what's up you to me me here coming at you from my channel bunny bootie Gator you guys I'm in route 21 and they have humongous sales in here they have beauty items for a dollar they have shoes for five dollars they have closed for five dollars and under you guys look at all this beauty stuff right here one dollar beauty they have little like eye thing is for your eyes little eye masks five dollar palettes I'm seeing some three dollar palettes – that's the five dollar palette this is the three dollar palette hi sissy three dollar palette they have some one dollar polish this is a five dollar palette they have some three dollar lippies glitter lippies some one dollar what are these sheet masks oh they have this one at five below you guys choose love this is from the pride collection the rainbow collection this is a highlight palette what is this skin it's like a detox clay mask I love $5 and under deals what about you guys I think those are some duplicates but let's a look you guys let's look over here there are $5 shoes $7 shoes $9 shoes there's Gator back there okay you guys so let's look over here this is everything like five dollars and under a $1 mirror decal for phones super cute cactus for $1 whoa what's this I think it just has a bunch of dum-dums inside some three dollar earrings I know you guys want to see the shoes and clothes but I figured I'd show you guys some of these items two little one dollar headbands three dollar headbands one dollar socks a one dollar phone wallet hi to everyone joining in some three dollar necklaces this is kind of like a little faux Gucci belt for three dollars I think all of these belts are just three dollars oh there's a couple five and seven dollar ones here too a brush for three dollars okay let's see if we can find some five dollar shoes these are five dollars five dollars shoes these boots are five dollars hi Debbie I'm okay today you guys I just took the truck in and they told me that I would need a whole new exhaust system and I'm probably not going to be able to get it done there I was really hoping to get it done there but I'm getting some other work done so you guys know how that is it's kind of like when you go to the dentist and they tell you you need a bunch of stuff done that's kind of how I feel you know story of your life Jackie look at these you guys for just five dollars so yeah you guys I was hoping to pick myself up with a little retail therapy and going live with you guys always makes me feel better these are nine dollars I really want to stick with the $5 and under stuff let's see how much these boots are hmm hey s diva okay it's like we have the five dollar section here but I'm seeing everything kind of mixed in those are five these ones way up here are five dollars let's see about these these are five dollars these little pointy toed slip-ons these are nine these little sequined sneakers are five Gators being a good boy back here yes all of us start together today we're at the mall okay now you guys these aren't five dollars however if you buy one if you buy one you get one for five dollars so like if you buy one for 1699 the second one is five dollars and they have this throughout the store as long as you see this sign you can get that item and then you can get another item for five dollars but they're not five dollar items stay with my purse honey I'm gonna just go right over here to show you guys some more so look you guys they have some three dollar clothes back here let's see what we get mostly like Tay tops a little like maybe cropped little tank tops three dollars it's not bad orange yep that's $3 Berdoo you might like some of these dear Santa I've been goodish Bertie would probably like the white one the white ones really cute and then they have some long-sleeve that's kind of cute that's actually really cute $3 I kind of would like that for fall maybe some striped ones it looks like they have some of their pride items on sale here for $3 some repeats this is this is actually five all of these are three hey I'm just trying to help you guys save money and I'm trying to save money too cuz when you have things that come up like you need dental work or you need car work done whoo that is expensive that is non-negotiable you know but this sort of shopping is negotiable you go out and you find a deal and you pay three dollars instead of $30 for a shirt then that's a nice deal hey angel angel we are looking at $5 and under things here in route 21 this is actually a rue 21 etcetera store they have some bikini bottoms here for three dollars so back here in this section they have three they have the three and then they have five and then they have seven and I think these are really cute I really like these sweatshirts and then they have nine three seven three five seven nine and twelve but we're looking at the three dollar items right now so how are you guys doing how was your weekend oh this is cute I think birdy might like this it's really bright and has a hood and the material is really like it feels really really good this is five dollars it's so soft you guys I had to cut my thumbnail weight thumbnail my thumbnail got a split in it I told you guys I was gonna jinx myself by talking about those five below nails I wanted to try I was like yeah not to jinx myself but if I break a nail I'll probably try those five below nails I got those fashioned nails and yeah you guys I was doing something with ice cream and I like put my thumb down in there I was probably being greedy trying to grab something out of the ice cream container and I felt my nail been back and I was like No oh and I got like a little hairline crack so yeah that's what happened to you guys I cut my thumbnail yeah but I didn't want it to break on me you know like below the surface so I was like I better cut it this is three dollars again some bathing suit bottoms in 3x I think this is just gonna be three dollars it doesn't have its match here doesn't have its mate here is it it was normally $19.99 it's back here without a sticker though okay let's see these are no these are five dollars I believe that's five dollars I thought I was still in the $3.00 section toxic yeah these are all three just check the tags though you guys because sometimes you know people put the put the wrong thing in the wrong rack oh no you went bowling and yours got broken too hmm so sad right so sad when you break a nail but I've done worse has anybody ever like slammed their nail on a car door that really hurts like if you've ever grown your nails out or had tips on or anything like that that's ten times worse three dollars yeah Jackie you know what I tried to do I tried to do the hey stay chill I tried to do the cornstarch nail polish fix and it went on really really well and I was thinking oh maybe that will hold the crack but I woke up this morning and it was the crack was starting to come through I've seen people do that for putting on their own tips have you guys ever seen that tutorial it's like it went viral this is a really soft material the tutorial went viral you guys and someone was basically putting on tips and then instead of acrylic they used the cornstarch nail polish option and then they painted over it I think they filed it down and they painted over it and it looked really good what the elf they still have Christmas shirts back here you guys again these are just the $3.00 shirts yup three dollars again you guys I'm just seeing lots and lots of repeats so why don't we look at some of the five dollar ones let's see what are these okay five dollars these are are they dresses let's see they they're like little short stretchy dresses for five dollars and they have this one and I'm seeing lots of rainbows stuff too I think at one point they probably had a pride display and now everything's back here on clearance hey bee how you doing be okay let's see what we have here a big long sweater for five dollars that is cozy it's super long it it's like a big long sweater dress actually a little off the shoulder tie-dye that's cute you've been so busy yeah you guys I've been super busy too yesterday was a very very busy day for us it was birdies birthday I was cooking food and making cake and wrapping presents and that was pretty much a full day's worth of just being at home and the weather was really weird so we didn't do anything this is five dollars that's kind of cute it looks like this in the front hey ash ash we are in route 21 looking at $5 and under clothes they have a lot they have a lot of deals in here hey silly mommy yep so we're over here at the mall my car is getting some new I don't know some new sort of polly belt I really don't know what it's for and they just told me I need a whole new exhaust system which is going to cost like $4,000 so yeah and I can't get it fixed today because you know I'd probably have to leave the car overnight and everything and we're an hour away from our house Looney Tunes tie-dye $5.00 no I haven't picked out anything yet I'm just pretty much showing you guys and looking as I go I need to try to hang this little Rugrats shirt back up that was five dollars hold on you guys let me try to use my thumb here see when I'm editing I can edit this sort of stuff out you guys but when we're live I can't oh okay let's see if I can get it come on come on you and Gator is in here with me he's sitting over in the bench over by the shoes this is a five-dollar sweater this is really kind of cute I kind of like this look at this isn't that cute it's a size large I like that that is cute and they have some more sweaters they have pink a lot of oversized sweaters for five dollars I mean when it's hot I know the last thing you think about getting is sweaters but it's a good time to get them this looks so 80s you guys look this is $7.00 I don't know what it's doing in this section whoa look at this you guys this is $7.00 and again it's here in the five dollar section but some Barbie shirts for five dollars Rugrats again for five Barbie for five a cut-off Arrowsmith yes I love all the sales a Tupac shirt I love all the sales that are going on right now you guys the malls know what they're doing they know that if it's not on sale that we're not going to spend money on it because everyone's you know on vacation and saving their money for a vacation so hey Carlene and Jamaica hi honey shout out to all my Jamaican subscribers and all my subscribers all around the world I love you guys $5.00 for this one I really love the yellow that's so pretty can I film a Power Hour what's a Power Hour be tell me what a Power Hour is like an hour livestream thanks Carlene okay we are looking at well we're supposed to be looking at five dollar stuff but I keep seeing some seven dollar stuff filter in here for some weird reason Monica hi honey and in Argentina hugs to you and everyone in Argentina this is a cute little three dollar shirt that wasn't supposed to be over here in the five dollar section but that's cute I'm kind of getting Gucci vibes from the stripes I kind of like that this is what it looks like it's kind of like athletic pants material like the side that goes the little stripe that goes down the side a power hours when you clean your house for one hour and see how much you can get done oh that kind of sounds would you guys watch it if I did that do you guys like clean with me videos I really like seeing people get stuff done i watch love Meg sometimes do any of you watch love Meg she does a lot of stuff like that it's a challenge yeah like when people start with a really dirty bedroom or kitchen or something or a whole bunch of laundry this is a little off the shoulder shirt I need to go check on Gator he's sitting right over he's sitting right over in the shoe section yeah you guys these are all five-dollar clothes so far my favorites have been the super long sweater I like this one this sweater for five dollars I really really like that I think some of the tees are kind of nice let's see a lot of duplicates though you guys boo another sweater this has like sparkles in it again you guys I'm still looking at the five dollar clothing items five dollars you just got done watching a video of hers a few minutes ago yeah a lot of these are super long sweaters I really like that little dresses for five dollars what be the yellow shirt this shirts nice it doesn't say $5 but that's nice little fall shirt here's another one I could see birdie wearing something like that but again it's not marked $5 so I'm a little bit confused they have more of them look but none of them are marked okay honey okay okay honey I'll be right there a little workout shirt $5 extra large workout shirt they have some pants here too let's go see how Gators doing let's go see what Gators doing what's up honey what babe where you going what honey what yeah that's what what yeah dad well why don't you just play with it honey because you have to fidget spinors okay we'll just play with this one from now I'm gonna be done pretty soon we'll all think about it did you seal our almonds back up he's over here with the almonds you guys in the water okay let's see oh that's nice it looks like it's been I just got a phone call and I'm I think I'm gonna have to end the livestream because I think it is the car place telling me that my car is ready you guys so I'm so sorry for ending pretty maturely but you guys definitely head out to your route 21 for some good three and five dollar deals yeah I'm really impressed with some of the shirts some of the sweaters yeah you guys Thanks to everyone that's watching me live that and watching me on playback you guys I'm definitely gonna try to come back again a little bit later live after I get my vehicle but I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys in the next livestream bye guys

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  1. Hey Mimi hey Gator nice clothing shoes great deals I'm going to have to go there this Friday thanks for sharing love you. Did you ever go to Rainbow store lots of great deals there to.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Very nice stuff I think we have this store love when you shop love u bunny hugs 💜💝😞😀💋💋🐱🐱🐱

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