung mas mataas pa yung heels nya sa accomplishments ni daniela 😂 bet na bet pakbet

  5. hindi lang lalaki ang pwedeng manghipo😂
    nanjan si romina😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “As position of CEU”

    Shet the president of CEU is shaking! Babalik ako sa CEU kapag si Romina na president HAHAHAAH

  7. GOD DAMM SAVAGE SI ROMINA!!!!👢👢🔥🔥😏😏👑👑🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  8. kaya ang taas ng rating,trending lagi.,.,kasi ang ganda ng story.,galing nilang lahat.,magaling din ang director..Pero my favorite was dimple as Daniela.,magaling sya talaga..

  9. Asan na yung:
    1) pag namatay si robert hindi na ako manonod
    2) pagnakulong si romina Hindi na ako manonood
    3) pag Hindi lumaban si Cassie Hindi na ako manonood

  10. Asan na yung:
    1) pag namatay si robert hindi na ako manonod
    2) pagnakulong si romina Hindi na ako manonood
    3) pag Hindi lumaban si Cassie Hindi na ako manonood

  11. Nakakatawa ang mga damit ni daniela
    si mama ayaw na manood masyado daw pasosyal si taba yun damit dw parng mga pnghoror o kya ay prang ngmomodel na wla sa lugar
    Sabi nmn anak ni tito filly ay mukhang cheap mga damit ni daniela ay very cheap daw pala
    Ayaw na nila humawak nito pg eto pinapanood ko

  12. Sabi ni tita lita yung damit ni danie ay mukhang galing divi dapat daw inaayos na parang totoong mayaman pati daw itsura nya kasi parang pilit itsurang mayamn lng
    Sabi ko wag na sila manood ksi d nko mkpanood taga type pa nila ko ng coments hehehe

  13. Friend ko gay sabi nya ang dumi ng makeup ni danie not polished, why hindi ba makinis si danie? Para dw kasi hindi pino ang makeup parang ayaw kumapit

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